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Here's What Our Clients Say about Us

Friday September 17, 2021

Charlotte Harp: Front desk was efficient and helpful. Pineapple was great. He took time to explain everything he was doing, was very friendly, did an excellent job. Very happy. Plan to return for more 

Shane Peterson: Absolutely love Leah, and the gals at the front desk! Best tattoo shop in Utah! We love you guys!

Ashlyn Waddoups: Very friendly and accommodating, Loved it!

Emily Cooper: Great experience! Pineapple was awesome, easy to talk to. The staff was super friendly and helpful. 

Erika Lovett: Everyone I dealt with was great. Christina is amazing. Many people I showed my tattoo to were amazed it only took 4 hours. Everything went smoothly from start to finish.

Dave Martin: I feel so fortunate that I came across Lucky Bamboo on Google. From top to bottom, it was so easy to give you and your staff a 10 in every category. Leah has been a gem, and I also feel fortunate that I 'ended up' with her as I had no experience with any of the artists there. Fate was on my side! I still have one or two sessions left to finish my tattoo. I'm already coming up with ideas to get back in there to complete a sleve. I would recommend you to anyone.

B.A.C.A and BBQ

Wednesday September 15, 2021

We are getting closer to this event. Come meet your local B.A.C.A chapter, eat some food, and support a good cause. This event is family friendly so bring your kids. 

How To Prepare For Your Tattoo Appointment

Wednesday September 15, 2021

Tattoo Aftercare: What You Need To Know

Tuesday September 14, 2021

  A tattoo is more than just a piece of art and a way to assert your personal style. Any time you open the skin, you leave yourself vulnerable to scarring and infection. Caring for your tattoo can prevent those complications and ensure that the tattoo heals properly. Both you and your tattoo artist play equal roles in this process. Along with going to a professional and reputable tattoo artist, you need to take care of your new tattoo at home. 
    Figuring out how to care for your tattoo can be tricky though. Aftercare starts as soon as your tattoo is done. The artist should apply a bandage to cover the area and help with healing. This covering prevents bacteria from getting into your skin and also protects the tattoo from rubbing onto your clothes and getting irritated.  Keep the dressing on for as long as your tattoo artist recommends as it helps to absorb any fluid or excess ink that leaks from the tattoo. After sufficient and recommended time (24 hours) has passed, you can remove the 1st bandage. Wash your hands with water and soap, then gently wash the tattoo with warm water and natural (chemical free) fragrance free soap. Pat your skin dry with a paper towel or a clean and soft cloth. Then you should apply the 2nd dressing on and wear it for 4 days. 
    While your tattoo heals, you should wear sun-protective clothing whenever you go outside or try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Do call your tattoo shop if you experience any out of the norm complications or other problems and they can give you advice on what steps to take next. You should avoid scratching or picking at your tattoo no matter how bad the urge may be. Avoid wearing tight and restrictive clothing over the part of the body that has been tattooed to allow it to breathe and heal faster. Don't go swimming or immerse your fresh tattoo in body of water, especially hot tubs (showers are fine).
        Once your tattoo has healed, you move into maintenance mode. Though you don't have to specifically care for it after 3 to 4 months, there are things you can do to prevent ink from degrading. Wash your skin daily with a gentle and fragrance-free soap, drink plenty of water to keep your skin moisturized, wear sunscreen ( that blocks UVA Rays) so the sun won't fade your tattoo. Another thing is to avoid excess weight gain or loss as that could stretch out or distort the tattoo. 
    After getting a new tattoo, the outer layer of skin will typically appear healed within 2 to 3 weeks. However, the healing process can take upward of 6 months. Aftercare, which includes daily cleaning, ointment or moisturizer should continue for at least that long to reduce the risk of infection or other complications.

Our Tattoo Artists!

Friday September 10, 2021

Jared: Realism, Portraits, Japanese, Macabre, Spooky, Black/Grey

Christina: Mandala, Geometric, Floral, Japanese, Black Out, Ornate, Custom Work, Color and Black/Grey

Leah: Illustrative, Watercolor, Floral, Script, Linework, Semi-Realism, Color and Black/Grey

Pineapple: American Traditional, Skulls, Roses, Script, Linework, Color and Black/Grey

How To Apply Your Tattoo Recovery Bandage

Wednesday September 08, 2021

How To Tell A Good Tattoo From A Bad Tattoo

Tuesday September 07, 2021

    For people outside of the tattoo industry, it may be difficult to tell if a tattoo is bad. Believe it or not, but many people out there don't know that their tattoo is poorly done. However, for those of you that want to ensure that you go to an artistically and technically qualified artist, below you will find some important aspects to look for in a tattoo. 

    A good tattoo should have fully saturated black, color and shading. When it heals, there shouldn't be gaps or shapes in the tattoo that indicate it wasn't filled in properly. The lines of a tattoo should be crisp, straight and consistent throughout the tattoo. Wonky lines are a huge indication of an inexperienced artist. How a tattoo heals is a huge indication of a good tattoo vs a bad tattoo. If a tattoo scars, blows out or straight up falls out of the skin, it's a bad tattoo. 

    It doesn't take an expert to tell if a tattoo is crooked, but many people outside of the industry may not recognize the rules surrounding placement. First off, if a tattoo is a face it should in general be facing in toward the body vs away. Second, text should appear upside down to the wearer. Third, you should never put a tiny tattoo in the middle of a large canvas. A tattoo needs a variety of tones in order for it to appear multidimensional and that its jumping off the skin. If the tattoo has bad contrast, it will appear flat and washed out. Faces and body parts can be very tricky, because one wrong move can ruin a perfectly good drawing. It takes years of practice to create a realistic portrait, so enlist the best of the best for this task.

    Details can take an average tattoo to an extraordinary tattoo very quickly. You want to feel like you can run your fingers over a tattoo and feel every single detail, whether it be the texture of the hair or the consistency of the eyes. You should be able to look at your tattoo and know exactly what it is or what it says. If you look at a tattoo and say to yourself, "what is that?" then its probably not a very good tattoo. 

B.A.C.A and BBQ

Saturday September 04, 2021

We are nearing closer to our B.A.C.A meet and greet BBQ. Come out, have some fun, eat food and meet your local B.A.C.A chapter. It's family friendly so bring your kids along.


Meaning Behind Geometric Tattoos

Tuesday August 31, 2021


 There are constantly new tattoos popping up and there is definitely a trend with geometric tattoos. Bold shapes and linear designs always make for such cool body artwork as well as they are striking and symbolic. The finely-drawn ink often utilizes a series of shapes, lines, and dots to add a modern appeal to everyday objects, animals, and overall ideas. When it comes to cracking the geometric tattoo meaning, in most cases, they were tied to spiritual and religious practices in ancient times. However, in today's world they symbolize balance, symmetry, stability, intelligence, mystery, and much more. 

    In some cultures it is believed that these tattoos, when worn on certain parts of the body can heal, restore health, and provide balance. Since there is no strict pattern for artists to follow, tattoo artists usually have creative free range to interpret geometric designs as they see fit. Contrary to a popular belief, sacred geometric tattoos are not attached to any belief system if you don't want them to be. Most tattoos of this type are complex, original designs that incorporate shapes, dots, and shading in order to come out with an intricate and interesting patterns. 

While some artists look to M.C. Escher, an early 20th Century graphic artist for inspiration, others gain inspiration from mandalas and unusual geometric designs that present themselves in nature or in other forms of artwork. No matter the design, symmetry is a large part of geometric tattoos. Majority of clients who regularly get these tattoos do so because they feel a strong personal and spiritual connection with the artwork and it’s aesthetic. In fact, some feel that people with geometric tattoos have a profound respect for shapes, designs and how their intricacies work together to make the world a unique and interesting place.

    Even though these designs are trendy for the time being, tattoo artists caution that people who desire geometric tattoos should do their homework and have a strong idea of what it is they want and why.

Reasons why you should not bring your kids into a tattoo shop

Friday August 27, 2021

Many tattoo shops don’t allow anyone under the age of 18 inside. While it’s entirely legal for a business to specify who may or may not enter there are some pretty good reasons why children shouldn’t be in a tattoo shop. Some states have a law specifying that minors are not allowed in period. It’s often that children simply aren’t allowed in even if their parent is just browsing. Most tattoo artists are strictly regulated and while your kids may be well behaved the law is there to keep them safe and to prevent the tattoo artist from being liable for anything that happens to them.

Most tattoo shops are far from being kid friendly. Tattoos are often done on body parts that are unsuitable for child eyes and that’s not to mention the language that both patrons and artists might be using. Parents can’t censor what goes on in a shop and if your child isn’t old enough to be in an adult environment, no matter how “mature” they are, then it’s not up to the shop to make their location “kid friendly”.

Children love to touch, and they love to get into things. Curiosity is something that can’t be helped but when it comes to tattoo shops that means they could be touching unique artwork and potentially breaking it; or it means they could be getting into chemicals, needles or worse and potentially endangering themselves or exposing themselves to disease. It’s not up to the artist to babysit your kid and if you’re getting tattooed then you aren’t paying attention to them which can leads to accidents.

Tattooing is an art form, one that takes concentration and focus. Most children are noisy and require a lot of focus and attention. As an artist, the last thing you want is to have someone else’s kid in your room asking questions and touching things while you’re trying to work. It’s just not safe to have kids in a tattoo shop.

Why You Don't See Your Tattoo Design Ahead

Tuesday August 24, 2021


In a custom tattoo shop, the artists design their clients a unique custom tattoo. This means that your tattoo is yours alone, and no one else has the same design. It also means that  our artists don't have flash sheets, or ready-prepared imagery for clients to pick off a wall or a book. Usually clients will bring our artists an idea and sometimes references, and our artists use that as an inspiration to create an entirely unique design for the client in the artist's personal style. 

      We understand that you want to be involved in every step of the process in designing your tattoo, and that you may want to see a full drawing or sketch before your appointment time and day for approval. By sitting down with an artist and going over all of the details of the tattoo and ideas, you put forth the trust in your artist and allow them  that they will create a one of a kind piece that you will be proud to show off. 

     All of our tattoo artists have appointments scheduled out, and they tattoo every day. In order to have a drawing/design ready for each client they tattoo, most often than not the drawing is done the night or a few days before the scheduled appointment. They just don't have enough time in their schedule to "pre-draw" the design/sketch for every client to approve. We will NEVER send a drawing or sketch through phone, email or allow a physical copy to leave the shop. No images can be taken of the drawing unless it is tattooed on you. No exceptions will be made. Most custom shops and artists show you the design the day of your tattoo so you don't take their artwork and get it done elsewhere.

    Generally our artists draw designs for their clients' tattoos only a couple of days before the appointment, that's because they have appointments every day, and all the drawings are done in their own personal time. So generally, your design is not available to be seen ahead of your appointment. We also have a shop policy that tattoo designs don't leave the shop. Our artists generally don't email designs to their clients or allow potential clients to bring custom designs home for contemplation. That is because clients will sometimes take custom designs done by one tattoo artist and bring them to another in the hopes of having the same piece done at a lower price point which is disrespectful to the artist, and the time and effort they put into the preparation of the design. 

B.A.C.A Meet and Greet BBQ

Thursday August 19, 2021

We are a liitle over a month away from this event. Come and hangout, eat, and meet your local members and learn more about their mission and what they do! 

Where It All Starts: Your First Tattoo

Tuesday August 17, 2021

  As most things in life, getting a tattoo for the first time is a little scary. Because a tattoo is permanent in nature, most tattoos you have done are almost always irreversible, which makes the first tattoo more than a bit scary. "What if something goes wrong?" you can't help asking yourself over and over again. That is why it is strongly advised that before going in for your first tattoo, all aspects related to your decision are considered very carefully before taking the plunge and that you have selected the right artist for the job.
    For any person who is getting their first tattoo, it's a matter of great excitement and pride. They many not know it then, but once the tattoo had been marked, the urge to look at it every few hours and admire it will be there. That is why it's a good idea to choose a location in such a way that you can see it easily. More useful locations are the upper arm, wrist, and the front of your thigh and feet. 
    The attention you and your tattoo draws from people will be great especially if it's your first one. Placing your tattoo at a place that you're proud to flaunt will be beneficial. If you decide to get a tattoo on a place of your body that you're embarrassed about, it will make it for an unpleasant moments for you when people ask about your tattoo.
    The first time you get a tattoo can be quite traumatic and painful if it's not done right. You also carry the fear of the design not looking good because you don't have any prior experience with the artist. You must chose your artist very carefully after a lot of research and inspection of their work, so believe the process and put trust in your artist that they will create a work of art for you that you will be proud to show off and wear for the rest of your life. Who knows, maybe now you're planning your next several tattoos already. You may get several other tattoos after this, but the first one would always be special. 

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Friday August 13, 2021

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Painful Places To Get Tattooed

Tuesday August 10, 2021

It's a well known fact that getting a tattoo hurts. For the most part, all of these places listed below are extremely painful and you should definitely be aware of that before you go in to get these areas inked. A lot of the pain comes from a lack of cushion of muscle or fat within these areas, therefore causing the needles to consistently go over thin layers of skin and bone repeatedly. When it’s just skin and bones, you know it’s going to hurt. 

    The inner arm is going to really hurt. The thinness of the skin is again the culprit, and the nerves will react instantly to any shader needle. While some areas just throb and hurt, this feels more like a scratching burn. The hands, fingers and knuckles especially, are extremely boney and filled with ligaments. Also, because the skin on your hands is so thin, it’s going to be extremely painful. The skin over rib area is so thin with a highly sensitive area and the bones are spread out leaving areas of grooves and direct bone for the needles to graze over. You’re definitely going to need breaks during rib sessions. The elbow is not only going to hurt, but to get the ink packed in properly you’re going to be sitting at an awkward angle with your arm bending every which way. The feet are pretty manageable at first, but as the tattoo session goes on, it’s going to really start to hurt. The very tops of the feet will be the absolute worse. Needles vibrating and stabbing you in the head repeatedly is not going to be a very enjoyable experience. Though the skull is said to not be as painful as many may believe, it still is going to be an uncomfortable session.

It’s only natural to feel pain during a tattoo session, but some places are more painful than others. Pain is our body’s way of protecting us from imminent harm. Depending on your  threshold level, you may have to reconsider the tattoo placement especially if you have a low pain tolerance. If you are considering getting a tattoo on any of the locations stated above, you better be prepared to deal with pain. 

Download Our App!

Friday August 06, 2021

Do you have our app? If so, you already know how awesome it is! The ability to see your appointments, check out our artists profiles & play the very cool spin & win game where you can build points that save you money on your tattoos with us! If you haven't downloaded it yet, now is the perfect time to do it!

B.A.C.A Meet & Greet BBQ

Wednesday August 04, 2021

Come meet your local B.A.C.A. and learn what they do! We will have food, drinks, prizes, games and more. This event is family friendly so feel free to bring the kids along. If you ride and have ever been curious about B.A.C.A. then ride on out and ask any questions you'd like to ask.

Frequently Asked Tattoo Questions

Tuesday August 03, 2021

What does a tattoo feel like?  

Many people like to refer that getting a tattoo feels like someone is scratching a hot needle across your skin or others like to compare it to a constant feeling of a cat scratch. After about 15 minutes, your adrenaline will start kicking in and help manage some of the pain, but if you’re getting a larger piece done, the pain can come in waves. 


Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?

The answers vary, depending on the size of the tattoo and where on your body it is (smaller tattoos on fleshier parts of your body will hurt the least). This also varies person to person. Tattoos on your wrist or forearm tend to be pretty easy places to start with. Although everyone experiences pain differently, you can expect for the tattoo pain to be worse on your ribs, feet, ankles, neck, backs of your knees, or insides of your elbows. Really, anywhere that has a high level of nerve endings and not a lot of fat will hurt more.


How do you deal with tattoo pain?

Pain is the price you pay for getting a tattoo. As tempting as a numbing agent sounds, tattoo artists don’t recommend them because they affect the capillaries and therefore make it harder to deposit the ink. This also makes healing the tattoo a challenge. In general, treat the night before a tattoo like you would before a big exam: Get a good night’s sleep, eat a full breakfast, stay hydrated, and don’t show up hungover or drunk. All of these things could ultimately affect how you handle pain, even if it’s not a particularly sensitive area of the body.

How long does a tattoo take to heal?

After two weeks, your tattoo should be completely healed if you’ve properly taken care of it, as per the artists instructions, and, other than that, left it alone. If a portion of your design didn’t heal correctly or if you have some fading down the road and want to get it touched up, pay your artist a visit.


Wednesday July 28, 2021

There have been periods in history when tattoos were deemed a “fad” that would pass in time but that has been proven different. There is now a vast majority of people who have at least one tattoo. Many actors, actresses and models proudly display their beautiful work for the world to see, yet most Americans cave under the pressure of society telling us to cover up. A slew of restaurants and retail jobs require all tattoos to be covered while on the clock. With the number of tattooed individuals rising each year, why is society still deeming the ink ‘unacceptable’?
    Tattoos have truly held a prominent place in history – from tattooed sailors and pirates, Nazi’s tattooing those in camps, gang member initiation rituals, to tribe members in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand using tattoos for protection against evil and to increase luck, the history of the art is quite remarkable. More often than not, companies will explain to employees that their tattoos, no matter what they’re of, will be offensive to consumers and patrons, again begging the question why? The numbers speak for themselves; a crowded elevator is likely to hold three or more tattoos so who are we really offending? Eleven percent of the older generation (50-64 year olds) fall under ‘tattooed’ and are the main culprits behind the offensive line. Although they may be offended current-day, back in the 1960s cosmetic tattooing became very popular (tattooed blush, lipstick, eyeliner) and in the later portion of the decade, tattoos were largely featured in magazines, TV shows, and film.
    Americans have made tattooing very mainstream as television shows like Miami Ink, Ink Master, and Best Ink have become hits across the country
. Society raises us to believe that tattoos are a form of rebellion – a fact that has also been proven with studies showing 50% of people associating tattoos to rebellious behavior – but what we don’t grow up hearing about is the beauty of body art along with it’s history. As the years pass and the percentage of those with tattoos continues to grow, it’ll be hard to argue their offensiveness. After all, most of our ancestors were the ones to create different forms of tattooing!

B.B.Q Party

Friday July 23, 2021

We are planning on having a B.B.Q party in the parking lot in the upcoming weeks. Come enjoy some good food, company, and check out local businesses. We will have more updates on the time and date when we have more information. Everyone is welcome! 

Tattoo Shop Etiquette

Tuesday July 20, 2021

While thousands of people get one every single day, not many realize there is an unwritten code in tattoo studios. By following some of the tattoo etiquette tips you will be able to enjoy your tattoo experience as much as possible, while keeping yourself and your artist happy. If you are accessing the tattoo studio for the first time or looking for inspiration and advice, it is still a good idea to have a rough concept or idea of the tattoo you want, where you want it, size, and the style of the design. The more specific you can be, the easier your artist can understand what you are expecting and the quicker the design can be drawn up 

    Now let's go over a few etiquette components to keep in mind.  Don't ask for their inspirations and professional advice and completely ignore it. An artist tends not to like it when the customer fails to trust their professional views. Don't get offended if your artist requests that you change certain aspects of your desired tattoo idea. Most experienced artists can make good judgment as to whether a certain idea/design will or will not work when transformed into ink on the body. Do ensure you’re nice and clean before entering the studio. Not only will your skin be easier to tattoo if it’s free from oils and dirt, but your artist will also appreciate that you smell at least a little nicer. Don't get a tattoo if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Not only will it be an unpleasant experience for the tattooist having to deal with the behavior of this individual, but you are much more likely to bleed heavily, which in return will affect the result of the tattoo. Not to mention, your own judgment will be clouded. Do tip your tattoo artist if you feel inclined to do so. They earn commission from the tattoos they create on you and by tipping, you are showing your appreciation for the customer service you have received.

    While many points are pretty obvious, tattoo etiquette traditions are broken each and every day. An initiative and some common sense can contribute to making your whole tattoo experience a pleasant one. Tattooing culture may seem 'rock-and-roll' from the outside, but on the inside of it is a team of amazing and highly-experienced artists who take pride in their artwork and working environment. Once you understand the basics of good tattoo etiquette, you should have absolutely no problem each time you decide to get some new ink done.

New Tattoo Apprentice!

Friday July 16, 2021

We have a new apprentice that started with us this week and her name is Yuliana. She loves art and wants to work up to be well versed in all art mediums. All of art skills that Yuliana learned she did by learning on her own with a little help from her art teacher in high school. Her main focus is realism in her pieces and likes doing portraits and focusing on perfecting all aspects. She is excited to learn from our artists and obtain more art skills as she is advancing in her art career.



Why Tattoo Shops Require Deposits

Tuesday July 13, 2021


  A fair amount of the time when we ask someone to leave deposits on a tattoo appointment they say something crafty like; “I’ll stop back Friday”, or “I don’t have any cash on me” and they walk out never to be seen again. Sometimes people want to debate the reasoning behind the deposit, but do finally break down and leave one to book an appointment. Most people happily leave a deposit… because they get it! Tattoo deposits work as a way of you financially committing and investing towards your tattoo appointment. Without this monetary protection, artists and shops could lose a significant amount of money due to clients cancelling or pulling out of the commitment. Artists are not paid by the hour, they are paid for the piece they are creating for you and the time they spend with you. When a customer agrees to pay the deposit fee, it acts as proof that they are interested in following through with their tattoo ideas and agreement. 

    Deposits allow a tattoo studio to run their operations efficiently, with each client allocated enough time and attention to get their tattoo right. When the scheduling of clients can be maintained with regularity, it greatly boosts the efficiency of the business and the quality of the work of the artists. The amount that shops charge for their deposit fee doesn’t begin to cover the total income at stake if a client doesn’t show up. By charging this fee, studios can continue to tick along, even when they face non-responsive customers. This minor transaction has a considerable impact on the long-term financials of the tattoo parlor and the stability of the business.

   Tattoo artists can spend a great amount of time preparing a design or in the case of larger projects like sleeves can mean dozens of hours spent. This is a big part of why we require a deposit and why they aren't refundable. Please respect your artists time and commitment to take your project on. 

    Tattoo deposits are used to encourage clients to show up for their appointments and as a way for tattoo artists to cover their costs if a client cancels. Tattoo deposits are forfeited if clients cancel or do not show up for their appointments. You will not be able to get your tattoo deposit back unless the studio decided for various reasons to do this but in general they are non refundable which means non refundable. Deposit policies vary, so make sure to ask about your artist’s or studio’s policy before booking a tattoo appointment.  

Tattoo Artists Wanted!

Friday July 09, 2021

We are still and always looking for quality and reliable tattoo artists to join our growing business and an excellent team. Submit your portfolio by clicking here!





use- We are still and always looking for quality and reliable artists to join our team- add the link for artists to apply and the artwork i sent you


"We The People" Tattoos

Tuesday July 06, 2021

    We The People tattoos are right up there near the top of the list as far as patriotic text tattoos go. The words tell people exactly how you feel and, you can have this type of tattoo designed any way that you want it without altering the meaning at all. Those looking for a tattoo that clearly shows their love for their country will often look into getting a We the People tattoo since just about every American recognizes that those are the first three words found in the United States Constitution. It’s incredible that you can get such a meaningful tattoo in just three words, especially a patriotic one. They are for anyone who wants to show their pride in being American citizens and what America stands for at its core. 

    Another reason why We The People tattoos are so popular is because there are so many ways for them to be designed. You can get one that stretches across your chest, one that fits perfectly with another patriotic image that you want tattooed on your skin, or you can even shrink the words down so they fit on your wrist or ankle. Many people choose to include the American flag somewhere in or around the We the People tattoo designs. Even though you only need the words to make it clear that you are showing your pride in being an American, some people find that the flag takes the tattoo to another level.

    One of the most important parts of designing a We The People tattoo is figuring out which font you want to use. Many people want to use the exact font that was used in the actual Constitution, in which case they would choose a similar calligraphy font. This is especially great if you want to put the words on paper in your tattoo, though that isn’t totally necessary. There are many reasons why people choose to get We the People tattoos, as they are usually very easy to design yet they hold a world of meaning to those who get them.

Now Booking For Fall

Thursday July 01, 2021

Have you been wanting a tattoo but didn't want to spoil your summer pool days? You're in luck, we are now booking appointments for fall. Appointments fill up fast, don't wait. Call the shop at 801-497-9700 or inquire online. To inquire online, click here

American Traditional Tattoos

Tuesday June 29, 2021


    American traditional style tattoos are the artistic embodiment of wanderlust and freedom. When they first started appearing on people in American culture in the 1930’s they symbolized a rejection of the American dream and represented a life lived outside the confines of mainstream society. As for today, they say still mean the same thing. Tattoo legend, Norman Collins aka Sailor Jerry pioneered this iconic style in Hawaii during World War II, which was the crossroads for millions of American men at the time. With the revival of Tradition style tattoos, these pieces imbue their bearers with the same concepts they were born of a rejection of mainstream culture and the quest for a different existence. 
    This style of tattoos are characterized by its clean black outlines, vivid colors, and minimal shading. These are fundamental to traditional style and make it one of the most bold and iconic tattoo styles there is. Traditional tattoos often depict women, daggers, roses, wolves, skulls, ships, and more. Traditional tattoos are a union of boldness and complexity. They represent a unique era in mankind’s connection to tattooing and at the same time pay homage to the tattoos they have descended from. 
    As tattoos are more acceptable in American culture today this style has evolved into many other categories of body art. Neo Traditional pays homage to the original style with the use of thick, black outlines and well saturated colors with an expanded repertoire of imagery and meanings. Traditional tattoos represent a crucial moment in evolution of tattoos, and a major event that led to the integration of tattoos we see in American culture today.

Referral Program

Friday June 25, 2021


Did you know that you can get $25 credit in your account just for referring your friends and family members? Have them let us know that you referred them when they are booking and the credit will automatically upload to your account.

Evolution of Tattoo Machine

Tuesday June 22, 2021















The tattoo machine has a long and complicated past, dating back to the 1800s. It all began with Thomas Edison, an American inventor and his rotary type device. He invented it back in 1876 and its main purpose was to create stencils to be used on flyers. Today’s tattoo machines have come a long way from the designs of old. The very first machine was adapted from Edison’s rotary operated stencil pen which while revolutionary, was heavy and cumbersome to use. What began as an electric motor secured on top of a tube with a steel needle, transformed into a more efficient model after the addition of two electromagnetic coils, springs and contact bars. Five years later this design was improved by Charles Wagner who created a model that featured twin coils set side by side.

    Today most modern tattoo machines are adjustable in terms of speed, depth and force of application. The Bishop Rotary tattoo machine was created in 2009 and tattoo artists everywhere welcomed its lightweight design that allowed them to use it for longer without experiencing wrist pain. The very first tattoo machines were made from iron, steel and brass while the later models are often crafted from aluminum, favored for its lightweight properties and durability. The original machines were rotary systems while the latest designs use electromagnets to function. 

Today, tattoo machines boast innovative and original features such as the Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machine that uses a revolutionary cartridge needle system that allows you to change the needle at the flick of the wrist. The tattoo machine has a rich and varied history and it is fair to say that even the most modern of machines have been inspired by the very first tattoo machines. 

Tattoo Pricing

Friday June 18, 2021

A lot of time and work goes into preparing a station for a tattoo whether it’s a small or a large area that is being utilized. Between the set-up, preparing a stencil, and breaking up the station between appointments, that is at least an hour that the artist lost and didn’t tattoo. Preparing the stencil is at least 30 minutes and can go up to several hours, designing and drawing the tattoo is a whole other subject matter which takes time. A sleeve for example can take 30 hours or more to design and draw. A tattoo that would take say an hour has a total of 2.5 hours invested by the artist but is only getting paid for one hour. One then has to factor in overhead and cost of supplies.

 This is why many artists and studios have a minimum. Some studios will not tell you the total cost of your tattoo upfront and will just guestimate on how much time to book you for. We like to be productive and transparent when it comes to quoting a piece and we do take all those things into consideration. We have a goal of how many hours a day an artist should be tattooing in order to be profitable. We are a successful studio because of the way that it is run, the structure and organization that we have draws clients to our studio because they know that all of their needs will be met. If multiple sessions are required, we book ALL of them to ensure that no client gets missed or forgotten and it gives them a piece of mind knowing that all the quoted time is already on the schedule.

Things To know When Price Shopping For a Tattoo

Tuesday June 15, 2021

 Knowing how much tattoos cost can help you plan your next tattoo. Although tattoo prices vary and many factors can affect the cost of your tattoo, including size, design, and understanding how much your tattoo should cost can help you prepare your budget.  As common and popular as tattoos are, they don’t come cheap. Although you can’t get a price quote from your artist until you’ve figured out all the details, there are ways to estimate the cost of your artwork. The size of your ink and the complexity of the artwork and coloring will determine how much time is required to complete the job. One thing to keep in mind is that your artist's talent and experience will affect the rates as well.

   Many tattoo artists charge an hourly rate and a lot of tattoo shops have a shop minimum, usually 1 hour. Although you may have see some hourly rates or standard prices practiced at a lot of tattoo shops, remember that not all tattoo studios are the same. How much you’ll pay is determined by a lot of factors. Artist experience, complexity and design, size, whether color is used, equipment used, set-up and break-down of the station, a shop's location and overhead all have a big influence on how much you'll pay. Tattoo shops need to cover rent and expenses, so it makes sense that in densely populated cities where rental rates are higher, you will have to pay more to get tattooed.

    If you really want to know how much your tattoo will cost, all you have to do is call the shop. You'll want to make sure that you have all the information regarding the design that you want like size, where on your body, black and gray or color, and art style. Getting a tattoo is like shopping. You either go to the place you want or have heard so much about, or you go out looking for the best deal or a deal you can afford so long as you’re getting inked in proper sanitary conditions and by a skilled individual.

    Make sure you do your research and find the proper artist and or studio for you and your needs!

What Our Clients Say About Us!

Friday June 11, 2021

Andrea Berber 4/17/21

Pineapple was excellent!! His design for the tattoo was exactly what I wanted. The process was comfortable, and the entire staff was so friendly! I was overly impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the staff made getting my first tattoo a comfortable and relaxing experience.


Kelly Olson 4/24/21

Christina is phenomenal as an artist. She always goes above my expectations from the ideas I give her, and I am forever grateful she gives honest artistic feedback if something will not work or look good. I totally trust her as an artist and will come back to her every time. Total experience was positive and enjoyable.


Karla Tobar 4/24/21

Leah was great doing my tattoo. I like that she had  great ideas for me to choose and she made me feel so comfortable. Everything was great!


Jake Markus 5/12/21

Every employee is pleasant to talk to and are quick to help, I feel the service is beyond excellent. Keep doing great work!


Dayleen Flores 5/25/21

Everyone is friendly and extremely helpful. Leah has great ideas and does a great job! Everything is organized and it is a place I would go back to.


Corbin Andersen 5/27/21

Everyone was super nice and incredibly helpful with scheduling and explaining after care for the art. I loved my experience and absolutely love my first tattoo.

Father's Day Promotion!

Thursday June 10, 2021

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Tattooing Through The Decades

Tuesday June 08, 2021

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, and over the centuries many have enjoyed the huge evolution. In the United States, tattoo trends have evolved a lot in the last hundred years, morphing from an underground seedy practice to a mainstream exploding industry. 

    In 20th century, tattoos could be found on those society perceived as unsavory or “others" like sailors, circus freaks, prison inmates, etc.  Sailors used tattoos as a way to document their travels, popularizing nautical tattoos like anchors, swallows, and turtles. A swallow tattoo meant that a sailor had traveled 5,000 miles, and a turtle told people they’d crossed the equator. Tattoos were so taboo that people paid to see circus freaks displaying them at sideshows. Navy and Army men could get away with displaying patriotic tattoos, and the occasional civilian could rock a religious tattoo like a cross and get away with it, but tattoos were very much out of the mainstream at the beginning of the century.

    Tattoos got a big boom thanks to World War II.  More men got tattoos to honor their service in the armed forces, and, as women filled the void men left in the work force, they too got tattoos to show their support for the USA. Tattoos were no longer just for circus freaks.  More people were beginning to see them as a beautiful art form. Sailor Jerry tattoos proliferated during this time.  Simple two-dimensional colorful designs like a heart drawn around the word “Mom,” hula girls, pinup girls and patriotic tattoos dominated his catalog.

    The 60s were a time of cultural upheaval, and the tattoo industry reflected that rebellious spirit. The peace sign tattoo soared during this era. Tattoos became bigger and more intricate in the 70s.  People started to get full sleeves tattooed, and the artwork itself became more detailed, including elements like shading and depth. The 80s encouraged the growth of tattoos as a form of self-expression. Tribal tattoos, colorful tattoos, and thick black line tattoos like the Celtic Knot were popular during this decade. New School tattoos also emerged in the 80s,cartoonish designs that often depicted characters doing unexpected things. Feminine tattoos like butterflies, hearts, stars and dolphins boomed during the 90s. Women also began turning to tattoos to transform mastectomy scars into works of art.  

    Tattoos really went mainstream in the 2000s thanks to reality TV and social media.  Shows like Inked, Miami Ink, NY Ink, LA Ink, and Ink Master brought tattoo culture into all sorts of living rooms. Advances in sanitation also helped to get more people into tattoo shops.  People who shield away from tattoos because they worried about catching a disease from a needle could now think about getting a tattoo risk-free. The stigma against tattoos went down during this time, encouraging more and more people to get inked all over the place, from the lower back to the inside of the lip.  For the most part, employers no longer look at tattoos as a reason not to hire someone.

Tattoo Artists Wanted!

Friday June 04, 2021

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is looking for experienced and professional tattoo artists for our award winning studio. The front staff takes care of all client inquiries, making phone calls, managing scheduling and bookings, taking payments as well as taking care of marketing and promotions for the artists. We have private rooms and a good atmosphere and our clients keep coming back and referring their friwnds and family members to us. We do all the hard stuff for you, all you have to do is focus on creating the best art for clients.

If this is something that you're looking for, sumbit your portfolio here.




Memorial Day Giveaway Winner!

Wednesday June 02, 2021

We would like to congratulate Andrew Helfer, he is the winner of $100 Lucky Bamboo Tattoo gift certificate special that we had for Memorial Day!  Special thanks to everyone who has submitted into the giveaway, we appreciate your service and sacrifice for our country. 

Health Issues And Tattoos

Tuesday June 01, 2021


Infected Tattoo

If  you're not disclosing your medical conditions to your tattoo artist prior to your appointment, what your tattoo artist doesn't know could end up harming you and can't be blamed on the artist or the shop that they work for if nobody is made aware. If you have a medical condition or are on certain prescription medications, it is really important to let your artist know before your appointment so that the right steps and precautions can be taken to avoid injuries. While we understand that not everyone is comfortable with disclosing such information or think that it's not relevant, it is important that your artist is made aware. 

    There are certain medical conditions that your artist will want to be made aware of. Clients with heart conditions, diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, and  being on blood thinners are more at risk for injury, poor healing and a possibility of developing infection. With that being said, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are not able to get your tattoo. You will want to consult your medical provider and they can provide help and guidelines on what needs to be done prior to your tattoo appointment. Certain medication prescriptions have to be disclosed as well. Acne medications like Accutane and Minomycin cause skin to be hyper-sensitive and could lead to severe pain and scarring. If you are taking any medication to thin your blood, you'll want to inform your artist beforehand, and consult your doctor. Depending on the reason you're taking the medication, it may not be wise to get tattooed, or it may require stopping them a few days before your appointment or require shorter sessions. 

    If the artist decides that they cannot, in good conscience, proceed with the tattoo it's because they don't want you to get hurt. Remember, people don't turn down a paying client for no reason.  Although an artist has the right to refuse service to a potential client based on health reasons, you also have the right to take your business somewhere else if you feel the artist was unfair or in error.  One thing to keep in mind, that there will always be someone out there willing to take your money regardless of your health.  Don't go to someone that you know uses unsafe practices and doesn't follow the sanitation protocol.

Your Tattoo Budget

Friday May 28, 2021

†Getting a tattoo is not cheap and will require you to either dig into your savings account or set up a time frame to save up enough money to get tattooed, especially if you are looking for a quality work and focusing on a larger area on your body. Choosing the right tattoo artist that is worth saving for is also an important factor to take into consideration when deciding on getting tattooed. Becoming an artist isn't as simple as setting up the shop and getting right to work. Tattoo artists spend many years training as shop assistants and apprentices, and practicing their drawing and technique on their own time. More experienced artists usually charge a higher rate than someone who is just getting started.

†† †Why are tattoos expensive? Ask every tattoo artist how many times they get this question and you will be blown away at what answer they give you. The results of a tattoo are permanent and you want the best quality work you can get. In every case, not every dollar goes straight to the tattoo artists wallet or pocket. The artist splits a certain percentage of their earnings with the shop that they work in to cover things like rent, utilities, staff, advertising , miscellaneous overhead and supplies. The artists are also responsible for buying their own ink, needles and cartridges. Tattoo artists go through a lot of supplies in one day and that doesn't include a day when they have several clients getting tattooed. No matter if your tattoo takes 15 minutes or an hour, the same materials are needed to create the tattoo and sanitize the instruments before and after each session. Bandages and tattoo balms that are used during and after your session also factor in to the cost of your tattoo.†

†† †You can get a cheaper tattoo by going to a less reputable tattoo artist who may have purchased their cheap equipment from non professional suppliers, didn't go through proper training as far as cleanliness and cross contamination goes and didn't have an actual apprenticeship. Because of lack of regulation and licensing many tattoo studios present themselves as professionals but are indeed not. And if an artist is tattooing out of their home, that in itself should be a red flag when shopping for places to get a tattoo done. Fixing a "cheap tattoo" will end up costing you more money than spending more money and doing it right the first time. People spend a lot of money on their cars, bags, and clothes and they should invest more money into something that will last a lot longer than all of those material things. If you're not ready to pay for the tattoo you want, it's a good goal to work toward saving up over time. Good quality tattoos are worth the wait and the price.††

Memorial Day Weekend Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Tuesday May 25, 2021







We have a Memorial Day promotion going on right now through May 28th for all of the veterans, and active military personnel . We will be giving away a gift certificate to one of our lucky followers. All you have to do is follow us on Facebook and Instagram, find the post about the giveaway and follow the instructions to be entered to win. We will be drawing a winner on Saturday May 29th. 

Cover-up Tattoos

Tuesday May 18, 2021


Covering up a tattoo is a procedure where your previous and unwanted tattoo is replaced with a new design. The cover-up tattoo is almost always guaranteed to be larger than original to ensure it gets fully covered. This allows the artist more freedom and creativity in designing a piece of art that will be used to mask the previous design.  Some people choose to cover-up a tattoo when they notice that the old design is fading and losing its vibrancy. Old faded tattoos easiest to cover up and many artists use bold and dark colors to do cover-ups. 

    When opting for a cover-up, take note that the design of your tattoo matters a lot and not every design is easy to camouflage. for instance, tribal designs contain a lot of major or minor details which might get difficult to hide. A small tattoo such as a symbol is much easier and quicker to conceal.  Many tattoo artists would suggest sitting down for a consultation to go over any ideas and come up with the best design that will fit the space that needs to be covered up. When an artist is working to conceal a tattoo, the focus is usually on the color of an old tattoo and how to incorporate the new ink into it. Black is a standard color each tattoo artist uses in the cover-ups. Darker shades of the same color can also be used. 

    Concealing a tattoo is based on how much you want to cover, to some extent. With the help of your artist, you can find a way to replace your old design with a new one. You cannot call it a new tattoo as some parts of the previous tattoo might see-through it or will be incorporated into the new design. Not all tattoo artists have experience with doing a tattoo cover-ups so you want to make sure to do your research when deciding to go forward in getting a cover-up done. 

Tattooing Then and Now: Digital Age

Tuesday May 11, 2021





 Tattoos used to be predominately popular amongst the male population but since internet, more and more females are getting tattooed. It seemed to be an art form to intentionally break social norms, although with social media influence we are seeing upstanding members of society sporting ink. Although our grandparents may not agree, being tattooed is widely accepted and is becoming more mainstream.

As the times change, we see many aspects of tattooing evolve. Let's take it back to 1984. You want a tattoo. You search in the yellow pages for local tattoo parlor. You give them call and set up your meeting. You arrive to the shop, and start your search from wall to wall, looking for a design that jumps out at you. Now it may not have sentimental meaning but man, does it look cool. You build a relationship with that artist and the shop, and come back for more. You like what they do and give them the freedom to express their art and creativity. You may even appear in a magazine showing the world what they have created, reaching thousands. What happens when these pieces start reaching MILLIONS!? This is where the internet comes in. 

The digital age has given us a new perspective on tattooing. Some good, some not so good. We begin to idolize those with tattoos wanting to achieve their look. This has brought forth more copying of tattoos and restricting of artistic creativity. Some of these photos have been heavily altered digitally, providing misguiding information about what can be achieved. Often, photos are posted freshly done, misleading their audience as it pertains to healing and longevity. But with every bit of misinformation, you now have access to an abundance of inspiration and artist accessibility. 

You can now delve into the world of tattooing digitally, exploring new shops and artists without ever leaving your home. Each artist's social media is a time capsule into their growth and advancement throughout their careers. You can now find an artist that takes your inspirations and specializes in the art form that you would like incorporated into your identity. We can now build relationships outside of our local yellow pages with research and traveling opportunities. Creativity is unmatched and continuing to grow with every digital connection. 

How to know if you need a consultation

Friday May 07, 2021

If you know exactly what tattoo you want along with the size and placement and your design is simple or have a good relationship with your artist and trust them with their design decisions than you may not need a consultation to design your tattoo. If you are unsure of the design, placement or not sure about the process, then it is definitely a good idea to sit down with an artist and design the tattoo that you want. A lot of time if you have something that will need to be covered up, a consultation is most likely will be required.  
You will want to make sure that you bring any reference images of the style that you like as well as any other ideas that spark your interest. Sometimes the artist will decide it is a good idea to set up a consultation especially if it is a custom design with a lot of detail in it or if it is a big piece which will require the artist to take a tracing and measurements. During your consultation, your artist will go over design options and at that time will be able to provide an accurate quote for time needed and go over the pricing of the tattoo. If you are ready to proceed forward with your tattoo after consultation, we can take your payment (deposit) down and book you for the time that the artist quoted and will go over all the requirements and expectations.

Things Your Tattoo Artist Wishes You Knew

Wednesday May 05, 2021

 What do tattoo artists really wish you knew the minute you walked through the shop doors? A lot of people go into their tattoo appointment not knowing what to expect. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to proceed forward with getting a tattoo. By now, you already have a design and size in mind and are ready to proceed forward. One of the things that the artist wants you to know is that you shouldn't be afraid going bigger on your design. A lot of small tattoos look cute at first, but with the passage of time, they lose the details that make them special. Artists know how ink ages, what kinds of things will fade and distort, and how to keep tattoos looking fresh. Trust them. 

    Another thing to keep in mind is that artists' fees will vary from artist to artist. You may have heard the saying "good tattoos aren't cheap, and cheap tattoos aren't good". You will find shops and artists that charge for the piece while others will charge hourly rate.  Whatever way you choose to look at it, you will see that good tattoo artists will charge more than you were hoping for. 

    Sometimes, clients think that because the piece is small, they wouldn't be charged the same amount as for something bigger. This is true, but most shops still have to charge a shop minimum to cover supplies and time spent for each appointment. Set-up for each appointment is the same no matter the size of the design, health and safety guidelines need to be met, and there is set-up, prep, sterilization, and supplies that still get used. Be confident in valuing your artist's time and creativity, that is what they do for a living. 

    Tattoo artists are not mind readers so communicating exactly what you have in mind, is key. It's important to strike a balance between telling your artist what you want, and letting them do their job. You should always feel free to say that something is not to your liking or if you have any questions or concerns, but micromanaging the process is a sure-fire way to lose your artist's trust. Trust goes both ways, and remember they're creating art that you both will be proud of. 

Hours of Operation

Friday April 30, 2021

Hours of Operation

Sunday: CLOSED

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 10AM-6PM

Wednesday: 10AM-6PM

Thursday: 10AM-6PM

Friday: 10AM-6PM

Saturday: 10AM-6PM


Artist Availability 

Jared: Wed-Fri

Christina: Thur-Sat

Pineapple: Tue-Wed Fri-Sat

Leah: Tue-Sat



All of our consultations take place at the end of the day at 5:30 PM and are 30 minutes free of charge. Consultations fill up fast so we do ask you to give us notice if you are not going to make it or if you changed your mind about getting your tattoo as we can give that spot to somebody else. Not giving notice or not showing up to the consultation results in the loss of time, money and potentially new clients to the artist and the shop. 






Tattoos are Permanent

Tuesday April 27, 2021


 Tattoos are created by using special tools that use needles to insert permanent ink into the dermal layer of the skin. The ink changes the pigment of the skin where it is inserted, creating a work of art that stays on your skin for a long period of time. 

    The question many people ask is why don't tattoos fade or "heal" themselves over time? Tattoos are applied to the inner and not the outer layer of skin. A tattoo machine works by moving the needle up and down rapidly (around 50-150 times per second), piercing the outer layer of skin and injecting drops of the ink into the dermis with each puncture. The ink pigment particles are too large for the immune cells to destroy, so they get stuck in the dermis.  Over the course of a few weeks after getting tattooed, the skin slowly repairs itself and while there is some initial loss of the ink during the healing process, ultimately with proper care the bulk of the ink is trapped in the layer between epidermis and dermis. It will generally remain there for the rest of your life as long as no major damage to the dermis region of body happens. 

    All tattoos will fade over time. One thing to keep in mind is that there are several places on your body where tattoos are most likely to fade at a rapid pace. Several areas have a tough time holding ink due to the types of skin on the body and the mobility of the area. Elbows are notoriously hard to tattoo and getting the ink to stay can be tough in the first place. Hand tattoos see almost constant sun exposure so they will fade. Finger and side of fingers are almost guaranteed to fade or fall out as soon as they heal. 

Gift Cards Available!

Friday April 23, 2021

Do you or someone you know has a birthday, anniversary, graduation or a special event coming up that you want to commemorate? Give them a gift of art by purchasing a gift card.

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Tattoos and Sunscreen

Tuesday April 20, 2021


     With warmer months coming up, it is important to take good care of your tattoo and protect it from harmful UV rays.  Sunblock is the number one form of protection for your tattoo. Applying sunblock will help prevent skin cancers, wrinkles, blotchy complexions, and other skin-caused damages. Any sunblock is better than no sunblock when it comes to preparing your ink for the sun, but most artists will suggest using a fragrance free sunscreen with 30-50 SPF (try to stick to natural ingredients if possible too like non nano particle zinc oxide). Also make sure the sunscreen or sunblock actually works against UVA rays and not just UVB rays.
     New tattoos are crisp, vibrant, and exciting to look at but if you head out into the sun too quickly after getting your new tattoo, you can end up ruining the beauty and the design.  Even a hidden tattoo is susceptible to sun damage and the UV rays, so it's essential to do your research on how best to care for your tattoo. Too much sun exposure can cause fading, scarring, or color spreading especially in the first few months after getting your tattoo.
     If you don't want to deal with reapplying sunscreen, another good option in to completely keep your new tattoo out of the sun all together. Make sure not to expose a new tattoo to direct sunlight for at least the first month of having it, especially the first two weeks. The sun can cause the tattoo's colors to fade, but it could also burn your skin and scar the tattoo from sun damage.

Get to know Christina Walker

Friday April 16, 2021

Christina has been tattooing professionally since 2007 and has been loving everything about it.  She is currently focusing on larger pieces with ornate detail linework, geometric pieces with mandala style features, floral pieces and and custom artwork. Christina is always looking forward to any new and interesting designs. She is always looking at expanding her art and helping to create one of a kind tattoo for her clients. One of her proudest achievements in life is being a mother to a two year old daughter that is keeping her quite busy. She is looking forward to becoming a better tattoo artist as well as making her clients dreams come true through the art of tattooing.




We don't tattoo anyone under 18

Tuesday April 13, 2021

We don't tattoo minors under any circumstances. All of our clients have to be at least 18 years of age before we can even book them an appointment. This puts teens in a position where they feel they have to make a decision for themselves, and they go seeking someone to tattoo them without the consent of their parents. This is where things can go terribly wrong. Some parents may even say that they will take the responsibility and sign all of the consents for their minor child. Here at our shop, each person has to read and sign their own waivers, parents will NOT be allowed to do it for their kids. Tattooing a minor is a big liability for our shop and we will not be taking any risks or jeopardising the shop and our employees. No exceptions will be made.



Touch-up vs. Reworking/covering-up a Tattoo

Friday April 09, 2021



   Do you know the difference between a touch-up and reworking a tattoo? A touch-up is essentially tattooing over your existing tattoo by adding small details or adding a bit of color to the existing tattoo, and perfecting the lines. Touch-up is typically a quick procedure that doesn't require too much time in the chair. Touch ups are routinely used as a way to correct new tattoos if they’ve healed a little poorly, but they can also give new life to an old tattoo. Over the years, your tattoo will gradually fade. A touch up can make an old tattoo look fresh by making the colors pop and the details stand out like they used to.

     Not every tattoo can be touched up so that may lead to the need of completely reworking or covering up the tattoo in order to bring new life to it. Artists will typically have different styles or ideas and this can result in tattoos looking different after being reworked. If the artist feels the tattoo can not be properly fixed, they may suggest a cover-up. A tattoo cover-up is the act of tattooing over a previously unwanted tattoo with a new tattoo. You want to make sure that you choose a design that will go well with the tattoo you are wanting to cover-up as well as using the same color scheme or going black/gray for a better cover-up. 







Our Process Of Getting Your Tattoo Booked

Tuesday April 06, 2021

Do you have a tattoo design in mind but don't know where to start? We are here to help guide you through the process of how our shop operates. First thing you want to do is gather all the important information regarding your tattoo. You'll want to include: what tattoo you want, what size (in inches or comparison to an object), placement (part of body), color or black ink, and what art style (traditional, realism, illustrative, etc). After we receive all of this information, we match you up with an artist that specializes in that type of art style and obtain a quote on how long it will take to finish the tattoo. Once the quote is obtained we present it to the client and go into details regarding the total cost of the tattoo, how much money needs to be put down to secure the spot as well as the availability of the artist. Once the client agrees to terms and conditions they feel out the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo's Artist Design Fee terms of Services which goes over the important information regarding rescheduling policy and circumstances of where the client would voluntarily forfeit the fee if they don't meet the criteria of the agreement. After that, we take the Artist Design Fee and schedule the clients for the alloted time that the artist quoted. The final step is to make our client's tattoo dreams come true by designing one of a kind tattoo that they will proudle wear for the rest of their lives. 



Get to know Pineapple

Friday April 02, 2021


Pineapple is originally from California and has been living in Utah since 2014. He has been tattooing  for 21 years. His favorite art style to tattoo are roses, skulls and line work tattoos. He is also in the process of adopting his own style of artwork that he can create for his clients and creating one of a kind designs that they will love for the rest of their lives. Pineapple likes getting out and shooting guns, riding his motorcycle, and golfing.  His plans for the next few years are to grow as an artist and get better at tattooing as well as growing his gallery of artwork and focusing on making his clients dreams come true. 





Outlaw Organics

Tuesday March 30, 2021

 Outlaw Organics Aftercare Balm has many uses outside of tattoo aftercare. It can be used to treat many conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, mosquito bites and so many others. It is ideal for that dry and sensitive skin that many people deal with. With the pandemic outbreak and people having to wash their hands more often, many noticed breakdown and dryness of their skin to the point that not many moisturizers are very useful in treating the dryness and breakdown of the skin. Colder weather also plays a big role in the dryness and cracking of the skin.  
      What makes Outlaw Organics better balm than the competitors?  Outlaw Organics Balm is all natural cream that has also been certified organic by the USDA so it makes it more trustworthy for all skin needs and types. It restores moisture and strengthens dry and damaged skin by absorbing directly into the skin without leaving that greasy residue and will make your skin feel soft and rejuvenated.  Some clients even use it on their facial hair as a beard oil and softener. Others use it to soothe the dry skin on their feet.   A little bit goes a long way, so make sure you only use a small amount and no more than two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening is the recommended usage for this product. 

Now Booking For The Summer

Friday March 26, 2021

We are now focusing on getting clients booked for summer months. With warmer months ahead, lots of our clients like to get new tattoos that they can show off in the summer. If you have an idea for a tattoo that you have beem wanting the wait is over. You can call the shop at 801-497-9700 or inquire on our webpage. 

Get to know Leah Pinkerton

Friday March 19, 2021

Leah Pinkerton got her start at Lucky Bamboo as Jared's apprentice and has learned so much from him about becoming a tattoo artist over the span of 5 years. Her apprenticeship took a little bit longer due to unforseen circumstances but she managed to push through the apprenticeship and is now one of our tattoo artists at the shop. Leah loves being creative, enjoys refinishing furniture and decorating. She loves her family and enjoys spending time outdoors taking in all the beautiful scenery.  Leah loves being a tattoo artist and is mainly focusing on illustrative and semi-realism type of art as well as watercolor. Leah started tattooing independently May 2020 and has been kept pretty busy which she enjoys and her clients truly connect with and love her and her personality.  

Meet Mia!

Tuesday March 16, 2021

Mia has joined our Lucky Bamboo team as our new studio associate at the beginning of the month.  She has spent the last 8 years working healthcare and has worked in different departments and positions. Mia is passionate about helping others and has the most bubbly personality that fits perfectly with our shop. She was born and raised in Oregon but has been living in Utah for about 5 years. She is a pet lover and has a few furry friends at home that she shares with her husband. Some of her passions include music, books, and a fine art of weaponry. Welcome to the team Mia!

You Are Never Too Old To Get Tattooed!

Friday March 12, 2021




Tattooing styles and techniquies have evolved throughout the years. Do you have a tattoo from the 80s and beyond? I'm sure you remember of a time where you were limited to whatever flash was on the wall when you walked in. And as timeless as those designs remain, your options are as endless as your creativity. Is there a tattoo you've always wanted but were never quite sure how to design it? Have you ever thought "I'm too old to be getting tattoos"? I'm here to tell you this simpy isn't so. You are truly never to old to get tattooed. Tattooing industry has become so mainstream that many aging people are deciding to finally make their dreams of getting a tattoo come true. 

Many Uses For Outlaw Organics

Thursday March 11, 2021









Our Outlaw Organics Aftercare Balm has many uses outside of tattoo aftercare. It can be used to treat many conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, mosquito bites and so many others. It is ideal for that dry and sensitive skin that many people deal with. With the pandemic outbreak and people having to wash their hands more often, many noticed breakdown and dryness of their skin. Outlaw balm is an all natural cream that restores moisture and strength of dry and damaged skin. It has also been certified organic by the Food and Drug Administration so it makes it more trustworthy for all your skin needs. A little bit goes a long way, so make sure you only use a small amount and no more than two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening is the reccomended usage for this product. 

Taking Care Of Your Tattoo At Home

Tuesday March 02, 2021

  Taking care of your tattoo at home is easy if you follow the recommendations and directions that your artist gives you.  After you get your tattoo done, the artist will place a recovery bandage (Dermalize) over your tattoo and provide instructions on what you need to do and the proper way of doing it. Dermalize locks in the body's natural moisture and healing enzymes, which allows the body to heal itself in the most efficient manner.    
     Dermalize's adhesive will not attach to the weeping area of a tattoo, so it will not damage or pull any of the ink out. The bandage stays on the skin even if it gets wet, so you are able to shower like you would normally do. It is waterproof, but excessive water exposure could weaken the adhesion. 
    How long should it stay on your tattoo?  The first piece of Dermalize can be left on your tattoo for 8 to 24 hours. Length of time will depend on how much fluid your tattoo weeps as everyone heals differently. If you notice an excessive amount of drainage under the dressing, replace it with a new one. The second piece can be worn up to 5 days after application. Total max suggested use is no longer than 6 days. 
    Application of the bandage is easy if you follow the steps. Make sure that the skin areas is clean and dry, then cut the necessary length. Allow at least 2" to be in contact with undamaged skin. Make sure to not stretch skin during application as that may cause skin irritation. Remove paper backing by exposing the adhesive side of Dermalize, than apply with light pressure over the tattoo by starting from the center and moving out to the edges. Final step is to remove plastic backing, leaving only Dermalize on skin. 

We Are Looking For An Apprentice

Friday February 26, 2021

Do you have passion for art as well as what it stands for and want to become a tattoo artist? What better way to learn other than doing an apprenticeship at Lucky Bamboo as well as learning from the best tattoo artists. If you think you have what it takes to be an apprentice, submit your portfolio and information to for review and consideration. Become part of our family and gain knowledge and training on what it takes to be an all around good tattoo artist. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Best Tattoo Studio

Friday February 19, 2021

We at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo pride ourselves on being the best Tattoo Studio in Utah. What sets us apart from all the others you may ask? All of our artists have been tattooing for over 10 years and have quite the portfolio of work under their belts. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are safe and comfortable and are made feel a part of our family and feel like they are welcomed and heard. The artist desing a one of a kind design to match the clients ideas and personality. The tattoo is on your body for the rest of your life so we want to make sure that our clients are happy and satisfied with the design and the work that went into it as well. Health and safety of our clients is really important, so we sanitize and disinfect all the tools and surfaces in between each client and use disposable equipment to prevent any chances of cross contamination or infection. We have been in business for 13 years and will continue to grow as a company to provide the best services to our clients. 

Best Way To Spend Your Tax Return

Tuesday February 16, 2021

Are you getting a tax return this year? There is no better thing to spend it on other than getting a new tattoo to show off to your family and friends. Tax refund means it's time for a new tattoo for many people and they have been planning on it for a while. If you're getting refund this year, what are you wating for? Call 801-497-9700 to book an appointment

We Don't Offer Piercings At Our Studio

Thursday February 11, 2021

We only offer one of a kind tattoos at our shop and no piercings. We do however reccomend Koi Piercing Studio in Salt Lake City because we know that their sanitation standards are up to code and they will get all of your needs taken care of. 


We Offer Free Consultations

Saturday February 06, 2021

Do you have ideas for a tattoo but can't figure out how to put them together? Let one of our artists help you design a one of a kind piece. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to go over your ideas. Call 801-497-9700 and or click here to inquire

Taking Care Of Your Tattoo At Home

Friday January 29, 2021

Taking care of your tattoo at home is easy if you follow the rules and directions that your artist gives you.  It is important to wash your tattoo once a day for the first 48 hours with mild soap or just water. It is ok to get your new tattoo wet, just don't soak it. Refrain from swimming or getting into the hot tub for at least 2 weeks after getting your tattoo. It is important to protect your tattoo from the harmful sun rays to avoid the tattoo fading or causing more damage. Peeling and potential scabbing are a normal process of healing and you should avoid scratching or picking at it as it heals. The less you mess with it, the better it will heal. 

Tattooing Over Scars

Tuesday January 26, 2021

     Some people decide to tattoo over scars because they are not satisfied with how their skin looks scarred, while others may have been involved in an accident or their skin is scarred because of surgery or a disease. In these cases, getting tattooed over scars can mean reclaiming back their body and self which is meaningful to them and it helps them feel better about themselves and their well-being. 
    Tattooing over scars is doable but it can be more challenging than tattooing over unscarred skin. Tattooing over scar will likely make procedure slightly more painful than it normally would be as the skin is more sensitive. Scarred skin is less able to absorb ink and the ink tends to more irregularly settle in scar tissue than it does in unscarred tissue. Ideally the scar should be two years old but a minimum of a year is mandatory for tattooing over. Other things to put into consideration is that if done incorrectly there is a possibility that tattooing over scar can cause more scarring, and that the color of your tattoo could bleed.   
     In closing, if you are considering getting a scar tattooed over, you will want to work with an experienced artist that is familiar with scar types/ tattooing over scars and can help you come up with the best design for your scar coverup. Getting a tattoo is a big commitment and you want to make sure that you are ready to proceed forward with it as well as being mentally prepared. 

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Friday January 22, 2021


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Changes To Rescheduling Policy

Tuesday January 19, 2021

We have made some changes to our rescheduling an appointment policy. Effective 1/12/2021 we now require 7 business day notice to reschedule an appointment. This gives us more time to fill the open spot as most of our clients have to take time off work or they have a long commute. One FREE reschedule is allowed PER PIECE. If the proper notice is not given, the client will forfeit the Artist Design Fee and would have to place another one down before booking a new appointment in the future.

Easy Way To Earn Fun Incentives!

Friday January 15, 2021

App Attack as well as Review and Reward is back! It is easy and user friendly, just follow the directions on the cards to receive a $25 gift certificate and to be entered into the monthly drawing as well. 

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Wednesday January 13, 2021

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Coronavirus and Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

Tuesday January 12, 2021

With the Coronavirus outbreak came the fear of going out and enjoying their lives or doing things they found pleasure in before the pandemic hit. Many people have reconsidered or postponed getting a tattoo during this outbreak because they are not aware or educated on the steps that a studio takes to protect the health and well-being of its clients. We at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo have not experienced a single case of Covid-19 transmitted since the outbreak began as we do everything possible to ensure the cleanliness and safety of everyone we come in contact with. 
  We always take the necessary steps and precautions to guard against pathogens and cross contamination, it's nothing new to us as before, during, or after the global pandemic outbreak.  We sanitize and disinfect all of the tools and surfaces after each use and use barriers and disposable items to ensure that the environment is clean, safe and up to standards. We go above and beyond the health department standards and regulations to ensure that necessary steps of cleaning and sanitization are utilized as health and safety of our clients has and always will be important to the owner and the staff of Lucky Bamboo Tattoo.
    One of the things we noticed is that our business didn't slow down at all during the outbreak and we have been full speed ahead at making our clients dreams come true one tattoo at the time and we have no intentions of slowing down. We as Lucky Bamboo Tattoo pride ourselves on cleanliness of the studio and friendliness and attentiveness of  all our staff members to our clients needs. 

Use Those Gift Cards

Friday January 08, 2021

Did you receive one of our gift cards over the holidays? Now is the best time to put it to good use by getting some nice ink and making your tattoo dreams come true. We are looking forward to helping you accomplish those dreams.

Who Is Protecting The Public When It Comes To Tattooing?

Thursday December 17, 2020


Utah and most states have zero licensing for tattooing and sometimes states and departments use the word licensing loosely in place of say a permit or blood-borne pathogen certificate. Many counties don’t even require the shops to cover instruments used during the process to prevent cross contamination, and those who follow those regulations are not tattooing safely at all.

Tattooing if done right can be done with zero incidents as far as health and safety goes. There are over a dozen new studios open per year in Utah alone, and many of these studios are owned and operated by people who have received zero training and education on tattooing, cross contamination and sterilization.

    There are an estimated 21,000 tattoo studios in the USA and this accounts for registered studios only. It is now a 1.5 billion dollar industry in America which requires no licensing and very little to no regulations depending on the county. Estimated, there are roughly 40,000 studios including those that aren’t registered that employ over 45,000 individuals.

Tattoo studios are experiencing a 13% annual market growth rate. Ever since tattooing became mainstream, the number of people buying equipment and tattooing people inexperienced is expediential. It is making it harder to self-regulate and it's only getting worse each year. Majority of studios across Utah and across the US are not safe and experienced tattoo studios, which should be alarming since they deal with bodily fluids.

    Actual tattoo licensing for tattoo artists along with studios to have their licensing as well, requirements that meet proper industry standards, apprentice requirements and standards so a proper system for training is in place should be enforced and expected from all the studios.

    Please be careful when selecting your studio/artist as a poor or uneducated decision by the client may be a permanent and detrimental choice.

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Friday December 11, 2020

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This Christmas season give the gift of art

Tuesday December 08, 2020

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Winter Photo Contest Giveaway!

Monday December 07, 2020

**Photo Contest**

During the month of December we will be doing a photo contest giveaway for a Gear up for winter LBT package! Win yourself a Studio Hoodie, LBT beanie and lanyard- Find your entry instructions in this months Newsletter :) CLICK HERE TO OPT IN TO OUR NEWSLETTER

Friday the 13th Tattoos in History

Tuesday November 10, 2020




       In society, there has always been fear surrounding this time of the year due to events in our history that have fallen on this date. A popular myth used to help explain the origin of this superstition comes from an event on Friday, October 13, 1307 in France, where hundreds of Knights Templar were arrested and burned. According to Catholic belief, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ also occurred on Friday 13th. With so much fear mongering put in place, it’s no wonder why the tattoo industry has proudly flipped the scenario and considered it good luck to get a tattoo on Friday the 13th.

      Generally, when it comes to tattoos, impulse decisions based on price are never a good idea, until Friday the 13th rolls around. The incentive to get good quality tattoos fractioned in price as well as size is hard to refuse. Generally, people line up around buildings during this time of year to get a unique tattoo offered by a talented artist.  If you’re considering getting one, show up early or risk missing out. You will also want to see what tattoos will be offered for an event like this. Some artists only offer one tattoo design, and you should see a preview of it to be sure you want this permanently on your body. Also, be sure to check their reviews and see what other clients have thought of their previous work. 

      This year, our artist Leah, will be offering her flash tattoos on Friday, November 13, 2020. She has several pre-drawn designs that she will be offering to the public at half price, for one day only. Her designs range from skulls to flowers and many options in between. They will be first come, first served  and their small size will make them one of a kind!         


Want $25?

Tuesday November 10, 2020

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Friday 13th Tattoos by Leah!

Friday November 06, 2020


Thursday November 05, 2020

Call us to book with one our amazing artists for a FREE 30 minute consultation!

Basket Brigade 2020

Tuesday November 03, 2020

Every year we help out a local organization called, Safe Harbor. They are a non-profit organization, with on staff Safe Zone certified advocates, who provide shelter, supportive services, and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence.

Join us in helping those local families this Thanksgiving! 

Friday October 30, 2020

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Friday October 23, 2020

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Our 13th Anniversary Party Was a Success!

Wednesday October 21, 2020

Our Anniversary Party was a big hit! Thank you to everyone who attended!  Congrats to you lucky winners with your gift certificates, see you soon!

Wednesday October 21, 2020

Our Outlaw Organic aftercare balm has always be vegan, natural and full of organic materials. Now, it's been finally certified as organic! After waiting for so long, we finally are able to tell you this! This balm is so amazing for so many reasons. You can use this for cuts, burns and tattoos, of course! 

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Our Anniversary Party is TOMORROW @ 8PM!

Friday October 16, 2020

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13th Anniversary Party is almost here!

Tuesday October 13, 2020

Our studio will be celebrating 13 years of tattooing here in Layton! Come join us Saturday night at 8 pm for an aweome time with over $1000 in giveaways!

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13th Anniversary Raffle Tickets Available!!

Thursday October 08, 2020

Our 13th Anniversary is next Saturday (10/17/20)! We will be giving away over $1000 in gift certificates & merch! Click here to purchase your raffle tickets!

We Offer Cover-ups!

Friday October 02, 2020


Do you have a tattoo that needs covered up?

We offer that!

Give us a call at 801-497-9700 or inquire here to find out more! 

Cancer Awareness Tattoos- October Blog

Tuesday September 29, 2020

In the light of such dark times regarding cancer and it’s horrible effects on someone’s life, there are always ways to bring awareness to the suffering involved. Sometimes it’s a march, sometimes it’s a story told and even sometimes, it’s a tattoo.

Being surrounded by ribbons might make you believe this is the only way to show your love & support. The truth is, when it comes to such a personal matter, any kind of support counts. If you are deciding on a tattoo, any design will be the perfect design. If it’s something sweet like a butterfly or a flower, or something darker that pulls you out of a deep place inside; it’s still the perfect design.

What truly matters is finding the right artist that will bring your  tattoo idea to life. Your design doesn’t have to be large or full of detail, however, every single line needs to be exact. While doing your research for an artist, keep an open mind to the style they offer and be sure to check their reviews.

 There is no easy way to deal with subject of cancer. There are only ways of finding your own healing and strength, and maybe a little tattoo therapy, too.

Tattoos on 18+

Tuesday September 22, 2020

As a reminder, we only provide tattoos to clients 18 years and older. Tattoos are permanent and no desicion should be rushed. So please, wait until you are 18 and in the mean time, find the perfect tattoo that you are willing to keep on your body for years. No RAGRETS!

Suicide Tattoo Meanings

Friday September 18, 2020

When remembering someone who removed their life, it's very difficult to move on. Gettting a tattoo can you help you heal while your heart is still very heavy and broken. Sometimes, something small and sweet is all you need to lift you up. We are always here to help and support you through difficult times. 

Behind the Machine w/ Jared Preslar

Tuesday September 15, 2020

Check out this cool video with our very own Jared Preslar! 



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September Google Review Reward

Tuesday September 08, 2020

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Award Winning Studio!

Thursday September 03, 2020

Tired of the same old tattoo shop letting you down with style and professionalism? Book with an award winning studio and see the difference! Your skin will thank you. 

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September Blog

Wednesday September 02, 2020

Full Sleeve Tattoos


Starting a sleeve is a serious adventure. Finding the right artist who can mirror your imagination is key to creating a successful sleeve. Once you plan the time to sit down and discuss your ideas, the next thing you need to realize is how much money will be involved. A good artist will spend quality time on your tattoos to ensure each piece of your sleeve matches perfectly, line by line.


When you commit to an artist, every detail matters. If they request a lot of hours to complete your tattoo, please be patient. Don’t expect to finish a huge tattoo or a series of them in just one sitting. Setting your expectations at a rate that matches your artists capabilities will make the entire process much smoother.


As far as the design element, start with the top of the body you are wanting tattooed, i.e., the shoulder or the hip. Imagine how the design will flow down and around in a way that makes sense artistically as well as sensibly.  If your design involves a skull or a ship, allow for the artist to take full artistic freedom when creating lines that flow with the shape of your body instead of how you might have envisioned it your mind; after all, they are the expert, right?


Proper healing and care during your sessions will help maintain the integrity of your tattoos. Listen to the advice given to by your artist and read through any material they may hand you at the end of your sessions. Not taking their advice, will risk ruining all of the hard work they just put into your tattoos and you will probably end up spending more hours and money touching up areas before the artist can even move on to the next phase of your sleeve.


So now that you are fully prepared to get your sleeve, let the adventure begin, Click here to inquire!

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Fall Merchandise!

Friday September 04, 2020

We have hoodies & beanies to keep you warm this season! Check out our awesome selection!

Booking Now for Fall!

Friday August 28, 2020

Our books are filling up quickly so don't miss your opportunity to schedule with us soon for the fall season! If you have an idea that you need to discuss with an artist first, we have open spots for our free consultations as well! We hope to see you soon!

Google Review $50 Drawing- 5 Days Left!!

Wednesday August 26, 2020

There are only 5 days left in our monthly $50 gift certificate drawing for leaving a Google Review! All you need to do is visit Google's Lucky Bamboo Tattoo page, leave a review, email us a copy of that review & wait for your name to be selected as one of our lucky winners! 

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Friday August 21, 2020

We are keeping you updated on our latest events happening at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, just check out our Events page!!

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Tuesday August 18, 2020


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August Blog- Getting Your First Tattoo

Monday August 10, 2020

First Tattoo

            Have you been waiting years for the perfect tattoo yet the reality of scrolling through thousands of images has become so mundane that you can’t even remember what your original idea was to begin with? 

We understand.

            Making such a permanent decision doesn’t have to come at the cost of losing your time and sanity. The best way to consider a tattoo is to ask yourself a few simple questions:

Does this tattoo fit my personality?

Am I comfortable with the placement of the tattoo?

What style do I prefer the most: Realism? Traditional? Illustrative?


           After you’ve made your mind up on your tattoo design, do some research on artists that will match your ideas; is the artist capable of creating the right tattoo for. Check to see if the artist has current photos on social media and/or has a portfolio of their artwork. It’s also a good idea to see if they’ve won any awards or have been showcased in any published magazines. Look at reviews of the studio where the artist works and compare that to other studios in the area. When in doubt, consultations are always a good idea. 


            As far as the studio where the artist works, how were you treated? Was the staff polite and helpful by answering all your questions?  Did the studio offer you a tour and take the time to explain the processes they follow? How clean was the studio? Were you impressed by the quality of work that you see displayed? 


A tattoo experience is supposed to be exciting, let us show you why. Stop by to take a tour & see how we proudly distinguish ourselves from other tattoo studios.

Now Hiring: Full-Time Studio Associate

Tuesday July 28, 2020

Now Hiring: Studio Associate

-Full Time

-Consistent Schedule

-Friendly Environment and Room to Grow

Click Here to Apply!

New Blog Post on Blogger: Black & Grey vs. Color Tattoos

Thursday July 23, 2020

Check out our newest blog post on Blogger!

Learn all about the pros and cons of choosing either black and grey or full color for your next tattoo.

Click Here to Read!

Studio Update

Tuesday June 16, 2020

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is still business as usual. Give us a call to book a consult or tattoo Appointment. 801-497-9700.

New Covid-19 Guidelines

Tuesday March 31, 2020

What is New?

Our priority is always your safety. For now, our studio remains open for business and our team is taking the necessary precautions to keep our employees, artists and guests safe. We have always adhered to extremely strict "clean procedure" protocols which are above and beyond the current CDC and State recommendations for businesses remaining open during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this uncertain time, we are doubling those efforts to keep staff, client’s customers and guests as safe as possible. As we strive to keep some sense of normalcy and remain optimistic and open during this time, we are here to serve your tattoo needs. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Anyone entering Lucky Bamboo Tattoo will have their temperature checked for signs of a fever.
  • Be given a short questionnaire.
  • Only the person being tattooed, and the artist are allowed at the appointment.
  • Masks are an option by request.
  • Keep a six foot distance from all staff and guests.
  • FaceTime or Skype consults are an option.
  • All of our artists have their own segregated and private area to tattoo in.
  • All artists comply with standards higher than the current CDC standards for "clean procedures", State and local Health Department.
  • Cleaning is done above CDC standards following every tattoo.
  • Common area surfaces are disinfected after every guest.
  • STAY HOME if you have a fever, feel ill or have contact with anyone who is sick. Call us and let us know.
  • If you have questions, please call us at 801-497-9700 or find us on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Please do not bring friends or support people with you to your appointment.

Thank you and please stay safe!

We offer Free consultations!

Friday November 08, 2019

Contact us today to set up your free consultation. Call us at 801-497-9700 or click here to get set up!

A special thank you!

Tuesday November 05, 2019

In the spirit of thanksgiving we are giving away a new gift each week to say thanks! This week when you book your new tattoo with us we will give you $25 dollars towards your design!

call 801-497-9700 or click here to book

*limit on per client, for new clients. offer ends 11/9/2019*

2019 Basket Brigade!

Friday November 01, 2019

Help local families in need by donating today!

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Last Chance to enter to win a free tattoo by Jared Preslar!!!!!

Tuesday October 29, 2019

Last Chance to enter. Entries end tomorrow. Don't miss out on winning a free $1600 tattoo done by 

 Jared Preslar!

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Pumpkin Carving Tournament is Tomorrow! Come for a good time and tattoo prizes!

Friday October 25, 2019

Join us for a night of pumpkin carving fun, games, and tattoo prizes!

Bring your own desired pumpkin to compete for tattoo gift certificates!

1st Place- $200

2nd Place-  $100

3rd Place- $50.00

Don't miss out and join the fun. There will be refreshments and spirits!

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7 days left don't wait! Tattoo giveaway by Jared Preslar!

Thursday October 24, 2019

Jared Preslar is giving away a free 8 hour tattoo, valued over $1600 dollars! Don't miss your chance to enter and win! Only 7 days left! Last day to enter is 10/30/2019

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Tuesday October 22, 2019

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Our Halloween Event is next week! October 26th at 7:00 p.m. Come for a night of fun and tattoo prizes!

Friday October 18, 2019

We are having a pumpkin carving tournament! First prize is $200 gift certificate! We will also have 2nd and 3rd places prizes. Bring your desired pumpkin if you would like to compete. Come for a night of fun, prizes and spirits! The fun begins at 7:00 p.m. We will see you there!

Join Us!

Peter Degraffenried: Guest Artist

Tuesday October 15, 2019

Peter Degraffenried is coming to join us from Homer, Alaska

Peter will be tattooing from 11/01/2019 to 11/09/2019

Contact the studio for appointments 801-497-9700 


Click to Book!

October Blog is Up! Bloodborne Pathogens

Saturday October 12, 2019

For the month of October we took a look at the creepier side of tattooing! We cover what a proper sterile set up means for you and your tattoo! Leave us a comment and we will send you a $15 gift certificate in the mail. Just email a screenshot of your comment along with your contact information to

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Thursday October 10, 2019

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Tuesday October 08, 2019

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Guest Artist: Peter Degraffenried

Friday October 04, 2019

Peter is joing us from Homer, Alaska

November 1,2019 through November 9,2019

To schedule a consult or an appointment contact the studio 801-497-9700 or

click here to book!

Pumpkin Carving Tournament! October 26th at 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday October 01, 2019

Join us for a night of adult pumpkin carving fun! Come for Fun, Prizes, and Spirits!

We will have additional games for anyone who does not want to participate in the pumpkin carving.

If you choose to participate please bring your desired size pumpkin with you!

We will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!

Win a free tattoo by Jared!

Friday September 27, 2019

Enter to win a free $1600 tattoo done by Jared Preslar! Last day to enter is 10/30/2019. The winner will be announced on 10/31/2019!

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Facebook Live Q&A is tomorrow! RSVP Now!

Friday September 20, 2019

Tune in live with Jared Preslar owner and tattoo artist for Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! Bring all your questions and Jared will be releasing the details of his tattoo giveaway! All attendees will get the head start!

Tyler Bloomingdale is looking for new clientele!

Wednesday September 18, 2019

We are offering a special gift for you! Get a $25 gift certificate when you book 2 or more hours with Tyler! Get $50 gift certificate for any of his pre-drawn designs! Don't wait offer ends 9/30/2019 Contact the studio for details 801-497-9700 or click here to book!

Now Hiring: Studio Associate!

Friday September 13, 2019

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Additional $10 off when you book your large design consult!

Tuesday September 10, 2019

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo invites you to put your back into it! We are offering $50 off large tattoo designs booked in Septemember. Get an additional $10 off if you book before 9/14/2019. Some restictrions apply.

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Upcoming Event: Facebook Live Q&A with Jared Preslar!

Friday September 06, 2019

Jared Preslar is doing a tattoo giveaway! To get the details and to get a better chance of winning tune in live with Jared on 09/21/2019 7:00 p.m.

Join Us!

Friday the 13th Tattoos!

Wednesday September 04, 2019

We are doing half price on Lucky Bamboo Tattoo's Apprentice Leah!

This will be first come first serve!

1155 N. Main St. Suite 8

Layton, UT 84041

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Jared Preslar: Tattoo Giveaway!

Tuesday September 03, 2019

Jared will be releasing the details of his tattoo giveaway during the live Q&A event

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Put your Back Into It: Labor Day Special Ends 9/28/10

Monday September 02, 2019

In Honor of Labor Day we are offering $50.00 towards 20+ hours booked with us. This offer ends 9/28/19



Now Hiring! Full-Time Studio Associate

Saturday August 31, 2019

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Jared Preslar Facebook Live Q&A

Thursday August 29, 2019

Jared Preslar Owner and Artist at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is doing a live Q&A event, where you can ask him any questions you want! At the end of the Q&A Jared will be releasing the details of his up coming Tattoo Giveaway with exclusive details for attendee's only.

Let us know your coming. RSVP

Bounce Back with us and get $25.00 towards your next design!

Tuesday August 27, 2019

Been in recently? Anyone who has booked in the last 30 days can bounce back with $25 toward their next tattoo desin! Call or Click to book. Hurry offer only lasts til 8.31.19

Get $25 just for sharing your tattoo!

Friday August 23, 2019

Share your tattoo done by us on social media. Tag us and send a screenshot to!

Posts must stay up til 8.28.19 when the offer ends!

September Newsletter is on it's way!

Thursday August 22, 2019

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Only 10 days left! Back to School Savings on Gift Cards!

Wednesday August 21, 2019

Receive a $25.00 gift certificate for free when you purchase a $100,$150, or $200 gift card. Click the link below. Offer ends 08/31/2019!

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Back to School: Gift Card Savings

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Right now til the end of August we are giving away $25.00 gift certifcates with the purchase of $100,$150, or $200 gift cards! Offer only lasts til 08/31/2019!

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Outlaw Organics: A special gift from us!

Tuesday August 13, 2019

Any clients that book this week will receive a gift of a .84 oz of Outlaw Organics! Hurry while supplies last this week only!

Studio Associate Position Still Available!

Friday August 09, 2019

We are an upscale tattoo studio which operates as a professional business, therefore in need of a professional associate with experience in a retail type location and customer service. We are a hard working tattoo studio who prides ourselves in the art we produce and what we can offer our clients that others do not, striving to exceed expectations. We are always looking for ways to push our artists, employees and business in a bigger and better direction with constant room to grow.

We are looking for someone with a passion for tattoos, an eagerness to learn about the tattoo industry and who is seeking long term employment with opportunity to grow into an studio assistant manager/manager position!

**This position is not for those looking for a tattoo apprenticeship or free/discounted tattoos, nor will it lead to anything along those lines. If you are an aspiring artist please apply for an apprenticeship through the studio!

If you feel like you would be a good fit you can apply on indeed or email your resume to


Referral Bonus!

Tuesday August 06, 2019

Earn $25 in loyalty points for you and a friend, when you both book before the end of August! Loyalty points are good towards tattoos! They can be used whenever you like or saved up!

*This offer is for new tattoo projects only*

Contact the Studio for details and questions!


August Blog- Tattoo Regulations

Friday August 02, 2019

For the month of August we are working towards creating awareness and educating our clients on Tattoo Regulations to improve the safety to the public.


Utah State Regulations on tattoos

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures tattooing a minor without parental consent is against the law. This is the only actual law put into place about who can receive a tattoo. There isn’t any for who can give one.

This offers only a small protection to a vast majority of issues that come with a lack of regulations. Currently anyone can operate a tattoo machine without any specific licensing. The health department only regulates tattoo facilities and requires tattoo artists (operators) to have certifications in blood borne pathogens and CPR/First Aid. While these are good to have, they aren’t exactly difficult to get online. These requirements also can vary from county to county. So, becoming a tattoo artist is relatively easy in the state of Utah. These regulations are also not heavily enforced in Utah, many shops pop up and begin tattooing without even getting a proper permit.....Click to read more!

August Blog: Tattoo Regulations in Utah

Tuesday July 30, 2019

This month we are taking a closer look at tattoo regulations in utah. Coming soon! Stay tuned.

Welcome Greyson to the team!

Friday July 26, 2019

Influence as a young teen by older brother and friends Thomas and Branden. Artist Grey started his venture with a strong graffiti background where he developed his love and passion for art and travel starting his formal apprenticeship in 2014. 


Grey started tattooing in 2015 traveling almost immediately in his career grey has been to most states within the greater US, but has lived his most recent years  in Germany where he traveled and broadened experiences in tattooing. 


Grey likes to work in color and black and grey preferring Japanese and art nouveau styles with heavy influence in realism with only custom art work. 

New Artist!

Tuesday July 23, 2019

We have a new artist that will be joining our team! Look out for more news and updates to come!

Christina Walker is Back!

Friday July 19, 2019

Christina left us for a couple of months but now she's back and wants to take on some new and amazing designs! Contact the studio for appointments! 801-497-9700 or


Review and Reward

Tuesday July 16, 2019

Had a good experience at our shop?

Leave us a google review and email us your contact information along with a copy of the review to

You'll be entered into our montly drawing to receive a $50.00 gift certificate!

July 4th Gift Card Special!

Friday July 05, 2019

Come pick up a gift card from us and recieve a free $25.00 gift certificate! Don't wait deal ends saturday 7/6/2019!!!

We are hiring for a Studio Associate!

Tuesday July 02, 2019

The studio associate is more than someone who answers phone. You are the face and the first impressions on our clients here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! We are looking for someone outgoing and dedicated. WIth a strong work ethic and willing to grow alongside a team! If you think you'd fit this and want to be a part of a growing company send your resume to

Tattoo Fiesta is Just around the Corner

Friday June 28, 2019

Our artist's Pineapple and Jared Preslar are traveling to New Mexico for the 9th annual Tattoo Fiesta! 

July 12th-14th

Check it out!

July Blog and Newsletter is almost on its way!

Tuesday June 25, 2019

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July Blog- Industry Averages for tattoo costs

The latest work from our artists!

Upcoming Events!

Secret Incentives and more.

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Tattoo Artists Wanted!

Thursday June 20, 2019

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is looking for expeirenced and professional tattoo artists to join our one of a kind award winning studio in Layton Utah.

-We handle your marketing and promotion

-We handle your clients and bookings for you

-Work alongside talented artists

-Come tattoo stress free, while we do the hard stuff for you!

Submit your portfolio to

July Newsletter!

Tuesday June 18, 2019

If you've been missing out on our newsletters you can opt in now! We have the latest from all of our artists, secret incentives, upcooming events and more. 


Father's Day 2 Day Special!!

Friday June 14, 2019

When you purchase a $100 gift card for Dad, get a $25 dollar gift certificate! Don't wait, call or drop in today!

We are located at 1155 N Main St. Ste# 8 Layton UT 84041

Upcoming Event: New Mexico Tattoo Fiesta!!!!!!

Friday June 07, 2019

Our Artists Jared Preslar and Pineapple will be heading to New Mexico for the 9th annual Tattoo Fiesta! Catch them there between July 12th - July 14th 2019!

Studio Position Available

Wednesday June 05, 2019

We are seeking a hard working career driven individual with a background in sales and customer service. Someone who has a strong work ethic and willing to go above and beyond. Someone who wants to be apart of a team. If this is you please send your resume to

Outlaw Organics

Friday May 31, 2019

Outlaw Organics is specifically designed for the tattooing process and healing of your new tattoo. Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo we take the care of your new art very seriously. Outlaw Organics is exculisvely made by our owner and artist Jared Preslar. You can purchase yours by going to or in person at your next tattoo appointment.

Purchase Instant Gift Cards Through Our Website!

Tuesday May 28, 2019

Have you been meaning to stop in to pick up a gift card? Did you know that you don't have to? You can purchase your instant gift cards here!

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June Blog is Up! Get the information you need for tattoo cover-ups!

Wednesday May 22, 2019

This months blog is all about the information to get you on the path to covering up that tattoo you just need to do something about!

Check it out Now!

Free Consultations!

Friday May 17, 2019

Seeking Guest Artists!

Tuesday May 14, 2019

Come expierance the difference here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! Our guest artists are our VIP's. We handle your promtion and booking during your stay. You can be as busy as you want to be without any of the stress!

Send your information and a link to your work to

Outlaw Organics

Friday May 10, 2019

Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo we care about you even long after you have left our studio. Healing is crucial in the outcome of your tattoo. We follow a system that will give you the best lasting results.

In combination we have created Outlaw Organics. After the first few days after your tattoo has been healing with our Dermalize system, the skin can feel itchy and uncomfortable. With Outlaw Organics it takes a soothing blend of organic ingrediants with a creamy texture to help you through the rest of the healing phase.

Get yours here!

May Newsletter is Out!

Tuesday May 07, 2019

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Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Welcomes Tyler Bloomingdale

Thursday May 02, 2019

San Diego native Tyler Bloomingdale started his career in Tattooing while working as  screen printer late in 2002. With a strong understanding in Digital Design and a close friend working as a body artist it was nearly unavoidable he would try his hand as a body artist as well. Within a few short years he attended Grossmont College where he received his Art Degree while holding a job Tattooing full time. In his career he has done everything from being a tattoo shop owner and shop consultant to traveling the nation seeking understanding of the styles that different areas provide. Always seeking knowledge and mastering his craft. Tyler considers himself a student to art as a whole and stays open to the belief that even a child can have artistic wisdom to teach. From the beauty and romantic stylings of Japanese Tattooing to the tired and true traditions of the Americas.Tyler has his own twist and flare that makes his style it’s very own. Whether it is color or black work you are seeking he is always looking for the next challenge and is interested in the people he is working with to portray his artistic stance. A favorite quote, “I am only as good as my last tattoo”, exhibits his humble nature and in his hopes expresses his hunger for knowledge, truth and a place amongst the greats this industry has provided.

May Blog Is Up

Wednesday May 01, 2019

Ever wanted to know what to do to make your tattoo idea into reality? Check out our latest blog and find out the best way to do it!

Read Now

May Newsletter is on its way!

Friday April 26, 2019

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New Mexico Tattoo Fiesta!

Tuesday April 23, 2019

Our artists Jared Preslar and Pineapple will be attending the 9th Annual New Mexico Tattoo Fiesta on July 12th through the 14th.

New Artwork Displayed in the Gallery!

Friday April 19, 2019

Come check out the new artwork being displayed in our studio's gallery. While your here you can take a quick tour of the studio and see why Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is so unique.








Don't Forget April Open House is this Weekend!

Wednesday April 17, 2019

Join the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Team as we display the latest art from our artist's, have refreshments, and open our doors to the public. We invite you to come see why Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is so unique!

Contact the studio for any questions.

We will be having a raffle, tickets can be purchased for $5 either in house or by clickiing here.

Hope to see you there!

Now Hiring - Resident Artist!

Friday April 12, 2019

We are looking for a talented artist to join the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo family. Must have 5 years of tattoo expierence. Completed an apprenticship in a professional studio. Please email your digital porfolio to 

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is unlike any other studio. Here you can come to work, tattoo all day, and go home. We handle schedules, desposit, and promotion of our artists so you don't have to stress!

Lucky Bamboo Store Updated

Tuesday April 09, 2019

Check out the latest in our online store! You can get LBT merchandise, artwork from our artists, and more. Items for sale can be shipped or picked up in store!

Just click on the store link!

April Newsletter

Friday April 05, 2019

Our April Newsletter is out! Filled with the latest from Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, Events and Incentives!

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April Open House!

Tuesday April 02, 2019

April Open House 

Join Lucky Bamboo Tattoo at our Open House. You can come and see the latest artwork by our very talented artists! Come for Art, Games, and Prizes!

****Buy-in raffle tickets to win tattoo gift certificates and Merchandise****

Purchase your $5 raffle tickets here!

The Open house will be on 04/20/2019 at 7:00 p.m.

1155 N. Main St. Suite#8

Layton UT 84041

We look forward to seeing you there!

Instant Gift Cards

Friday March 29, 2019

Giving is even easier now at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo and with our app!

We offer instant gift cards for purchase through our website or by downloading our app in the apple store!

Looking for a gift to give your loved one or even if your looking to show yourself a little love.

Available in increment of $25.
As little as $25 as big as $2500
Recieve by Text, Email, or you can Print out our cards now!
Great for any occasion and even for last minute gifts!

Free Consultations- Book Today

Wednesday March 27, 2019

Call and book your free consultation before the end of the month and recieve $10 in Loyalty Points that are good toward your next tattoo!

Outlaw Organics Website!

Friday March 22, 2019






Did you know that our Outlaw Organics tattoo aftercare is available for purchase online? This completely organic balm was designed and created by our owner, made by an artist for artists and clients!

Get it now by clicking here!

New Lucky Bamboo Tattoo App

Thursday March 21, 2019

Download our Lucky Bamboo App! Available in the apple store and google play. You can manage your appointments, request services, see upcoming specials and events!

You can also manage your loyalty points and play our daily spin to win to recieve even more points which can be used towards your next tattoo creation.

Browse our gallery and read up on your favorite artist!

You can also purchase instant gift cards for your friends and family!

Have a pleasant expierence with the shop? You can even drop us a review right in the app!

If you download the app and review it in the app store we will give you $25 in loyalty points! Just take a screenshot of your review and then email it along with your contact information to

Don't forget about our March Monthly Drawing! Review and Reward

Tuesday March 19, 2019

For the month of March we are doing a drawing for a $50.00 gift certificate!

Once you leave your review make sure to take a screen shot and then email it to

The best aftercare for the best healing possible

Friday March 15, 2019

Your tattoos are an investment so why not care for them in the best way possible? Outlaw Organic products are completely organic. It ensure fast and healthy healing. Get yours today by clicking here.

Now Hiring: Full-Time Resident Artist

Tuesday March 12, 2019

Tattoo Artist Wanted!


-Award Winning Studio

-Team of Talented Artists

-High Volume of Clients

-Consistent Schedule and Regular Business Hours

-Artist Variety: Focus on your own unique style!

If you are interested in joining our team at LBT please email us a link to your portfolio to We are looking forward to hearing from you.




Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Welcomes Leah as an apprentice!!

Saturday March 09, 2019

A Big Welcome to Leah who has joined Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

Leah is a mom of 2, and originally from North Carolina. Family has brought her to Utah. Leah has always loved art and started drawing since she could hold a pencil! As she got older and discovered tattoos she fell in love. She started her aprenticship in 2011 and is excited to continue learning. Some of her inspirations are Emily Rose, Jared Preslar, and Hannah Flowers. She is drawn to doing neo-traditional style, and loves to have artistic freedom to create. She also likes photo realism. You can follow some of her art on instagram @leeluart.

Look Out for Our March Newsletter!

Wednesday March 06, 2019

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming march newsletter. There will be the latest from all of us at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, events and Secret Incentives. 

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Come get Lucky with Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!

Tuesday March 05, 2019

Come test your luck with Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! We will be hosting dinner for our artists and our always valued clients. We will be having a raffle for prizes.

Join us March 16,2019!

7:30 p.m.

MacCools Public House

 855 N Heritage Park Blvd #3, Layton, UT 84041

The 14th International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2018

Wednesday October 24, 2018

Our talented artist, Pineapple, will be attending The 14th International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2018 from November 2 - 4, 2018.

Guests of Honour

Lyle Tuttle
Kubo - Rome Tattoo Museum
Friday Jones - Mastectomy Tattooing


Matt Gone (Guest of honor) - Fully tattooed model
Johnny Strange

Tickets are sold at the door only. Weekend pass available. Children until 11 years old have free entrance – one child per adult and under supervision.

Stay tune for updates from Pineapple :)


Our Very Own Aftercare Made For You

Tuesday August 07, 2018

Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo our number one focus is giving you a tattoo that you absolutely love, and that will last a lifetime. That's why Jared found it of the upmost importance to find a tattoo aftercare that had all of the properties and ingredients needed while being tattooed, as well as something that can be used during the healing process- But one without all of the unnecessary gunk. He's created a new aftercare for our clients, calling it Outlaw Organics. If you haven't tried this aftercare, you are missing out! Stop by our studio to pick up a jar or visit the online store!

Organic tattoo balm and aftercare- Outlaw Organics Tattoo Balm was created using the finest organic ingredients. We start with a proprietary blend of botanicals infused in our special blend of oils (coconut oil, sunflower oil, and calendula oil to name a few) used while healing and to moisturize your tattoo. It is then carefully mixed in a base of fruit and nut butters (Shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter), and skin enhancing essential oils that were masterfully crafted to achieve the most comfortable experience during and after your tattoo session.

Upcoming Contest: Happy BFF Day!

Tuesday July 31, 2018

Hey guys!

National Best Friend Day is August 5th. To celebrate, we will be holding a social media BFF contest that day, raffling off a $50 gift card to put to use on that next tattoo!

What you need to do:

On August 5th, we will post the contest on both Instagram and Facebook.

This contest will be a like, comment share. Easy entry! Keep your eyes peeled for the post, and good luck!

#nationalbestfriendday #likecommentshare #tattoomoney

Free Consultations: Book yours today!

Thursday July 19, 2018

Getting a tattoo can be a stressful decision for some, but not here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! Your experience is just as important to us as it is to you, book a free consultation today and see what makes us stand out from the crowd!

Post-Mastectomy Tattoos

Friday May 25, 2018

Most breast cancer survivors are faced with whether or not they want to reconstruct when dealing with a masectomy. If you are looking to cover or embelish your beautiful battle scars we can help you decide.

If you or a loved one is looking to get more information about how to get a post-masectomy piece. Haylo offers at no cost, private consulations where design and time would be discussed.

Give us a call at 801-497-9700 with any questions. You can email us at


Jared is opening his books this summer to New Clients!

Tuesday May 22, 2018

Award winning tattoo artist and Owner of Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is now opening his books to new clientele this summer. So here is your chance to get on the books with a genuine artist who creates one-of-a-kind pieces. If you are wanting an artist to take the reigns and give you piece of art you won't see replicated anywhere else, then Jared would be your perfect fit.

Give the shop a call at 801-497-9700 for more details and information.

You can also fill out a Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also check out his Bio Here.

and some of his work Here.

New INSTANT Gift Cards to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!

Friday May 11, 2018

Giving is now even easier at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo and Gallery!

Looking for a gift to give your loved one or even if your looking to show yourself a little love.

We are now offering INSTANT Gift Cards!

  • Available in increment of $25.
  • As little as $25 as big as $2500
  • Recieve by Text, Email, or you can Print out our cards now!
  • Great for any occasion and even for last minute gifts!

Click Here to order!


Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is Hiring For a Studio Assistant!

Thursday May 10, 2018

We are actively looking for an applicant who has strong orginazational skills and a strong desire to stick with a company and grow. As well as computer competency and experience with excel and POS.

So if you or somebody you know is interested in joining the tattoo industry by being a studio assitant:

Please go to indeed and fill out an application.

Click Here to apply.


Celebrate Motherís Day with a LBT Gift Card!

Saturday May 05, 2018

Coming up with a gift is always hard no matter the holiday or occasion. Give your momma a gift that lasts! Lucky Bamboo Tattoo has gift cards and merch you can get for that special lady in your life. If you have any questions regarding a piece you can always email us or give us a call and we will help you with any questions you might have or give you an Artist recommendation if you don’t know who you want to go with. You can swing by the shop to pick one up or go to our online store and order one yourself and/or your Mother!

Outlaw Organics Aftercare at LBT

Friday May 04, 2018

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo and Art Gallery is proud to offer Outlaw Organics!

Resident artist/shop owner Jared Preslar spent several years not only in the development of Outlaw Organics but also in the research of it's ingredients.

The reasoning behind the making of this product was to provide artists as well as, tattoo art collectors a high quality after-care with real medicinal healing properties.

Outlaw Organics is Vegan, all natural, and organic. It's also Petroleum free and Paraben free.

We offer Outlaw Organics in-store or you can Click Here to order!

Click Here for more information!

You can also Like and Follow Outlaw Organics Official Facebook page Here!



Book Now With our Guest Artist Annette!

Friday April 13, 2018

We are currently booking for our

Guest Artist Annette, who arrives here

from Spain on the 17th!

Book now before it's too late!

Give us a call or swing by the shop today!


Click here to book now!

or call us at: (801)497-9700

Welcoming our newest Resident Artist Barrett!

Wednesday April 04, 2018

Please welcome newest member of the Lucky Bamboo Family, Barrett! 

Barrett specializes in Neo Traditional Tattoos as well as illustrative and cartoon.

He is now taking on new clients and would love to set up a consultation with you! Call or visit the studio to book your appointment now!

Click here to contact us!


Tattoo Removal with Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!

Tuesday April 10, 2018

Little known fact, Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is a certified tattoo removal shop!

We now utilize Tatt2Away! A non-laser,all natural tattoo removal system which actually removes the ink from your skin rather than pushing it deeper into the skin.

With about the same discomfort as getting a tattoo, Tatt2Away is less costly than laser removal and requires fewer treatments. Call or visit the shop now to get your consultation booked!

Click here to schedule an appointment


Welcoming Our Newest Guest Artist Annette.

Saturday March 31, 2018

We are welcoming our newest guest artist, all the way from Spain,Annette!!

Annette will be joining Lucky Bamboo Tattoo April 17th- May 1st 2018.

Call, email or visit now to book your appointment!



Tuesday May 30, 2017

This Thursday we will release June's Newsletter Bonus! The Newsletter Bonus is a special offer included exclusively in our monthly Newsletter, offering ways to win free gift certificates, merch and more!

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Memorial Day Sales!

Saturday May 27, 2017

Don't miss out on these awesome savings this weekend!

15% off of ALL logo merchandise!


20% off select prints by Jared Preslar!

Cephalopod Print: PROMO CODE PRINT17


Visit the online store, or stop in at the studio!


This Weeks Blog: Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Friday May 19, 2017

So, you are interested in becoming a tattoo artist? This article is designed to assist you along your journey and hopefully point you in the right direction.

A very common misconception of becoming a tattoo artist is that you need to buy a machine and tattoo your closest friends until you are confident enough in your skills to approach a shop. STOP RIGHT NOW! This is the absolute worst thing someone could do if you are interested in furthering your education and becoming a professional artist. It’s actually a class B misdemeanor in the state of Utah to tattoo without the proper licenses and blood-borne pathogen endorsement! This teaches bad habits and will take additional time to unlearn those traits to become a true professional.   
As an interested individual, a very important step is to keep practicing. Whether it be drawing or painting, continue to develop as an individual.  Over the course of time, you will want to build your Portfolio. A portfolio is a compilation of your best work, this need to be full of finished and completed drawings. Any professional artist would turn away a half completed portfolio. This is your opportunity to show your level of professionalism and desire to become an artist. When building your portfolio, this should be treated like a job interview. You should have a nice binder/folder with sleeves over each page. Your portfolio should also include your style, by that we mean you should be showing your personalized artwork, not copied images. As an additional bonus, Art education is key. You should always pursue additional art education to show dedication and to truly master your craft.

Once you feel that you are ready to breach into the world of tattooing and your portfolio is complete, the next step is finding the right shop. Right off the bat, you want to make sure you find a shop that is reputable, professional and clean. If all of these requirements are not met, you might have a limited learning potential as an artist, or you are not learning the correct way to tattoo. A very common way to find an artist to apprentice under is to get tattooed by them! Several artists in the industry started as apprentices under their first tattoo artist! This ideally would be someone with a strong art background and the ability to teach. An apprenticeship can cost you nothing to several thousand dollars; most apprenticeships are paid for like additional schooling.  Once you have chosen an artist and your portfolio has been approved, you are now an Apprentice!
From this point, you most likely are going to be doing quite a bit of cleaning. This weeds out the weak and is more of a rite of passage. This is very common! Do not be discouraged by this, this is good practice for day to day operations and it teaches you your expectations as an apprentice.  During this phase, you probably won’t be tattooing yet.

During this time, you will be like the shadow of your artist. You will set up and breakdown the artists rooms. This involves all the preparation of the room before someone can get tattooed as well as the proper disposal of all contaminated and hazardous material. During  this phase, be prepared to watch several tattoos be completed before you even handle a machine. Every artist in the state of Utah has to have their Blood-borne pathogen certification; this is a fantastic time to get this! It’s similar to a learners permit for driving! Apprenticeships always vary in length based on the individual and the artist. An average amount of time would be around 2-3 years.

At this point you are ready to tattoo! This will all be under direct supervision of your mentor. You will complete several tattoos under observation and guidance to ensure you are giving a quality tattoo in a completely sterile, sanitary environment. This builds confidence and trust between you and the artist. This will continue for several months and when the artist feels it’s an appropriate time, you will have your moment of truth. A final testament to your apprenticeship and a chance to show off your ability and everything your mentor has taught you.

Upon successful completion, you are no longer an apprentice and you are now a tattoo artist! This is still the entry level point but you should always to continue to develop your skills and challenge yourself. At this point some shops may require some term of contracted employment to fill the needs of the shop, others may hire you on as a full time artist, and some shops may only offer the apprenticeship. Your career in the tattoo industry is completely up to you. Get your name out there! Attend conventions, Learn from artists with more tenure, attend additional art education; all of these elements will assist you in perfecting your craft. Good luck!

P.S. It’s a tattoo machine, not a gun. :)

Mothers Day: 2 Days Away!!

Friday May 12, 2017

Still need to shop for Mom this year? Get her a gift card for that next tattoo! Shop online or swing by the studio!

Don't forget to join us on Facebook this Mother's Day for a special Mother's Day $100 gift certificate giveaway!

Newsletter Bonus, get it while you still can!

Tuesday May 09, 2017

May's Newsletter Bonus has been released, don't miss out!

Every month we send out a studio newsletter with all sorts of updates and happenings, but most importantly the newsletter bonus! It is an exclusive offer for those opted in that gives ways to earn free merch, gift certificates and more!

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Get Mom what she really wants this Mother's Day!

Friday May 05, 2017

Mother's Day is coming up soon! Get Mom a gift that'll last a lifetime. Surprise her with the gift of art!

-A gift card for that tattoo she's been wanting to get

-T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops and more from her favorite tattoo studio

-Artwork by Christina Walker & Jared Preslar

Mother's Day Special Promotion!

Join us on Facebook this Mother's Day for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate! Instructions will be published first thing the morning of, and winner will be announced by end of day :)

Happy Mother's Day! <3

Now Hiring: Full-time Resident Artist

Saturday April 29, 2017

We are looking for new artists to join our awesome team at LBT! Email your portfolio/links to, we look forward to hearing from you!

Merch for you!

Tuesday April 25, 2017

Love your tattoo shop? Pick up some LBT merch today! Stop by the studio or visit our online store HERE

Pinterest Do's & Don'ts

Friday April 21, 2017

Being in the tattoo world in 2017 we are all too familiar with Pinterest. Although there are many ideas that spark inspiration for our clients on there, Pinterest ideas also have things that just flat out won’t work as a tattoo. Here are some Pinterest no-no’s for you! 

Beware of the tiny ones. 

We have clients on a regular basis bringing in photos they found on Pinterest of the dreaded detailed lion on the finger tattoo, or extremely tiny, dainty script pieces. It is almost unbelievable that an artist can pack such detail into such a tiny space, right? 

The thing people don’t realize when they see these microscopic script tattoos or extremely detailed finger tattoos, is that they are looking at images posted almost immediately after the tattoo was done. The aging of the tattoo is what people often forget to take into account. That includes uneducated tattoo artists! 

Those tiny little letters? Weeks, months and years down the road that script will become more and more illegible, blobbing out into a not so cute mess that you are left to look at. That awesome detailed lion on the finger? You can expect the same as hands and fingers already heal rough, so add a ton of detail packed into a tiny space that won’t heal nicely and you’re left with a jacked up tattoo. 

When your artist tells you that the piece cannot be done that small, understand that he is not trying to pass you off. He is trying to make sure that you love your tattoos 10 years down the road as much as you loved them that first day. 






Beware of the Photoshopped ones. 

There are so many tattoos floating around Pinterest that are completely misleading…because they aren’t real. Here are a couple examples for you! 

Metallic tattoos. We get plenty of people bringing in images of the shimmery, shiny metallic-looking tattoo photos found on Pinterest. These are temporary tats you are seeing! Although awesome artists can find many great ways to add that beautiful detail into your tattoo design, they cannot make your tattooed skin shine and glisten in the sun, its still skin.

Super-detailed finger and ear tattoos. These are literally EVERYWHERE. A lot of the time these tiny little gems are created and posted specifying that they are indeed, temporary tattoos. But you get the re-posters and board creators who will post it as a real tattoo just to gain more interest. 

White ink tattoos. Your artist should tell you what to expect with tattoos that only have white ink used, but we can tell you that it isn’t going to be a brilliant, bright white popping off of your skin. Don’t be fooled! People will Photoshop these into what they wished they looked like, and more people will get white ink tattoos with that false expectation in mind. 

Last, but not least…TRENDING NOW. 

Not that they can’t be done….but do you really want a tattoo that hundreds, if not thousands of people already have? Tattoo trends come in waves, and when a new one hits it hits hard, with people coming in every single day wanting the exact tattoo as the 5 other people who saw it on Pinterest that day. The point is, if you’re going to use Pinterest to find that next tattoo, utilize it to spark an idea and work with an artist to come up with something unique for both you and the artist who’s doing it! 


Tattoo Removal with LBT!

Tuesday April 18, 2017

We are a certified studio for Tatt2Away non-laser tattoo removal!

Call the studio to schedule your free consultation today, stop living with unwanted ink! 801-497-9700


-Colorblind (pulls all pigment out the same)

-Removes the pigment from your body rather than pushing it in

-Costs less than laser removal

-Highly effective!

Next Week's Blog

Friday April 14, 2017

Be sure to check out next weeks blog on Pinterest tattoos that just don't work!

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Tattoo Artists Wanted!

Friday April 07, 2017

We are looking for the next tattoo artist to join our team full-time! Email your portfolio to, call our manager Des at 801-497-9700 with any questions!

Available Time with Haylo

Friday March 31, 2017

Haylo has a last minute opening tomorrow afternoon!

2 hours available @ 3 pm

Can do smaller tattoos! Paw prints, footprints and small watercolor pieces :)

Call 801-497-9700 to inquire

Position Filled

Monday March 27, 2017

Our Studio Assistant position has been filled!

We are still taking portfolios for a Full-time Resident Artist!

Email your link/portfolio to


New Merch!

Friday March 24, 2017

Have you checked out our new hoodies and t-shirts?!

Design by Jared Preslar. Stop by the studio or visit our online store!

Review & Reward

Tuesday March 21, 2017

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Monday March 13, 2017

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Travel Time Next Week

Friday March 10, 2017

Jared and Pineapple will be going to the Evergreen Invitational in Oregon next week!

For inquiries, email the artists directly :)




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Financing Options for You

Monday February 27, 2017

Need some extra cash for that next tattoo? Check out Blispay!

For more information and applications, click HERE!

Available Positions

Friday February 24, 2017

We have 2 available positions at Lucky Bamboo right now!

Studio Assistant:


9:30 am - 6:00 pm, Sunday through Wednesday


Strong work ethic, desire to grow within the position, awesome people skills

**Previous reception/office-type work experience is a plus**

Basic Job Description:

Taking care of new and existing clients in person, over the phone and through email. Money handling, managing artist's schedules, light cleaning duties, misc. office-type work/tasks, assisting manager with various projects and tasks.

Email your resume to

Tattoo Artist:

Full-time tattoo artist position available!


Strong portfolio, great attitude, previous studio experience

Email your portfolio/links to

New Hoodies!!

Friday February 17, 2017

We got in our new hoodies, artwork and design by our own Jared Preslar!

These Studio Hoodies are going quickly, pick yours up today! Stop by the studio or visit our online store HERE.

This weeks blog: Tattoos and Pain Management

Thursday February 16, 2017

It’s no secret, tattoos kind of hurt! And that pain felt varies depending on many factors. Pain tolerance differs from person to person. What was excruciating for one may have been easy breezy for another! Where you are putting your tattoo will change the intensity of the pain or discomfort felt as some areas are just more sensitive to be tattooed on. Areas that have no fat or where the skin is stretched across bone tend to be more sensitive, like the ribs and spine vs. areas like the outer part of your upper arm, which most people seem to get through with minimal discomfort. 

So what can you do to get yourself through the more difficult sittings? We have a few suggestions for you!


First and foremost it is important to realize that you are in control of your body movements, tension, and of course mindset. People tend to forget what a big difference the whole “mind over matter” thing will make in situations like this. Although it may be uncomfortable, keeping yourself calm and as relaxed as possible is so important. Not only for YOUR tattoo experience, but for the tattoo artist who is trying to give you an awesome tattoo! 

The more you allow yourself to focus on the pain the more uncomfortable you are going to be and the slower the clock will tick as you are waiting for it to be done. And when you tense up or wiggle around it makes it extremely difficult for your tattoo artist to do their job.

Keeping yourself in a good state of mind and mentally getting yourself through it will make a big difference in your experience, we promise! People with low pain tolerance even meditate in longer, difficult sittings to help themselves through it. 

Bring some support! Bringing a good friend to your tattoo appointment can ease your stress, helping keep you distracted so that you aren’t just focusing on what your artist is doing. But again, it is good to keep your artist in mind during your appointment. 2 people in the room (client and guest) is company, 3 is a crowd! Too many people can be very distracting to your artist while they are focusing on their work. 

Make sure you are ready to go for your tattoo appointment. This means getting a good night of sleep so you are well-rested and less anxious. Don’t go on a binger the night before, you don’t want the alcohol to thin your blood or put more stress on your body. Eat a good meal, and if it’s a longer appointment bring some snacks! 

Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, and cut out (or at least cut down) on the caffeine intake. You don’t want to feel all wired and hyped up if you are already nervous and don’t have a high pain tolerance. Oh, and shower! You and your artist will be up close and personal, so good hygiene on your part will make a happy tattoo artist.

Do you Have any tips and tricks that have worked for you? Share them in the comments below!

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Monday February 13, 2017

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Weekend time available! 2/04 & 2/05

Friday February 03, 2017

Due to a couple last-minute movearounds, Christina has available tattoo time this weekend!

Saturday, 2/04: 1:00-3:30 pm

Sunday, 2/05: 10:00-1:00 pm

Email for pricing

Call 801-497-9700 for booking


This weeks blog: The Lotus Flower

Wednesday February 01, 2017

Although the lotus flower has always been used in tattoos, its popularity has grown significantly in recent years. The lotus flower is a symbol of the stages of enlightenment in Buddhism; representing rebirth, growth and purification of the spirit.

The lotus flower grows from muddy, murky streams and rivers, but then rises above the water to bloom. This is a big part of the flowers symbolism.

All humans are born into a world of suffering. The suffering in this world teaches and strengthens us, playing an important role in our growth. Through this learning and experience, we can overcome the struggles of the mud to break the surface of the water and reach our own spiritual awakening. The lotus flower is all about those who rise from the darkness of the world into a new way of thinking and living!

Different colors of the lotus flower in Buddhism hold different meanings, representing the different spiritual journeys taken on the path to enlightenment by each of us.

White: Purity of the mind and spirit

Red: Compassion and love

Blue: Wisdom and logic

Pink: History of Buddha & legends of Buddha

Purple: Spirituality and mysticism

Gold: All achievement of all enlightenment

The stage of growth the lotus flower is in represents a different stage of enlightenment as well.  A closed lotus flower represents the time before a Buddhist follower found Buddha or enlightenment. A lotus flower fully bloomed and open represents full enlightenment and self-awareness.

Tattoo removal

Monday January 30, 2017

Do you need tattoo removal or partial-removal for a cover-up? Come to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! We are a certified Tatt2Away center, providing you with non-laser removal options.

Get started today, schedule your free consultation! 801-497-9700

Artwork for sale

Friday January 27, 2017

Give the gift of art, or purchase for yourself! Prints and original paintings by Jared Preslar and Christina Walker are available for purchase.

Visit our online store to check out selections, or stop in at the studio!

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Available Positions

Friday January 20, 2017

We are looking to fill two positions at the studio!

Studio Assistant:

We are looking for someone who has great work ethic and an awesome personality to match! Must have office-type work experience, customer service experience and cash handling.

Check out the job listing HERE! Stop by the studio to complete an application.

Full-time Artist:

We are also looking to fill a full-time artist position! Must have studio experience, a strong portfolio and a professional attitude.

Email your portfolio/links to our manager at

This weeks blog: Bamboo Tattoos

Wednesday January 18, 2017

Long before we had tattoo machines and all of the wonderful accessories we have today, people had a much simpler method for tattooing using bamboos. Today this type of tattooing is achieved by attaching very fine needles to the end of a thin piece of bamboo using cotton. The needle is dipped into the ink and then very gently tapped into the skin.


Although nobody is 100% certain where this method of tattooing originated from, it is believed to have come about during the Khmer period around 3000 years ago. Mummies from the Ibaloi people have been found in the Philippines with bamboo tattoos still visible, decorated with animals and geometric designs.

Thailand has a very rich history associated with bamboo tattoos. Bamboo tattooing began for them in the Buddhist temples. Many monks would receive religious text bamboo tattoos from grand master monks for protection!  Not only did it offer them protection, but also represented their dedication to their faith. 

Many soldiers would travel to be tattooed by the monks, getting tattoos that represented strength, protection or invisibility. There are even legends stating that Thailand has never been occupied as the Thai soldiers are warrior ghosts who cannot be seen or killed by the enemy due to their protective tattoos.

This form of tattooing continues to carry on throughout time because for many it is more primal and spiritual to be tattooed with this method, carrying deep meaning regarding people’s virtues, blessings and prayers. When monks would do bamboo tattoos they followed a ritual for each one, blessing the stencil, needle and bamboo itself! Once the tattoo was completed a prayer would be whispered over it, bringing protection, happiness, luck and wealth. 

Tattoo Removal at LBT

Monday January 16, 2017

We now offer a non-laser tattoo removal option! Tatt2Away removal is cheaper than traditional laser removal, is colorblind (pulls all pigments out the same) and has great removal success!

Call us today to schedule your free consultation: 801-497-9700

Weekend Time Available: 1/14-1/15

Friday January 13, 2017

We've had a couple last-minute reschedules this weekend!

Christina/Haylo: Saturday afternoon

Pineapple: Sunday afternoon

Call our manager at 801-497-9700 to get yourself scheduled, these spots won't stay open long!

Age requirement at LBT: Must be 18!

Monday January 09, 2017

We do not tattoo minors here anymore! All clients (for both consultations and tattoo appointments) must be 18 years of age or older :)

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Friday January 06, 2017

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Tattoo Removal Available

Monday January 02, 2017

Do you have a tattoo that you would like to partially remove or remove all together? Give us a call at the studio and schedule a free tattoo removal consultation!

Our Tatt2Away tattoo removal is cheaper than traditional laser-removal, is colorblind (pulls all pigment out the same) and has the same pain/discomfort as getting a tattoo.

Tattoo Financing Available

Friday December 30, 2016

Need some extra cash for that next tattoo? Check out our financing option, Blispay! Blispay has many awesome benefits, and is super easy to apply!

Click HERE for more information and applications!

This weeks blog: The Hannya mask

Wednesday December 28, 2016

Have you ever seen a Hannya mask? Many people get them tattooed, but few actually look into the history behind them.

The Hannya mask is a Japanese ritual mask used in Noh Theater, representing the soul of a woman who has become a demon due to obsession or jealousy. It possesses two sharp bull-like horns, glaring eyes, and a leering mouth split from ear to ear.

The Hannya mask is said to be dangerous and demonic, but also sorrowful and tormented displaying the complexity of human emotions. When tilted in different angles the mask will show this variety of emotions that it is meant to represent.

When the actor looks straight forward the mask would look scary or angry, as to where when the mask is tilted down it would appear as though it was crying or full of sorrow.


Traditional Hannya masks used in plays were hand carved out of wood, and the oldest one dates back to 1558! Different colors/complexions of the masks represent different things.

If the mask was white or had a light complexion it would represent a woman of high-class. The skin is still white, expressing the jealousy of a noble woman.  A red mask can represent a woman of lower-class. The red Hannya would be considered half way to complete jealousy-driven insanity.

The deepest red or black mask would represent a woman who has gone completely insane and has converted into a demon.

It is said that a woman will transform into the Hannya when jealous or obsessed, but once a woman turns into the deepest red or black Hannya she will be unable to return to her human form.




Monday December 26, 2016

Have you checked out our blog? Check out our blog site HERE, covering different tattoo-related topics on a bi-weekly basis!

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Open positions at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

Friday December 23, 2016

We are looking to fill two positions at the studio!

Studio Assistant:

We are looking for someone who has great work ethic and an awesome personality to match! Must have office-type work experience, customer service experience and cash handling.

Check out the job listing HERE! Stop by the studio to complete an application.

Full-time Artist:

We are also looking to fill a full-time artist position! Must have 5 years studio experience, a strong portfolio and a professional attitude.

Email your portfolio/links to our manager at


Now offering Tattoo removal!

Wednesday December 21, 2016

Do you have a tattoo that you would like to remove or partially remove? We now offer non-laser tattoo removal called Tatt2Away! Call 801-497-9700 to schedule your free consultation

Photo Contest Giveaway

Friday December 16, 2016

**Photo Contest**

During the month of December we will be doing a photo contest giveaway for a Gear up for winter LBT package! Win yourself a Studio Hoodie, LBT beanie and lanyard- Find your entry instructions in this months Newsletter :)


December Charity

Wednesday December 14, 2016

Have you heard of our Basket Brigade?

We have connected with a local help center in our community that provides shelter and assistance to women and children. With just a $35 donation we are able to build a holiday meal basket, including a turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, pies, veggies and more!

These baskets will be delivered on Christmas Eve, and we can't meet our goal to provide one for each family without your help! Join the LBT Basket Brigade, donate here!

Tattoo Financing

Saturday December 10, 2016

We now offer a way for you to finance that next tattoo! Check out more information HERE


Blog: Tatt2Away Tattoo Removal

Wednesday December 07, 2016





Do you have any tattoos that you regret getting? Research shows that about 15% of tattooed people in the US have a tattoo that they regret. And with there being 21,000 + tattoo studios in the United States and little to no regulations in the tattoo industry it’s no surprise! 

The good news is you have options! We have just become an approved center for an awesome tattoo removal system called Tatt2Away. Tatt2Away offers non-laser tattoo removal. With non-laser removal, you benefit in many ways



The traditional laser removal method pushes the pigment into your body, rather than pulling it out. With Tatt2Away, the pigment is actually pulled out of the skin in the form of a scab. Tatt2Away is also a colorblind removal, meaning that it removes all colors the same. Tatt2Away is also typically cheaper than traditional laser removal as you need a lot less sittings to get rid of that regret tattoo!  



Laser removal can not only eat a hole in your wallet, but is very painful. Tatt2Away is similar to getting a tattoo, so it has the same pain/discomfort as getting the tattoo itself. Whether you want to fully remove a tattoo, or partially remove a tattoo so that you can cover it with something awesome, Tatt2Away has got you covered!

Stop living your life with a tattoo that makes you cringe. Stop worrying about that cover-up you want to do that is going to take up WAY more space than you ever anticipated. Start with Tatt2Away!

Call us at 801-497-9700 to schedule your free tattoo removal consultation

Give the gift of art

Friday December 02, 2016

This year, get your loved ones something they REALLY want, give the gift of art!

Purchase a gift card in any amount you'd like. They can be used towards tattoos, tattoo removal, hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, beanies, artwork and more!

Purchase your gift card HERE.

Check out our online store for more gift ideas!

Christmas Basket Brigade 2016

Saturday November 26, 2016

Thanks to all of you guys we hit our goal for Thanksgiving, providing 33 families in our community with a full Thanksgiving meal!

We have the same goal for Christmas this year, and need your help!

$35 provides a family in need with an entire meal to share with their loved ones on the holiday. Donate HERE today. 

We will be holding a Thank You raffle at the end of the year, raffling off $1000 in gift certificates! 1 basket=1 entry.

Black Friday Sales start Today!

Friday November 25, 2016

Receive a free hoodie when you purchase a $100 gift certificate!

30% off of all LBT logo merchandise when you use promo code LBT16

20% off of select prints!

Cephalopod print by Jared: PRINT2016

Mortal Coil print by Jared: PRINT16

Tattoo Removal Now Available!

Monday November 21, 2016

We are excited to announce that we are now an approved Tatt2Away center, helping you with your tattoo removal / partial removal needs!

Tatt2Away removes all colors of ink and has the same pain/discomfort as getting a tattoo.

Call the studio at 801-497-9700 to set up your free consultation!


Thanksgiving is next week! Please join us this year

Saturday November 19, 2016

If you haven't heard about our Basket Brigade for Thanksgiving this year check it out! We are donating FULL Thanksgiving meals directly to families in our community that are in need of help this holiday season.

a $35 donation provides a basket, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, rolls, canned veggies, a pie and more!

You can stop by the studio and donate through our register, or purchase one in our online store! We only have a few days left till Thanksgiving and still need donations to meet our goal.

Now Hiring: Full-time Artist

Monday November 07, 2016

Are you a tattoo artist looking for a professional, busy studio to settle down in? We offer private rooms for each artist, consistent scheduling/booking, provided disposable supplies and much more!

Email your portfolio/links to

Must have 5 years studio experience, a strong portfolio and a professional attitude!

November Open House

Friday November 04, 2016

You're invited!

Come out to the studio on November 19th for a LBT Open House!

Every attendee will be entered to win a free tattoo removal!

We will be holding a merchandise/tattoo certificate raffle, you can pre-purchase tickets HERE

Come out and enjoy free food/drinks, games and good company with the LBT team!

Basket Brigade 2016

Friday November 04, 2016

With your help we were able to raise enough to provide 105 local families with a FULL Thanksgiving / Christmas meal last year!

We would like to do this again this year! It costs only $35 to provide a family with an entire holiday meal. DONATE NOW to our Basket Brigade this year!

We are going to be holding a Thank You Raffle at the end of the year, raffling $1000 in tattoo certificates! Each basket donated is an extra entry :)

Financing, we've got you covered!

Friday October 28, 2016

Need some cash for that next tattoo? Check out Blispay Financing!

Visit for more information and apply today!


Halloween Sale: Spend and Earn

Thursday October 27, 2016

From now through Halloween, spend $50 on merchandise and prints and earn a $25 gift certificate!

*Not valid for gift card purchases

*$25 can only be put towards the cost of a tattoo!

Tattoo removal coming soon!

Friday October 21, 2016

We have some very exciting news involving tattoo removal that we will be offering starting next month. It's been a very long road to find a better and safer solution than laser and has also been put to the test. It is here!!

We did it, thanks to you!

Friday October 14, 2016

A huge thank you to all of our awesome clients who supported us in this years KSL A-List awards for the best local studio! We couldn't have done it without you guys, you rock!

Seeking Full-time Resident Artist

Monday October 10, 2016

We are taking portfolios for a Full-time Resident Artist! Must have 5 years studio experience, a strong portfolio and a professional attitude!

Email your portfolio/links to

Call 801-497-9700 with questions.

Tattoo Financing

Friday October 07, 2016

Need to get some extra cash for that new tattoo? Apply for Blispay Financing! Simply go to to learn more and apply!

Newsletter Bonus/October!

Monday October 03, 2016

Octobers Newsletter has been released, which means the Newsletter Bonus is waiting for you! Check those inboxes and enter to win a $50 gift certificate to put towards that next tattoo ;)

Opt in HERE!

Now Hiring: Studio Assistant

Friday September 30, 2016

We are taking applications for a part-time Studio Assistant position! Submit your resume HERE, or stop in at the studio and grab an application!

Must be detail oriented, customer friendly and a desire to grow with a growing company!


1 week left to vote!

Saturday September 24, 2016

We are down to our last week to vote for the 2016 KSL A-List awards! Please support our studio by taking the time to vote. We can't do this without you, and appreciate all of the love and support we receive from our awesome clients!


Seeking Full-time Resident Artist

Monday September 19, 2016

We are seeking a full-time Resident Artist! Must have 5 years studio experience, a strong portfolio and be professional!

Email your portfolio/links to

Vote LBT for your favorite tattoo studio!

Friday September 16, 2016

We are half way through the voting period for the KSL A-List award! We've been voted the best local tattoo studio the last 2 years in a row thanks to our awesome clients!! Let's make it happen for a 3rd year in a row. Click HERE to cast your vote!

Google/Ksl Reviews!

Friday September 09, 2016

Have you entered to win a $50 gift certificate to use towards that next tattoo? Go to or and leave a review telling us about your experience! We will automatically enter you into our monthly drawing. We appreciate your feedback!

Vote LBT for your favorite Tattoo Studio!

Wednesday September 07, 2016

Voting for the 5th annual KSL A-List awards has begun! If you love LBT please show your support by voting! One vote per person, and voting is going until the end of September. Let's make this happen again!


Closed for Labor Day

Sunday September 04, 2016

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo will be closed on Monday, September 5th for Labor Day! Business will be back to normal hours Tuesday, September 6th. Have a great Labor Day everyone!


Studio Assistant position available

Friday August 26, 2016

We are taking applications for a Studio Assistant position! Seeking someone who is dedicated to their work, very motivated and wants to grow with a growing company.

Fill out an online application ONLINE, or stop in at the studio!

Side-print logo T-shirts!

Monday August 22, 2016

Pick up one of our awesome LBT logo side-print t-shirts for men and women!

Womens size SM-XL: $26.00

Mens size SM-XL: $24.00

Stop in the studio or shop online!

Prints Available

Friday August 19, 2016

Pick up prints from Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! We have both original artwork and prints available for purchase, done by our our artists!


You can stop by the studio, or visit our online store HERE.

Resident Artist Wanted

Monday August 15, 2016

We are looking for an experienced, professional tattoo artist to join our studio! We are a custom tattoo studio out of Layton, Utah, with a great reputation and a consistent flow of clientele!

-Disposables supplied by Studio

-Awesome team and friendly work environment

-Consistent shop hours and scheduling

Must have 5 years studio experience and a strong portfolio! Please email your portfolio/links to

You can stop in or call us at 801-497-9700 with questions!

Gift Cards Available

Saturday August 13, 2016

Shopping for the perfect gift? Give the gift of art! Purchase a gift card in the studio or ONLINE. Can be used towards deposits, tattoo sessions, merchandise and more!

Available Position!

Monday August 08, 2016

We are hiring for a Part-time Studio Assistant! Must have experience in office-type work, great customer service and someone who is wanting to grow with a growing company!

Fill out an application ONLINE, or grab one in the studio! Call 801-497-9700 with any questions regarding this position.



Friday August 05, 2016

Did you know that LBT carries jewelry? Stop in and check out our selection of plugs! Evolve, Industrial Strength, Shining Light and more!


Tattooing Minors

Tuesday August 02, 2016

We are no longer tattooing minors! All clients must be 18 years of age or older to book a consultation or tattoo appointment. Once you are 18+ please give us a call and we will get you going!


Seeking Full-time Resident Artist

Friday July 29, 2016

We are taking portfolios for a Full-time Resident Artist position!

Must have 5 years studio experience, a strong portfolio and be professional. Please email your portfolio/links to Call 801-497-9700 with any questions!

Now Hiring: Part-time Studio Associate

Monday July 25, 2016

We are now hiring! Taking applications for a Part-time Studio Associate to work Saturday-Tuesday from 9:30 am-6:00 pm. Must be a dedicated, hard working person who wants to grow with a growing company!

Pick up an application at the studio, or apply online! Call our manager Des at 801-497-9700 with questions regarding the position.

Guest Artist Wanted

Friday July 22, 2016

We are taking portfolios for guest artists this year!

Please email your portfolio to, call 801-497-9700 with questions!

VIP Program

Monday July 18, 2016

Did you know that we offer a VIP program? If you refer five people to get tattoos by our artists, you can get $50 off. Refer ten and get $100 off!! Make sure they specify who referred them at the time of booking :)

Now Hiring: Part-time Studio Associate

Friday July 15, 2016

We are now taking applications for a Part-time Studio Associate! The position is Saturday-Tuesday, from 9:30-6:00 pm.

You can fill out an application Online, or pick up an application in the studio!

Jared's Books Closed

Monday July 11, 2016

Jared's schedule is pushed out into 2018 right now! Because of this we have closed his books until further notice. If you would like to inquire about our waiting list please call us at 801-497-9700.

2016 Block Party

Friday July 01, 2016

Join us this year at the Davis County Block Party! This event will be held at Layton Commons Park on July 8th, 2016 from 4-10 pm! It is free admission, so bring your friends out and enjoy local vendors, live entertainment, food and drinks, music, car shows, raffles and more!


Lucky Bamboo Tattoo will have a booth set up with our own raffle! 1000$ in merch and gift certificates and you must be present to enter, so be sure to stop by and say hello!


LBT Artwork

Tuesday June 28, 2016

Did you know you can buy artwork at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo?  We currently have original drawings/paintings and prints available for purchase. Visit our online store at : , or stop in at the studio!

Christina is also taking new art commissions! You can email her directly at

Now Hiring: Full-time Resident Artist

Friday June 24, 2016

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is now taking portfolios for a full-time resident artist! Must have at least 5 years studio experience, a strong portfolio and a professional attitude! Email your portfolio/link to: Call our manager Des with any questions regarding this position! 801-497-9700

Block Party 2016

Monday June 20, 2016

This year we will have a booth at the Davis County Block Party at Layton Commons Park! Come out and enjoy some live entertainment, local vendors, food and drinks, giveaways and more! This event is free admission. Lucky Bamboo Tattoo will also be having our own giveaway at the booth for 1000$ in gift certificates and merchandise to win, so be sure to stop by and say hello.


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Friday June 17, 2016

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Tuesday June 14, 2016

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Upcoming July Event

Friday June 10, 2016

We will have a booth at this years Davis County Block party! There will be live entertainment, music, local vendors, a car show, raffles and much more!

Come say hello and support your local businesses July 8th from 4-10 pm. Lucky Bamboo will also have our own raffle going on at our booth and you must be present to enter!

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Wednesday June 08, 2016

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Jared's books closed

Friday June 03, 2016

Due to a full schedule and how far out his appointments are, Jared is no longer taking new clients. We will announce when his schedule opens up again! If you would like to be added to a wait list call us at the studio: 801-497-9700

LBT Blog: Finding the right tattoo artist

Tuesday May 31, 2016

Finding the right tattoo artist can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There are things you should know that will help you find the right artist for the job, and save yourself from getting a tattoo that you aren’t in love with!


The first thing to understand is that not every tattoo artist has the same capabilities or skill set. Just because they work in a tattoo shop does not mean they are producing high quality tattoos. Make sure you spend the necessary time looking through artist portfolios! Although many artists are capable of a variety of styles, most professional tattoo artists have specific styles of tattooing that they focus on. Some of these styles are traditional, neo-traditional, black/grey, Japanese, photo realistic, illustrative realism, watercolor, geometric, etc. This is a big part of finding the right artist for your tattoo! You may find someone willing to do a certain style tattoo for you but that doesn’t mean they are the best artist for the design. Most professional tattoo artists have their portfolios online as well as in the studio they work in for you to be able to check out and get a sense of what it is they excel at.


Shop by portfolio, not price! A tattoo is forever, and you definitely get what you pay for in the tattoo world. The national average hourly rate for professional tattoo artists in the industry is 150$ an hour. When you find an artist charging dirt cheap prices there is a reason, and you will usually be able to see a difference in the quality of work they produce.  If it takes you spending some time saving up for that awesome tattoo then save up! Don’t rush in to a bad tattoo. It is way more expensive to cover-up or remove a poorly done tattoo than it is to get a good tattoo in the first place!

Shop cleanliness is very important when shopping for the right artist and shop! The studio should be free of debris, the artists should have full setup and takedown procedures for each appointment, using covers for all equipment as they are tattooing and making sure not to cross-contaminate as they tattoo you. If you don’t know how to look for these things ask! A professional tattoo artist should be able to give you a good breakdown of their sterilization procedure for each tattoo they do. A good artist will also have aftercare options for you! The way your tattoo heals is going to really affect how it looks a month down the road.

Once you find an artist you love in a shop that you trust, give your artist the artistic freedom to do what you have sought them out for. No artist in any profession likes to be micro-managed, and the more you limit them the less and less likely they will be able to produce something unique and custom that the both of you love. Artists will always have different ideas that they want to bounce off of you and recommendations for you to think about as far as the design, placement etc. so that the tattoo is the very best that it can be. Be open-minded to what they are telling you, and ask any questions you may have so that you guys can be on the same page and ready to go!

Shop with LBT!

Friday May 13, 2016

Have you geared up for the summer with some Lucky Bamboo Tattoo merch? We've got all sorts of logo merch, Tee's, tanks, lanyards, flask sets and more! We also carry Sullen Clothing shirts and swimwear, so stop in at the studio or visit our online store.


Looking for a great gift? We now also carry gift cards!

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Tuesday May 03, 2016

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Monday April 25, 2016

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Now Hiring: Full-time Resident Artist

Saturday April 23, 2016

We are taking portfolios for a Resident Artist at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! Must have at least 5 years studio experience, a strong portfolio and be professional! You can email your portfolio to

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Monday April 18, 2016

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Tuesday April 05, 2016

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Now Hiring-Part-Time Studio Associate

Monday March 28, 2016

Are you or someone you know looking for an awesome job with steady hours, fast paced environment and room to grow with a growing company? Apply at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! Now hiring for a part-time studio associate, Saturday-Tuesday from 9:30-6 pm. Must have experience in office type work, great customer service and be a dedicated hard worker! Apply in the studio or online at:

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Wednesday March 23, 2016

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Friday March 11, 2016

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Now Hiring! Part-time Studio Associate

Friday March 04, 2016

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Now Hiring! Part-time studio associate

Monday February 15, 2016

Do you know someone who is looking for a part-time job with a set schedule, great hours and a super awesome work environment? Refer them to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! We are hiring a part-time studio associate who can work 9:30-6 pm Saturday-Tuesday. Must have office-type work experience and someone who wants to grow with a growing company. Check out our job listing at:, and pick up an application at the studio!


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Friday February 12, 2016

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Now Hiring! Part-time Studio Associate

Monday February 08, 2016

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Now Hiring! Part-Time Studio Associate

Friday January 29, 2016

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Now Hiring: Part-Time Studio Associate

Friday January 22, 2016

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Monday January 18, 2016

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Guest Artists Wanted

Friday January 15, 2016

Lucky Bamboo is looking for awesome, professional tattoo artists to come do a guest spot! Please mail all portfolios to Come to Utah and see what we are all about!

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Monday January 11, 2016

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Now Hiring!

Friday January 08, 2016

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Basket Brigade

Monday December 14, 2015

Have you heard of our Basket Brigade? Last month alone we were able to lend a hand to 60 families in our community who were in need of a holiday meal, delivering a full meal to each of them! We have 50 local families in need of a Christmas meal, so we are calling on all LBT lovers to join together and show everyone what the holidays are all about! We need 20 more donations and we KNOW with you guys we can do this!

Donate at:

Happy Holidays everyone!

Guest Artist

Thursday December 10, 2015

Guest artist Angelo Fernandes will be coming here from Massachusetts Dec. 27-29th! Don't miss out on booking some time with him on this short visit, call the studio and get yours going! 801-497-9700. You can see more of his work at

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Wednesday December 09, 2015

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Christmas Basket Brigade

Friday December 04, 2015

Hey guys! We hit our Thanksgiving goal and were able to deliver 60 full Thanksgiving meals to local families in need! Thank you so much to all who jumped on board with this and made this happen, it was truly wonderful! We have a goal of 50 local families in need of a Christmas meal, so donate HERE and join the LBT Basket Brigade this month. We will be doing the Thank You Raffle (1000$ in gift cert.) at the end of the month!

Black Friday

Wednesday November 25, 2015

Black Friday is right around the corner, don't miss out on these killer deals! Sales on LBT merch, gift certificates, Jared Preslar prints and even some freebies! You can stop by the shop or visit our online store. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Review and Receive!

Friday November 20, 2015

Would you like to receive a $50 gift certificate to use towards your next tattoo at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo?  You can!  All you have to do it go to and leave a review of your most recent visit to LBT!!  That is it!  You will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to LBT!  Good Luck and thanks so much!!


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Monday November 16, 2015

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10 Days Left! Have you donated?

Sunday November 15, 2015

Hey Everyone! We are down to the last 10 days to donate a basket to a local family in need this holiday season, and only need 17 more donations to hit our goal! Our baskets will include a turkey, stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes, canned veggies and pie crust/filling, and will be taken to the families Thanksgiving morning. Please help us make a difference this year, we want to feed every family in our area that would go without! Donate at Each basket donated will enter you in our Thank You Raffle, with 1000$ in gift certificates you can win!


New Resident artist Walt Watts!

Friday November 13, 2015

Walt Watts is starting this month at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!  He is an amazing artist and has completed some remarkable tattoos.  Call the studio to set up time with Walt for your next tattoo! 

The Truth about Tattoos in America

Wednesday November 11, 2015

Tattoos have been around for ages and are becoming less taboo in the U.S.  Here are some fun and interesting facts about tattoos in America.


The first recorded use of the word “tattoo” appears in Captain James Cook’s records from his 1769 expedition to Tahiti.
Samuel O’Reilly invented the modern tattoo machine in 1891.  He modeled it after Edison’s autographic printer.
Tattoo machines puncture the skin between 50 to 3,000 times per minute.
Early tattoo methods utilized picks, rakes, combs and chisels to cut the skin before adding pigment.


21% (45 million) of Americans have a tattoo.
Women are 23% more like to get a tattoo, men are at 19%.
The most popular age group that get tattoos are 30-39 years old (38%).
The Hispanic race is found to be most likely to receive tattoos (30%).
Democrats are more likely to get a tattoo (22%).


The ten most tattooed cities in the U.S. are:

Miami, Florida
Las Vegas, Nevada
Richmond, Virginia
Flint, Michigan
Portland, Oregon
Austin, Texas
San Francisco, California
Honolulu, Hawaii
Kansas City, Missouri
Los Angeles, California

The West is the most likes to have tattoos (26%)


Tattoo removal has increased in demand by 32% since 2011.
Tattooing is a $1.65 billion per year industry, and represents the 6th fastest growing industry in the American economy.
There are an estimated 21,000 tattoo studios operating in the U.S.  At least one new shop opens every day.
$150 is the average cost per hour for a tattoo artist.
$45 is the average cost for a small tattoo.


14-16% of Americans regret getting a tattoo.
11% of people with tattoos plan to get one removed, or have already had one removed.
47% of people without tattoos think tattoos make people less attractive.






Regardless, of your personal feelings on tattoos and how you think society should feel about them.  You are always going to want to set up a consultation with a tattoo artist in your area.  Tattoos are a permanent piece of art on your body.  You want to be going to the best and want to have all of your questions answered before you invest a large sum of money on something that will be with you for many, many years. 

November Basket Brigade!

Monday November 09, 2015

Have you heard about the basket brigade we are doing here a Lucky Bamboo Tattoo?  We are raising money to buy baskets of food to feed families this Thanksgiving.  A basic holiday meal/basket is $35.  Currently we have 50 local families that need our help!  Donate $35 (1 meal/basket) or more and you  will be entered into our thank you raffle ($1000 worth of gift certificates) to be given out at the end of the holiday! 1 basket = 1 entry.  LBT will also match the raised dollar amount up to $2000!  Let's join together and help our local families this holiday season!  Donate at

New Guest Artist this month!

Friday November 06, 2015

Jared Scott will be guest spotting this month from November 20-24th! He is coming out from Orange County, CA. You can check out more of his work at Don't miss your chance to book with him, give us a call at the shop to set your appointment up today!


Advise for the workplace for the tattooed and pierced

Wednesday November 04, 2015








More and more tattoos and piercings are becoming more popular and accepted in the workplace.  You can probably even remember when body art and piercings were highly frowned upon, and it was thought of to be rebellious.

Just to give you an idea...30 years ago 1 in 100 people had one or more tattoos.  Now, 1 in 10 people in the U.S. have at least one tattoo.  The most popular ages to have tattoos is 25-30 years of age, making up one-third of the tattooed population.


If your work tells you that you can’t wear piercings or show your tattoos in the workplace, they aren’t doing anything illegal.  The law only covers discrimination on race, color, religion, age, nationality, origin, and gender.  The only exception may be if you’re Hindu and have a nose ring, this could be thought of as a religious observation.  Employers can’t fire you for having piercings or tattoos, but it can keep them from hiring you.  Plus, an employer can change a dress code at any time.

Recently, 60% of employers said they were less likely to hire someone with tattoos or piercings.  They were worried how the company would be viewed or represented.  Many employers have an image they want for their business, a cookie cutter mentality in a way.  Tattoos usually have to be covered up and piercing removed, unless you aren’t dealing with the public.

Some employers, such as Borders Book Store and Ford Motor Company, view body art and piercings as something that makes a worker more interesting and a definite plus.  For companies that are concerned about body art and piercing, they say that large tattoos and tongue piercings are the most concerning.

Many tattoo studios/shops and tattoo artists will have consultations with customers/clients beforehand.  This is to find out if they have thought about the consequences and permanence of tattoos.  Placement of a tattoo can be important too, depending on a person’s profession. 

Already have tattoos?  Camouflaging your tattoos can be helpful too.  Using concealer, Band-Aid’s, bracelets, long sleeves, pants, thick tights, or strappy heels can help conceal tattoos that employers may not feel comfortable with.  Plastic or flesh colored jewelry can also be used in place of regular piercings while you are working.  Around 70% conceal their body art or piercings while at the workplace, and 30% do not.

When you are thinking of getting a tattoo or piercing, make sure to consider where you would like the placement to be and how your future may be affected by it.  Tattoos are permanent and you should feel at ease with your decision.  If you have more questions contact your local tattoo studio and make sure to schedule a consultation so you have all of your questions answered. 

Blog Time

Monday November 02, 2015

Check out our newest blogs!  Learn advice for the workplace for the tattooed and pierced, and learn the truth about tattoos in America!  Visit our blog at  Let us know what you think!

KSL Local Review

Friday October 30, 2015

Would you like to win a $50 gift certificate to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo for just letting us know about your most recent visit to our studio?  Now you can!!  Just visit and leave your review about your visit to LBT.  You will be entered into our monthly drawing, It is that easy!  Good luck and thanks for your continued support!

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Monday October 26, 2015

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We did it again!!!

Friday October 23, 2015

You helped Lucky Bamboo Tattoo win the KSL A-list People's Choice Award for the second year in a row!!  Thanks to all of you who voted!  We are proud to bring you the best in tattooing each and every day! 

Now Hiring

Wednesday October 21, 2015

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is hiring a part-time studio associate!! Check out the listing at Pick up your application at the studio today! :1155 North Main Street, Suite 8, Layton, UT 84041.

8th Anniversary/Halloween party!

Monday October 19, 2015

This Saturday, October 24th is our 8th Anniversary/Halloween Party!  Are you coming out and celebrating with us?  It is going to be a lot of fun...join us for a best tattoo contest, a raffle for prizes, Halloween themed games and food & drinks! Don't forget to wear your favorite Halloween costume so you can be entered into our Best Halloween costume contest!  We are excited to celebrate with all of you!  See you this Saturday!

Shop with LBT!

Friday October 16, 2015

The holiday season is just around the corner and before you know it Santa will be on his way!  Let LBT make your holiday shopping a little easier this upcoming holiday season. CLICK HERE to visit our store, where you can choose out of a variety of gifts for many of your loved ones.  We at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo want to bring you the best this holiday season!

Holiday Shopping Is Just Around the Corner

Wednesday October 14, 2015







October is almost here and that means that holiday shopping is just around the corner!  Many of times, we wait till the last moment and we may not even be sure that the receivers of our gifts love them.  Did you know that the day after Christmas is the biggest day for returning gifts?  You will literally be waiting in line for a while to just return a shirt you don’t like, or an unnecessary gift that you will never use.


Lucky Bamboo Tattoo has the answer for you! Visit our online store at  This merchandise ranges from shirts, beanies, stickers, flasks, DVDs, hoodies, paintings, prints, Ed Hardy clothing, Sullen Clothing, and gift certificates.  We literally have something for almost everyone on your holiday shopping list!

You may either order from our website, or you can come in to the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo studio and purchase from the selection in our waiting/reception area.  While you are there you can browse through the portfolios of the talented artists at Lucky Bamboo!  Our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to help in any way possible.


Don’t wait till the last moment, get finished before the holidays even get here and you can enjoy the true meaning of the holidays!

October Bumper Sticker Kicker

Monday October 12, 2015

Would you like a $25 gift certificate to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo?  It's easy, just take a picture of your car with a LBT bumper sticker on it!  Send the picture and your contact information to info@luckybambootattoo, and we will mail a gift certificate to you :) We appreciate all of our clients and the support you give to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!

New Resident artist in November!

Friday October 09, 2015

Have you heard that the amazing Walt Watts is coming to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo?  He is going to be a permanent tattoo artist starting this November! Call the studio at 801-497-9700 and book your appointment with him today!!  Appointments are filling up quickly!

Top 11 Tips to Care for Your New Tattoo

Thursday October 08, 2015




You just received your new tattoo and there can be so many recommendations for aftercare.  But, the most important thing to remember is to listen to your tattoo artist.  Most problems arise when a client doesn’t follow the aftercare instructions they were given.  One thing to remember is that everyone has different types of skin, allergies, and possible reactions.  Everyone heals differently!

1-Pay attention to what your tattoo artist tells you to do, and follow the exact instructions.  If you change up the aftercare, the tattoo artist is no longer liable for what can happen.  It is your responsibility to take care of your tattoo.


2-Don’t wrap your tattoo again, unless you are instructed to do so by your tattoo artist.  It is extremely important to keep your tattoo clean after this protection has been removed.  Your new tattoo is just like any open sore or injury.  Keep your hands clean when handling the aftercare of your tattoo.


3-It is common for a new tattoo to be slightly inflamed, sensitive, and red.  Most people will have some irritation a day or two after.  If these symptoms worsen or last longer than 3-4 days, call you tattoo artist.


4-Your new tattoo will weep the first couple of days, this is normal.  This isn’t an indication that your tattoo is coming off or being affected negatively at all.  This is your body’s natural healing process.


5-Keep your tattoo slightly moist. If the tattoo dries out it can lead to a thick scab formation & this isn’t good.  This can cause the healing process to slow down, and can harm the tattoo.  Your tattoo artist should advise you on a cream or ointment to use.  Remember to follow your tattoo artist’s instructions.


6-Within a couple of days to a week, a thin layer of skin will start to peel or flake away from the tattoo.  This is also normal, don’t scratch or peel the skin away from the tattoo.  It even may itch, but don’t scratch the area.  It is still delicate and you can do damage.  If it itches, lightly pat or tap with a clean paper towel.

7-Don’t soak your tattoo for at least two weeks.  No bathing, swimming, or sitting in a sauna.  Showering is fine, and can be a great and easy way to clean your tattoo also.  The recommended time can vary depending on your tattoo artist’s recommendations.


8-Don’t expose the tattoo to tanning beds or direct sunlight for at least two weeks.  UV rays will damage the skin and affect the color of the tattoo.  After the tattoo is healed you should use the highest UV protection sunscreen.


9-A tattoo may take 1-3 weeks to heal depending on your skin type and the tattoo itself.  If you get a rash, or any unusual signs on or around the tattoo, contact your tattoo artist immediately.

10-Avoid working out.  Tattoos that cover big areas or near joints, may take longer to heal if it is moved too much.  Intense workouts may cause the skin to break or become irritated.  This will cause the healing time to be longer.


11-Always ask for help when you aren’t sure what to do or if you have any questions about your tattoo.


If you have any questions about the tattoo you recently received from Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, call our studio at 801-497-9700!

October Promotion-Refer and Receive!

Monday October 05, 2015

Would you like a special gift just for you?  Refer a friend this month to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo and you will receive a surpise!  Here is what you have to do, when your friend comes in to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo they will pick out a special gift just for you!  LBT Merch., gift certificates, clothing and more! Your friend will also get a free raffle entry into the Halloween party drawing!  So refer a friend (or five) and get free gifts this Halloween!!

Blog Time!!

Friday October 02, 2015

Have you visited our blog lately?!!  Come learn some helpful info and tips, all brought to you by Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!!  New blogs are posted monthly.  Visit the blog at  Thanks for visiting and we would love to hear what you think. 

8th Anniversary Halloween Party!

Monday September 28, 2015

Have you heard about our upcoming 8th Anniversary/Halloween party?  It is going to be an amazing time!!  We are going to have a best tattoo contest, best costume contest, games, great food, and a raffle for gift certificates.  Come celebrate with us!!  It is going to be Saturday, October 24th from 7 to 10 p.m.  Can't wait to see everyone!!

Now Hiring!

Friday September 25, 2015

We are hiring a part-time studio associate!  Must be available to work Saturday-Tuesday 9:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Go to to apply! 

September Facebook Giveaway

Monday September 21, 2015

Enter our Facebook Giveaway and you could win a $50 gift certificate!  Take a picture wearing a piece of Lucky Bamboo Tattoo merchandise and go to and post in the comments of the Giveaway post.  If you share the post with your friends you will receive an extra entry.  If you don't have a piece of merchandise, come over to the studio and purchase one!  Giveaway ends on Tuesday, September 22nd.  Good Luck!!

50$ Monthly gift certificate giveaway!

Friday September 18, 2015

Would you like to receive a $50 Lucky Bamboo Tattoo gift certificate to use towards your next tattoo?  All you have to do is visit our KSL Local page and let us know about your recent visit to our studio.  You will go into the drawing for a gift certificate that is drawn monthly!  Go to  Thanks for the support and good luck on the drawing!

Google Review/ Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Monday September 14, 2015

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Bumper Sticker Kicker!

Friday September 11, 2015

Bumper Sticker Kicker - Have you been wanting a new tattoo?  Here is a great way to show your love for Lucky Bamboo Tattoo and benefit with a new tattoo!  Receive a $25 gift certificate from Lucky Bamboo to use towards your next tattoo.  What do you have to do?  Take a picture of your car sporting a Lucky Bamboo Tattoo bumper sticker.  That is it!  Send your contact info and the picture to and we will mail you a $25 gift certificate. 

Weekend Studio Associate needed!

Monday September 07, 2015

Join the Team - Are you looking for a weekend job to help give you a little extra money?  Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is looking for a weekend receptionist to join the team!  If you are great with customer service, detail-oriented, friendly, and are experienced in an office setting,  apply at

September Promotion

Friday September 04, 2015

September Promotion - Come in for a commemorative "Patriot Day/9-11" tattoo and receive a gift certificate!  Let's always remember the meaning of this day and stay strong as a country!  We can never make the memory of it go away, but we can definitely remember the courageous and loving individuals that left us on that day!  Always Remember, Never Forget!


Lucky Bamboo Blog

Monday August 31, 2015

Blog Time!! - Check out our recent posts to the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Blog!  Learn about Celtic style tattoos and the meaning behind cherry blossoms!  Go to Feel free to leave comments, we would like to know what you think! 

Sullen Clothing

Friday August 28, 2015

Fall Sullen Clothing Line - The new Fall Sullen Clothing line is available to purchase!  Visit our website at for a selection of Sullen Clothing or the official Sullen Clothing site at  We appreciate all your business and interest in the Sullen Clothing line and your purchases help keep us an approved Sullen thank you and we will continue to bring you the very best!



Monday August 24, 2015

Now Hiring - We are still looking for experienced tattoo artists!!  You must have at least 5 years of studio experience, a strong portfolio and have a professional attitude!  We are excited to have some new artists join the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo team!!  If you or someone you know would be a great fit contact us at


Art Gallery

Friday August 21, 2015

Did you know you can buy artwork at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo?  Your Lucky Bamboo Tattoo artists have created amazing masterpieces for your home!  We currently have original drawings/paintings and prints available for purchase.  Visit our website at or stop by the studio and pick out the perfect piece of art for your home!


Facebook Giveaway

Monday August 17, 2015

Would you like to win a $50 gift certificate to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo to use towards your next tattoo?!  You can enter our monthly Facebook giveaway at and have that chance.  Follow the instructions on the post and feel free to share the opportunity with your friends and family!  We appreciate all the years of loyalty and this is just one of our ways of saying thank you!


Tell KSL

Friday August 14, 2015

Winning a $50 gift certificate has never been easier!!  You could win a $50 Lucky Bamboo gift certificate to use for that tattoo you have been wanting.  All you have to do is visit our Local page at,  Leave a review of your latest visit to our studio and we will enter you into our gift certificate drawing!  Thanks for all you do for Lucky Bamboo Tattoo and we look forward to bringing only the very best to all of our clients!!


Gift Certificate Give Away!

Monday August 10, 2015

Let us know about your visit to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo at!!  You could win a $50 gift certificate to use towards your next tattoo!!  Visit us at,  We appreciate your support and the review of your visits to our studio, we want to bring you only the very best every time you visit Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!


Bumper Sticker Kicker!

Friday August 07, 2015

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Monday August 03, 2015

Have you visited our blog yet?  You can now check out the latest in the tattoo world at  Learn some helpful tips or stay up-to-date on events or news about Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!  Hope you enjoy the blogs and as always we appreciate your feedback! 

August Promotion!!!!

Friday July 31, 2015

Looking for Artists!!!

Monday July 27, 2015

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is currently looking for experienced tattoo artists to join the team!  You must have 5 years of studio experience, a strong portfolio, and a professional work ethic!  If you are interested email







Friday July 24, 2015

Have you visited our blog yet?  You can now check out the latest in the tattoo world at  Learn some helpful tips or stay up-to-date on events or news about Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!  Hope you enjoy the blogs and as always we appreciate your feedback! 

Contest Time!!!

Monday July 20, 2015

Win a $50 Lucky Bamboo Tattoo gift certificate on Facebook!!!  Visit our Facebook page ( and enter on our contest post!  You will need to follow the instructions on the post to win!  Thanks for your continued support and good luck to all of you!


New Resident Artist

Friday July 17, 2015

Walt Watts is coming to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo this November!!  We are honored to have him as a new resident artist!  We are currently taking appointments for Walt!  Call the studio at 801-497-9700 to check availability!  To view more of his tattoo portfolio click on the following link,  We are so excited to have Walt join the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo team! 


Sullen Clothing

Monday July 13, 2015

Did you know that Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is an approved Sullen Clothing retailer?  Click this link to check the availability in our studio,,.  You can also visit the official Sullen Clothing website at  Your purchases ensure future availability of new styles we carry in our studio! We appreciate your interest and purchases!  We want to bring you the very best in style and artistic clothing!


Tell KSL

Friday July 10, 2015

Leave a review at Local (Lucky Bamboo Tattoo and Gallery page) and be put in for a drawing for a $50 Lucky Bamboo Tattoo gift certificate!!  What a fantastic way to earn money towards your next tattoo!  Click on this link....  Thanks for all your support and referrals, we appreciate each and every one of our clients! Make sure to screen shot your review and email it with your address to

Review and Reward

Monday July 06, 2015

Do you want a chance to win a $50 Lucky Bamboo Tattoo gift certificate?  Leave a Google review about your visit at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo and you will be put into a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate towards your next tattoo!  Just visit this link,  Just our way of showing you how much we appreciate your support at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo! 


July Promotion!

Friday July 03, 2015


Thursday July 02, 2015

For those that were not aware, Lucky Bamboo Tattoo has a blog!! Follow the link below for our latest blog posting and keep an eye out for our future posts :)

Memorial Tattoos

Monday June 29, 2015

This time of year you may be missing a loved one that has passed.  A memorial tattoo is a great way to remember the good times you had with that special person!  The artists at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo can help create the perfect tattoo to help commemorate your loved one!  Call 801-497-9700 to schedule a consultation or email your ideas

Pacific Ink and Art Expo

Friday June 26, 2015

Jared and Christina are off to Honolulu again for the Pacific Ink & Art Expo August 7th - August 9th!  If you are in the surrounding area come see Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!!  We would love to see you there! 

Bumper Sticker Kicker

Monday June 22, 2015

Bumper Sticker's that time again!!  Want a $25 gift certificate to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo?  Take a picture of a Lucky Bamboo Tattoo sticker on your car and send it to with your contact info!  We will send you your gift certificate for your continued support!  We really appreciate each and every one of you!


July Appointments

Friday June 19, 2015

July is right around the corner!!  This means we will be celebrating the month that symbolizes the birth of our country, our freedom, and the events that have lead us to all we have today!  Call and book your consultation for your "Patriotic" tattoos!  801-497-9700

Still Accepting Applications

Monday June 15, 2015

We are still accepting applications for our weekend studio associate position!! If interested, please follow the link below and fill out our online application.


Monday June 08, 2015
Coming up in August Jared and Christina will both be traveling to the Pacific Ink & Art Expo in Hawaii. Contact us to get scheduled. 801-497-9700

Jared's Schedule

Friday June 05, 2015

Don't forget that Jared is accepting new clients! If you are interested in having a tattoo done by him, email or call the shop for more information on how to schedule with him!


Phone 801-497-9700

Weekend Studio Associate

Monday June 01, 2015

If you or anyone you know is looking for an awesome part time job, we are looking for a weekend studio associate! Click on the link below for more details and to apply.

Walt's Schedule

Friday May 29, 2015

We officially have Walt's schedule up! If you would like to set up an appointment with him, you can call the shop, stop in, or email us for more information on how to get on his schedule. To check out some of his work, click on the link below.


VIP Program

Wednesday May 27, 2015

Did you know that we offer a VIP program? If you refer five people to get tattoos by our artists, you can get $50 off. Refer ten and get $100 off!! Want to know how to sign up? Stop on by the shop for more details :)


Monday May 18, 2015

Lucky Bamboo is looking for a new weekend receptionist! If you are interested, please follow the link. We will only accept applications that have been filled out through the website below. Make sure to get your application in today to be considered!

Best Tattoo Contest May 23rd

Friday May 15, 2015

In case you didn't know, we will be having a Best Tattoo Contest at our open house on May 23rd! It is a $10 entry fee for the contest, you can enter early online or when you show up to the open house. We have some awesome prizes for the winners, including a cool trophy, gift certificates, and some other awesome stuff! Click on the link below to enter!!

Jared's Schedule

Monday May 11, 2015
As of June, Jared won't be so slammed! A year ago he started blocking off some time each month to get in medium sized tattoos and existing clientS without having to wait a year. As always, give the shop a call or email :)

Big Ass Show!

Friday May 08, 2015
Christina and Kayla will be at the Big Ass Show today at USANA! If you are going to be down there, make sure to stop by the Lucky Bamboo booth and say hi to them!!


Monday May 04, 2015

The winners of the April KSL and Google review drawings are Casey Tuttle and Madi Campbell! Thank you guys for being so awesome!! Keep an eye out in the mail for your $50 gift certificates :)


Don't forget, we have some other awesome ways to earn gift certificates to go towards your next tattoo with us. Stop on by to say hi and grab a goodie bag with more information!

Sullen Clothing

Friday May 01, 2015

For those that didn't know, we are an approved retailer for Sullen Clothing! We just got a new order of clothing in, you can check it out in our online store by clicking on the picture below, or swing by the shop!!


New Artist

Wednesday April 29, 2015

We have a new artist that will be joining the Lucky Bamboo team! We would like to welcome Walt Watts to the shop, and are excited for him to be joining us. Walt will be at Lucky Bamboo in November of this year. Check out some of his work on our Facebook page, and keep an eye out on how to start scheduling with him!


Tell KSL

Monday April 27, 2015

We are almost to the end of April! If you have been in the shop before and have had a good experience with us, click on the link below and leave us a review to be entered in for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to go towards your next tattoo!! Just send us a screen shot of your review and your address to for your chance to win!




Friday April 24, 2015

At our open house we will be raffling off some awesome artwork and some gift certificates to go towards your next tattoo!! Don't forget that our open house is May 23rd from 6-8 pm. You can pre order raffle tickets online by following the link below! :)




Best Tattoo Contest!!

Monday April 20, 2015

In cas you didn't know, we will be having a Best Tattoo Contest at our open house on May 23rd! It is a $10 entry fee for the contest, you can enter early online or when you show up to the open house. We have some awesome prizes for the winners. Click on the link below to enter!!

Open House!!!

Friday April 17, 2015

We will be having an open house on Saturday, May 23rd from 6-8pm!!! Come join us for a night of fun and wine from a local winery! Click on the link below for more details.

Review and Reward

Monday April 13, 2015

Tank Tops!!

Friday April 10, 2015

Summer is just around the corner which means it's almost tank top season. Come on in to the shop and get your Lucky Bamboo Tattoo tank top, or buy one online! Click on the pictures below to go to our online store  :)

Looking for Artists

Tuesday April 07, 2015



Friday April 03, 2015
The winners of our Tell KSL review drawing is June Mellas, and the winner of our Review and Reward monthly drawing is Megan Stahr! Thank you everyone who left reviews, and congratulations to June and Megan! You both will be receiving $50 to go towards your next tattoo :)

Open House!

Monday March 30, 2015

We will be hosting an open house here soon to welcome in the spring! Keep an eye on here or our facebook page for more details :)

Did you know?

Friday March 27, 2015

Did you know that as a new customer we give you goodie bag that has ways to earn gift certificates to go towards your next tattoo?? If you have never been in before, stop on by and say hi and get a goodie bag! :) We would be more than happy to give you a tour, and set up a time for you to meet with an artist!

Big Ass Show Ticket pre sale

Friday March 20, 2015

Hey everyone! In case you haven't heard, we are the last stop for doing pre sale tickets for the Big Ass Show! Tickets go on sale at 6pm. If you are wanting tickets, better head on down and get in line before it gets too long! We will only be selling 200 tickets, so first come first serve :)

Canceling Appointments

Monday March 16, 2015

When canceling appointments, please make sure to call the shop. Even if it is for a consultation, please let us know because that is still time that can be filled with someone who has been waiting a while for a consult. And please try to give at least 72 hours notice. We understand that things can happen last minute, but the more notice that is provided is more time that we have to fill that appointment :)

Tattoo Removal

Friday March 13, 2015

Does everyone know that we offer tattoo lightening and removal? Jared has been doing this for over the past year now! It works great for lightening to cover the tattoo and also removal in general. It's safe, all natural and isn't harmful like laser removal.
Laser breaks up the pigment particles allowing the body to absorb the particles, the particles then are filtered by the lymphatic system which is very bad as many of the particles will settle in the lymph nodes. We recommend staying away from laser and not exposing so much of your organs to these particles that are suspended in your dermis!

Children in the shop

Monday March 09, 2015

While everyone here loves children, and several have children of their own, a tattoo studio is not the place to bring a child. There are many reasons that we do not allow children in the studio, including safety and not disrupting other clients while they are getting tattooed. So we politely ask that if you do have children, find someone to watch them for a bit while you are here. We try to make sure everyone's visit with us is pleasant, including yours, and we do not want to have to ask you to leave if your child is being disruptive. So please be mindful, and find someone ahead of time. Thank you!


Friday March 06, 2015

Just as a reminder!!! If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call the shop directly. If you email the artists, they won't be able to do anything about your appointment, besides notify the front desk person. And even then, if you email them and it's their day off, they won't see the email until it may be too late. Emailing your artist is great if you are talking about ideas about tattoos, but please remember, they are not the ones who can adjust their schedules. Whether it is setting up appointments, or canceling appointments. So remember to please call the shop, if you email the artists, they will tell you that you need to call to cancel or reschedule. 


Monday March 02, 2015

Jared and Christina will both be at the Evergreen Tattoo convention this coming weekend! They both still have some available time. If you would like an appointment with either of them, give the shop a call and lets see if we can fit you in with either of them! Call us at 801-497-9700

Seminar in Evergreen

Friday February 27, 2015

For those who were not aware, Jared will be doing a seminar while he is at the Evergreen Tattoo expo on March 8th! If you would like to attend, click on the link below to register! You will also have the option to purchase an outline book of the seminar to take home with you :)

Tell KSL!!

Monday February 23, 2015

We have a new way for you to win some gift certificates to go towards your next tattoo!! Follow the link below and tell KSL about your experience with us. Screen shot your review, and email it to with your contact information for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate!…/lucky-bamboo-tattoo-and-gallery/73193



Friday February 20, 2015

A lot of people have asked us what our artist's use for aftercare on the tattoos that they do. The answer? SANIDERM!! Saniderm is an amazing product that not only protects your fresh tattoo, but makes it heal faster, and in a more natural way. Saniderm locks in the body's natural moisture and healing enzymes, allowing your tattoo to heal in the most natural way possible. And you don't have to worry about putting ointments on multiple times a day, or getting ink/plasma on your clothes or sheets. It's the best way we can recomend to take care of your new tattoo.


Monday February 16, 2015

We get asked a lot if we do walk-ins. The answer is yes, we do, but only if we have an artist that has time. Also keep in mind that if you do come in as a walk-in, depending on what you want and how much time the artsist has, you may be asked to schedule an appointment for another day. Even if you come in with references, the artist will still need to draw something. So with that being said, just remember that if you want something small, walk-in appointments can happen. If you have a bigger piece planned, be prepared to be asked to schedule an appointment so the artist has time to prepare.

Reasons for Consultation Appointments

Friday February 13, 2015

A lot of people think tattoo artists are able to draw up tattoos on the spot, and have the tattoo done the same day. In some cases this may be true, but is rare. If you are looking for a larger piece, such as a sleeve, or something that is intricate, setting up a consultation appointment may actually be a good idea. Some artists are very busy throughout the day, and if you just walk in to a shop expecting to talk with an artist, chances are you will just be asked to schedule a consult for another day when the artist has time. Consults can also be beneficial because if you have ideas but don't know how to put it all together, the artist will be able to tell you what will work, and what may not. Or they may have a better idea of placement, colors, how to tie it all together, etc. So before you walk in to a shop to talk with an artist, call ahead of time and see if the artist has time that day, or if you will need to schedule something. Consults are always free! And it never hurts to ask for one.

Valentine's Day Tattoos

Saturday February 07, 2015

Valentine's day is a day people associate with love... and getting your significant other's name etched onto your body forever. But before you tempt the Gods of mayhem, stop and think for a second. Even though you may think your love will last as long as your tattoo does, no one can predict the future. Yes, if something does happen, you always have the option for covering it, or trying to remove it. And even though you may no longer see it if you cover it, you still know that someone's name was once there. And with removing it, there is still the possibilty of a scar, and removing it may not always make it disappear completely. So before you decide to be a hopeless romantic, and put someone's name on you for the rest of your life, consider your options. Buy them some flowers, chocolates, etc. Or still get a tattoo, but one that could have multiple meanings besides just your undying love for your significant other.

Ink responsibly love birds!

Position Filled

Monday February 02, 2015

We would like to thank everyone who applied for the weekend studio associate position! We wish we would have had the time to interview everyone who applied, but unfortunately that would have taken way too long considering how many people applied! We will keep everyone's information on file, and if another position opens up in the future we will let you know :) Thank you again to everyone who was interested.

Still Hiring!!!!

Friday January 30, 2015

We are still accepting applications for our weekend studio associate position. If you would like to be considered for this awesome job, now is the time to submit your application while you still can! Click on the picture below to go to our application.



Monday January 26, 2015

This year has already been a busy one, and we are just one month in! Consultations with us are always free, and it gives you a chance to meet with the artist if you haven't met them already. Never be afraid to ask for a consultation, the artists are more than happy to meet with you, and it can make it easier to voice what you are picturing for your next tattoo. Plus, an artist will be able to give you valuable feedback that you may not have considered before. Book a consultation with an artist today before their schedule fills up!


Friday January 23, 2015

Not setting reminders for yourself and forgetting about appointments not only effects you, but also your artist. It can be difficult to fill an appointment with less than 24 hours notice. Set reminders in your calendar for at least five days before your appointment. With the technology we have now a days, there are so many ways to keep track, and avoid this happening to you! Artists don't get paid for time that they are not tattooing.  So please, mark it in a calendar, set a reminder on your phone, call a friend to remind you! Try to remember when your appointments are :)

Preparing for your next tattoo appointment

Monday January 19, 2015

A lot of people always ask how to prepare for tattoo appointments. If there is something special they need to do the night before hand, or what to avoid doing. So here is a basic list of how to prepare for your next tattoo appointment. Get a good night of sleep. No one likes going anywhere if they haven't gotten enough sleep the night before! Try to make sure you go to bed at a decent time, this will also help prevent you from sleeping through your alarm and showing up late. If you're not a morning person, opt for an afternoon or evening appointment instead. Plan your schedule around your tattoo appointment, not the other way around.  Your artist has that time set aside for you, and you alone. If you have errands or other things you need to do the same day as your appointment, try to plan it after your appointment. Trying to run errands before an appointment may not always be a great idea as it is easy to loose track of time while running around, and can result in you being late to your appointment. If you have no other choice but to complete your errands before your appointment, set a reminder on your phone for at least an hour before your appointment time.                                 Make sure to eat something a few hours before your appointment.  Getting tattooed affects blood sugar levels, and a sugar crash during a tattoo is not fun for anyone!       Make sure you are well hydrated for a couple days, leading up to your appointment. And try to avoid over-doing it on caffeine. You will want to be able to sit calmly, for several hours if you have a long appointment. So use of coffee, energy drinks, etc. should be minimized on the day of your appointment. As much as possible, try to enter into the process of getting your tattoo with a relaxed state of mind. Try not to psyche yourself out, or think about if and how much it will hurt. For all you first timers, it doesn't hurt as bad as you think it will. With that being said, yes a tattoo does hurt though. Those who say it doesn't are full of shit. How much it hurts however, is completely dependent on the person, and the placement. A calm state of mind can help reduce the pain that much more.                                   Try to take extra care of yourself for a few days before, and a few days after your appointment. The healthier you are, the easier it will be for your body to heal the tattoo.  Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, or any physically taxing behaviors, to prepare your body to be as strong as possible for getting tattooed. For those that go to the gym frequently, you can still go, just try to take it easy a few days before your appointment. You don't want to be going in to a tattoo the day after you just maxed out at the gym! Being hung over, or sore from a work out will make it harder for you to sit, which could lead to cutting your appointment time short.                              If you are sick, feel that you are getting sick, not quite over being sick, or have any other health issues occur before your session, reschedule your appointment and give your body time to recover before getting your tattoo. You may think you can handle it, but do yourself and your artist a favor and reschedule. Your immune system is already going to be weak from being ill, and if you are experiencing body aches from being sick, getting tattooed on top of that will not be very pleasant  Also, being sick can affect the healing process. Plus, the artist is going to be right next to you, sharing the same air as you... The last thing they want is to get sick!                           Make sure you have the day off of work BEFORE you schedule! This may seem like a simple thing, but a lot of people end up scheduling their appointments on a normal work day for them, thinking they will get the time off, no problem. Then the day before their appointment, their time off request is denied, forcing them to call and cancel last minute. Leaving no time for the artist to try and fill that now canceled appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, try to give at least 72 hours notice, this at least gives the artist a chance to fill that time.  Lastly, and I can not emphasize this enough, try to be on time! The artists are not paid hourly, so if you show up late, the artist doesn't get paid for however late you are. And if the artist has other appointments that day, they aren't going to be able to just push everyone else's appointments around so you can still have the full amount of time you originally scheduled for. Be conscious of what time your appointment is. And as stated before, plan your schedule around your appointment, not your appointment around your schedule.  This will save everyone a lot of time, and frustration.                  Sincerely,                          Kayla


Friday January 16, 2015

We are looking to hire a part-time, weekend studio associate. Must have one year offce, or similar experience, as well as cash handling experience. Must be friendly, upbeat, and be able to work in a fast paced environment. Click on the picture to apply!


Monday January 12, 2015

Jared will be traveling to Off the Map Tattoo, located in Grants Pass Oregon. If you live in Oregon and have been wanting some work done by him, now is your chance! He still has some appointments available, so call the shop and schedule now before they fill up.

New Merchandise!

Tuesday January 06, 2015

We have added a new item to our merchandise. Introducing the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo stress ball! Perfect for having to sit through those long and painful tattoo sessions. Get yours while supplies last!

Toys for Tattoos has ended.

Monday December 15, 2014

We would like to thank everyone whom participated in Toys for Tattoos as we had a great turnout and reached our goal quite quicker than expected. We will be donating the toys before Christmas to Primary Children's Hospital. Thank you all :) 

Toys for Tattoos

Wednesday November 26, 2014



Remember we are doing our Toys for Tattoos up until Christmas Eve! Donate new toys with your receipt and receive a gift certificate for double the amount of the toys donated!

Toys for Tattoos

Friday October 31, 2014

Mid November to mid December we will be doing Toys for Tattoos! Bring in a new unwrapped toy, game, book, or childrens clothing with a receipt and you will receive a gift certificate for twice the value towards a tattoo. All toys will be donated to the Primary Childrens Hospital before the holidays to be distributed to the children there. 

Gift certificates will be good for up to 1 year 

Gift Certificate Sale

Tuesday October 28, 2014

Gift certificate sale this weekend. In the shop or online. 

KSL Local contest

Thursday October 23, 2014

Thanks to our awesome staff and awesome clients, we were voted the #1 favorite tattoo shop in Utah!! I'm thinking we need to do something to celebrate, so stay tuned for that. Thanks everyone!!



Guest artist

Tuesday October 21, 2014

Guest artist Josh Taylor will be visiting us from the UK next month!! Take a look at his portfolio on our Facebook page. Call or stop by the shop to get scheduled.


KSL Local

Wednesday October 15, 2014

Only one more week left to vote for us as your favorite tattoo shop. Vote as many times as you would like!


Breast Cancer Awareness

Monday October 13, 2014

The rest of this month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month we will be doing ribbon and hope tattoos and donating half of the proceeds to charity. Small ribbons for only $50.

Halloween tattoos

Friday October 10, 2014

Justin is doing a special the rest of the month on Halloween tattoos. He has pre-drawn designs to choose from that are only $50-100 and ANY other Halloween theme tattoo will be 10% off. Call to schedule an appointment!




Wednesday October 01, 2014

We have been nominated for favorite tattoo shop on KSL for us under the Beauty/Spa category.

No voting limits!

Tattoo Jam

Friday September 26, 2014

Jared is headed to the UK next week for Tattoo Jam 10/10-10/12, and still has some time available.

Contact us if you want to get scheduled!

New merchandise

Wednesday September 24, 2014

New Lucky Bamboo merchandise now available! We have lanyards, baseball hats, and tank tops for men and women. Along with our tshirts, beanies, and hoodies. Check them out in store or online.

Looking for artists

Wednesday September 17, 2014

Currently looking for 2 full time artists


Seminar in Germany

Wednesday September 10, 2014

Jared will be giving a seminar at the BMXnet e.V. - Tattoo, Piercing and BodyModification Conference next month in Germany.


Back to school promotion

Friday September 05, 2014

We are having a Back to School gift certificate sale this weekend! Purchase a $100 gift certificate, get a $50 one FREE! Limit 2 per customer. Excludes tattoos by Jared. Sept 6-8 in store or online.

Gift certificates expire in one year from date of purchase.

Grab bags

Friday August 29, 2014

Have you heard about our grab bags and all the opportunities to get yourself some FREE gift certificates?? You can pick up a grab bag anytime you're at the shop and in it are 3 ways to get free tattoo $! There is Bumper Sticker Kicker program which will get you an automatic $25 just for putting a bumper sticker on your car and emailing us a pic! Then there is the App Attack, which is also an automatic $25 for leaving a review on our Iphone or Droid app.  And finally our Review and Reward program which is a monthly drawing for $50 for anyone who leaves a Google review that month and send it to us! So get your grab bag today and start earning rewards. Ask us about our VIP referall program too!

Guest artist from the UK

Friday August 22, 2014

Don't forget we have guest artist Josh Taylor visiting us from the UK coming up in Nov! Contact the shop to get scheduled.

November 10-15, 2014

Anniversary BBQ

Wednesday August 20, 2014

Our shop anniversary BBQ last weekend was a success! Thanks to everyone who came and to our clients over the past 7 years. We will be hosting our annual Halloween costume party in October so stay tuned for those details. Here are some of the pictures from the BBQ of our lucky raffle winners, bingo game, and ladder golf in the parking lot. Lots of fun!


Monday August 11, 2014

Coming up in Oct Jared and Christina will both be traveling to the Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival in Canada. Contact us to get scheduled.

Jared will also be making a trip to the Tattoo Jam in the UK 10/10-10/11

Good tattoos are not cheap....

Monday August 04, 2014

Why getting a good tattoo the first time can save you time and money

Getting your tattoo done right the first time may be more important than you think!  For most first time tattoo collectors this might not seem like a huge deal.  When getting their first tattoo, a lot of people will price shop to find the best deal, this is the wrong approach. Shopping around for the best price will most likely leave you with a bad experience and a worse tattoo. When searching for a tattoo shop, start online and look for a shop that has good ratings and reviews.  When you go into a shop look for one that is clean, and does not have a homeless man passed out in an armchair. The next thing to do is check out the artists portfolios.  This way you can find the right artist for the tattoo style you’re looking for.  A professional artist will charge an hourly rate, beware of someone that is charging a significantly lower price than other artists; most likely that is all that artist is worth and the only way to get business is to charge a lower rate than everyone else.  Most people that have price shopped, to get a cheaper tattoo, have all resulted with the same outcome;  a tattoo they are unhappy with!  So they have three options at that point, either to redo the existing tattoo, cover it, or remove it. Now not only did you spend your time and money getting it done in the first place, but have to spend even more time and money getting it fixed. So you might as well just save yourself some money, and a whole lot of trouble and get your tattoo done right the first time. Remember it will be with you until the day you die, so you might as well get the best tattoo you can.

As the saying goes, "Good tattoos are not cheap, and cheap tattoos are not good".


Justin Hicks

7 year anniversary and summer BBQ

Tuesday July 29, 2014

Join us for our anniversary BBQ on Sat 8/16 from 6:00-9:00pm. We will have food, drinks, games, music, raffles, and lots of fun!

Facebook event page here


Pioneer Day

Thursday July 24, 2014

Happy Pioneer Day Utah!!

We are open today, come see us.


Monday July 21, 2014

How to become a tattoo artist

Wednesday July 16, 2014

My name is Christina Walker, this coming March will be 6 years that I have been working at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Shop and December will be 7 years that I have been tattooing total.

I have interactions with a diverse array of clientele each week, and am asked similar questions each day.

Questions ranging from: what's the most painful tattoo I've had done, or if it is a common occurrence for clients to cry while getting tattooed?

While there are so many of these questions I could easily pick to discuss, I feel like two of the more commonly asked ones would be great for this initial blog:


How did you (or how does anyone) get into tattooing?


I must also add that this is only my experience, and my opinions. Which though are commonly shared within the industry, it is not the opinion and perspective of all.


Though I have not been in this industry long, A LOT has changed since I first got into tattooing. Being a tattoo artist (at least where I grew up in Michigan) wasn't the rich, glamorous, rock star, party life it's currently perceived as on these popular reality tv shows. It was more commonly viewed an underground/unpopular way of life, where there was mostly traditional style tattoos and even when I was 14/15 years old, perceived still as something more commonly meant for military members, bikers, inmates, band members and the random person here or there.


I have had a passion for art ever since I can remember, I was always looking at tattoo magazines and drawing images out of them. Drawing on friends and even myself, knowing that I wanted to be covered in them. Once I started getting tattoos, that was it, I was sold. I wanted to do this, I wanted to do tattoos and would do whatever it took to get my foot in the door and see if I was capable of such a trait.


At the time I went into the tattoo shop with my portfolio, I believe I had a lower half sleeve and some smaller tattoos on my feet already. (And really the only reason I mention this is because I have always found it odd when people with 1 or no tattoos mention wanting to be a tattoo artist. Never trust a skinny Chef right?) But I had accumulated and organized a portfolio of what I thought was my best artwork. Typically you build a portfolio of whatever medium you use that you feel best displays your artistic ability. Still being in high school I had many pieces from class and some artwork I referenced from tattoo magazines.


This is a portfolio of ARTWORK, bringing in some scratcher tattoos you did in your kitchen will only deter  an artist to apprentice you as most will not want to deal with a scratchers ego, or trying to unlearn bad habits.


You should also seek out the tattoo artist you would like to apprentice under, not what is convenient or cheap but who's work is impeccable and see if they would be willing to teach you. Just because you, your mom, or your circle of friends think you are a great at drawing doesn't mean someone will want to mentor you in an apprenticeship. Or that those skills will necessarily transfer to tattooing. If they don't think your portfolio is up to par, and see the passion and skill level required, you won't get an apprenticeship. I even get messages on Facebook about this where I tell people their art still needs improvement and they cop an attitude! Why don't you stay humble? Or don't ask for critique if you can't handle it!


That's the other aspect, apprentices can be frustrating and very time consuming for a tattoo artist, it's a lot of non existent free time devoted to another person and compensation is usually expected. Your are LEARNING a trade so yes, apprenticeships usually cost money.

(Which is surprising to some but it's the same as paying for school!)


Apprenticeships are usually a couple years but it's all dependent on when the artist feels the apprentice is ready to be an artist. The first while is usually a lot of bitch work (paying your dues) along with many hours of cleaning, errands, drawing, preparing stencils, and observing your mentor tattooing and asking questions.


2. Another common question:

 When just starting out, who do you practice on/Who's the first person you tattoo?


When you are an apprentice and your mentor sees fit for some practice it's generally yourself you tattoo first. It's almost a right of passage, inflicting on yourself first what you plan to do to others. At this point you are so excited to finally do a tattoo after all your months of (hopefully) hard work and effort you just pick some random design to get.


That's right, the first tattoo is done at a shop after your mentor sees fit, not with a cheap machine your homie gave you to practice with.


 After that, you usually have close friends and family that would be willing to get some apprentice tattoos done. Those eventually evolve into lower price apprentice tattoos and then after you're on the appropriate level you are charging full shop prices for your tattoos.


Industry standard for someone straight out of an apprenticeship would be $100 an hour. Quality tattoo work is priced according so beware cheap rates, you will get what you pay for!


-Christina Walker

artist at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo


Friday July 11, 2014

We recently shared this educational article about hand, finger, face, and white tattoos...

Hand/neck/finger/face tattoos and why I won’t do them on you.

I got a LOT of ‘asks’ about why I’ve decided not to tattoo the hands/necks/fingers/faces of my clients anymore, so rather than respond to each I’ll put a little something here. This is something I’ve been considering implementing for quite some time and a particularly negative experience the other day tipped the scales. This decision was based off of two major factors with many little reasons littered between them - Science & Society. I’d like to make it a point to say I am simply speaking for myself as a licensed tattoo artist in the state of Washington and in no way do I represent the thoughts/feelings of my industry as a whole.

Let’s talk Science

Tattoo ink remains a liquid underneath your skin, that’s how it is able to move/grow with you (any hard/raised parts of your tattoo are scar tissue) the ideal placement for this pigment is right between the epidermis and dermis, seems simple right? It’s really not. The tissue on your face/hands/feet is so thin it takes skill and practice to “float” the pigment in the perfect spot.


Too shallow and pigment will fall out when your skin naturally regenerates, too deep and your tattoo will appear blurred, blobby, or permanently bruised. (Many people don’t realize this is also why only certain pigments will be bright on certain skin tones, your tattoo is under your skin, not on top. It also accounts for why white ink tattoos heal like shit) Either of those mistakes are easy for your artist to make, even an experienced artist can misjudge depth.

"What about all those rad hand/finger tattoos I see on tumblr that look absolutely awesome?" yeah, like white ink tattoos these pieces typically look fine right at first, what you should be looking for is how these turn out when they’re healed. The tattoo below was well done, if I was this artist I’d be proud of my work, but then look at the healed picture. This is an extremely standard outcome in the finger tattoo epidemic you’re all obsessed with.

Too shallow and pigment will fall out when your skin naturally regenerates, too deep and your tattoo will appear blurred, blobby, or permanently bruised. (Many people don’t realize this is also why only certain pigments will be bright on certain skin tones, your tattoo is under your skin, not on top. It also accounts for why white ink tattoos heal like shit) Either of those mistakes are easy for your artist to make, even an experienced artist can misjudge depth.

"What about all those rad hand/finger tattoos I see on tumblr that look absolutely awesome?" yeah, like white ink tattoos these pieces typically look fine right at first, what you should be looking for is how these turn out when they’re healed. The tattoo below was well done, if I was this artist I’d be proud of my work, but then look at the healed picture. This is an extremely standard outcome in the finger tattoo epidemic you’re all obsessed with.



Any artist worth his salt will sit you down before your hand/neck/finger/foot tattoo and not only explain the societal repercussions but the limits we are bound by when it comes to your body healing the art. You should be warned about the frequent touch-ups you will need throughout your tattoo’s lifetime and take those into consideration. Do you have the time/money to take a few days off work to stay off your feet or try not to use your hands?

Something I’ve personally struggled with and know so many other artists have had problems with (and the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back recently) is that I always lecture these points, but often clients will still come back irate that their tattoo healed rough. They want someone to blame and they often want their money back because their tattoo didn’t come out how they imagined (how they saw it on tumblr) this isn’t my fault but becomes my problem. Big time. Irritation, infection, fallout and blowout are all very typical on those types of tissue. Usually your artist will offer 1 free touch-up on their work, after that you should expect to pay to have it gone over.

The responsibility doesn’t solely fall on your artist to warn you though, it is our jobs as professionals to try to guide you to the best tattoo but in the end if you’re getting tattooed you’re an adult and the research/repercussions are yours to deal with. Know the location you want to get tattooed, know your artist and their capabilities (like I said, not just anyone should be tattooing necks/hands/fingers) and listen to THEIR aftercare advice since it’s THEIR work you are healing. All in all you get the tattoo you deserve.

Let’s talk Society.

Now we can talk about the obvious. Employment - does not only your current job but your desired lifetime career allow visible tattoos? No this does not mean “I work at Taco Bell and they don’t care.” unless your life plan includes working at Taco Bell for the long haul, THINK TOWARD THE FUTURE. TATTOOS ARE FOR FUCKING EVER. What is the dress code for your career? How do you think hand/neck tattoos effect you applying for a business loan from a bank?

Law Enforcement - you have your neck tattooed? Congratulations you are now an object of interest for every cop you walk past. Police will stare down your tattoos checking for gang/criminal imagery and excuses to fuck with you, because lets face it, cops are typically bullies and assholes (not all…. but most). You may notice routine traffic stops are no longer so routine as well. I sure did.

Living Arrangement - You and another person put in an application to rent an apartment… think the little old lady landlord wants to rent to the tattooed sideshow or the normie? My friend is a husband and loving father of 2, when he moved to this state from another his wife’s landlord sent 2 men to ‘bounce’ him from the apartment when he had been on the lease/paying the rent all along because she would have never rented to him knowing he looked like that. (Same man was not allowed on the PTA at his kid’s school because of his tattoos and I’ve never met a more awesome dad)

Culture - Though tattoos are now more widely accepted than ever before in modern times there are still PLENTY of folk happy to assume you are a prostitute, drug dealer, or gang banger because you like to wear your art, and you’re more likely to draw these negative assumptions with hand/head/neck/face tattoos. That’s just a fact. Are you the kind of person who can handle these kind of shitty stares and snickers on a near daily basis? What is the culture like where you live? I live in the most liberal neighborhood in Seattle and still overhear “nice neck tattoo, have fun making minimum wage the rest of your life” and the like. Lots of people stare, but you can tell which ones are doing so out of disgust/disdain and sometimes you just wanted to buy some milk without being judged as a human being. The just as horrible flipside to that is having a permanently visible tattoo means every fucktard that ever got/wanted a tattoo will feel the need to approach you in public and tell you about tattoos they want, invade your personal space by touching your tattoos, or remove their clothes to show you theirs (when you didn’t ask) and let me tell you right now if you are that dude tattooed people FUCKING HATE YOU. Like I said, sometimes you just want to buy some milk and get out of the grocery store without seeing Johnny Whitetrash’s ass crack when he lifts his shirt over his head to show you his hatchet man tattoo he got in Craig’s kitchen. But this will happen to you. A lot.

There are plenty of tattoo artists that don’t give a single shit how the work they put on your will effect your life, unfortunately/fortunately I’m not one of them, I’m not gonna put some stupid shit on your neck for the rest of your life so I can make $50, and if you’re hell bent on doing it no matter what I say to dissuade you you’re going to go to another shop and have it done. And you know what? That’s fine. That means I don’t get the email/phonecall crying when you want it covered cuz Melanie broke your heart or your finger tattoos look like bird shit.

It’s time for the body modification industry to reclaim control of the work we put out there and put an end to shitty inner finger tattoos, 18y/o kids getting their throats tattooed, girlfriend’s names on your neck, and white ink bullshit fake tattoos. Does a single artist make a difference? As a whole probably not, but it makes a huge difference in my professional life and hopefully the people I turn away will think a little harder about the piece they’re about to have done.

So that’s that, I could probably double this list but I feel like this rambled on enough. Hope it helps people see my point of view, and also get some insight to why an artist might turn you down for a tattoo you have in mind.

source -


Jared in Mass

Tuesday July 08, 2014

Reminder that Jared is doing a guest spot at Off the Map in Easthampton, Massachusetts this week and still has a few openings. Let us know if you want to get scheduled!!

Next week

Thursday July 03, 2014

We are closed tomorrow for the 4th but will be back in all weekend! Next week we have guest artist Haylo visiting and she still has some openings. Contact us to get scheduled and check out our Facebook page for her portfolio.


Holiday weekend

Thursday June 26, 2014

Next weekend is the 4th of July weekend and we will be closed on the 4th but still have openings the rest of the weekend! Contact us to get scheduled for your next tattoo.

Have a safe and happy 4th!

Jared at Off The Map

Wednesday June 18, 2014

Jared will be traveling to Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, Massachusetts next month 7/6-7/12 and still has some openings. Contact us to get scheduled!

Guest artist Angelo

Tuesday June 10, 2014

We are happy to announce we will be having guest artist Angelo Fernandes here next week from Boston! June 16-19. Give the shop a call or stop by to get scheduled while he is here.

Fathers Day

Friday June 06, 2014

Father's Day is next weekend, come pick up a GIFT CERTIFICATE for the Dad in your life, a cool flask set, a Lucky Bamboo hoodie, t shirt, or some new art for the walls. 

Upcoming events

Tuesday June 03, 2014

We have a couple of events we will be participating in coming up this month. The first is an art show being held at the SpringHill Suites on June 10th from 5:30-8:00 pm. Some art done by our artists will be on display and available for purchase so come check it out!
SpringHill Suites Salt Lake City Airport
4955 Wiley Post Way
Salt Lake City

The second is a car show being held at Good Times Saloon on June 21st from noon - 4pm. We will be offering some gift certificates and merchandise as prizes. There will be food and beverages available. The car show area is open to all ages.
Good Times Saloon
641 W 600 N

Military and tattoos

Friday May 30, 2014

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned a news story that was done at the shop about the new military regulations. The story aired today on ABC4 and here is a link to it...


Tuesday May 27, 2014

On Tuesdays we post drawings on Facebook that are up for grabs as a tattoo, along with approximate pricing. Contact us if you would like to make one of these your next tattoo. Once it's taken by someone, it's gone!


Jared's travels

Friday May 23, 2014

Jared next trip is Off The Map tattoo in Easthampton, Massachusetts. He will be there 7/6-7/12, contact us to get scheduled!


News story

Monday May 19, 2014

ABC 4 news was at the shop over the weekend filming a story about the new military regulations regarding tattoos. We had 3 military people getting tattooed at the same time and they interviewed a couple of them. The story might air tomorrow 5/20 but keep at eye on our Facebook for the exact day and time.

Hoodies & Beanies in stock

Thursday May 15, 2014

We have hoodies and slouch beanies back in stock now, as well as new black ones, for anyone who was waiting. Available in store on the website.

Tattoo removal

Friday May 09, 2014

We have started doing tattoo removal here called Tattoo Vanish. It is an all natural, non laser method! The ink eraser is applied onto the open skin and immediately starts bonding with the tattoo ink and pulls them to the surface and into the natural formation of a scab on the skin. The scab will be saturated with the ink from the previous tattoo procedure, so when it falls off the ink is removed. This does take multiple procedures depending on the tattoo. If you are interested in having removal done give us a call to schedule a consultation.

Guest artists

Monday May 05, 2014

Grants Pass

Thursday May 01, 2014

Jared will be at Off The Map Tattoo next week on 5/9 & 5/10 in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Contact us to get scheduled!

My Five Wives

Monday April 28, 2014

The My Five Wives episode aired that last night featured Brady getting tattooed by Jared at Lucky Bamboo!! Check it out on TLC, episode "All We Need is Love". This tree tattoo represents Brady's family of five wives and 24 children with the branches and leaves.  It was fun having Brady and the TLC crew at the shop for a couple days.  We will post a link to the episode when we get one.

Mothers Day Specials

Thursday April 24, 2014

TLC My Five Wives

Monday April 14, 2014

Some of the Lucky Bamboo staff recently got to meet Brady from the show My Five Wives!

Tune in to TLC on Sunday to see what happens.



Jared's trips

Thursday April 10, 2014

Jared still has several trips coming up this year, contact us to get scheduled for any of them.

* Also New Zealand 11/28-11/30


Monday April 07, 2014

The Death in Bloom DVD is finally here!!! Thanks to everyone who ordered months ago and have been patiently waiting. We had some production issues and ended up switching companies completely. But it is done and even better! Available to order in the online store.

This multiple DVD set goes through the process of an entire tattoo of a rose; everything from reference, color isolation and selection, machines, needles and execution of the tattoo.

Pineapple's birthday

Thursday April 03, 2014

This coming Tues the Lucky Bamboo crew will be out celebrating Pineapple's birthday at Brewskie's in Ogden with some karaoke and drinks. Come hang out with us! 

join our Facebook event page


Friday March 28, 2014

Lucky Bamboo is proud to be a sponsor of Kairos Annual Aerialympics on April 18th at the Peery's Egyptian Theater! With over 40 competitors that will showcase their skills on the aerial apparatus of their choice: trapeze, lyra, hammock, silks, and pole. This adventurous evening will have spectators in awe from all the spinning, bending, dancing, and dropping!

Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased online or at the door.

Check out our friends Kairos Fitness

Guest artist

Monday March 24, 2014

We are excited to announce that we will have guest artist Dave "The Head" Hoffman in the shop from April 16-19th. Give the shop a call to discuss your ideas and get scheduled. Check out his portfolio on our Facebook page.


Thursday March 20, 2014

If you have not been into the shop recently you may not know that we use an aftercare product called Saniderm. It is a breathable protective bandage used to cover the tattoo to keep it clean and allow it to heal twice as fast. It does this by keeping the body's natural fluids and enzymes locked in to prevent scabbing. The first piece is applied when you leave the shop and you apply a second piece at home and keep it on for several days. They are flexible and waterproof, and the best part is no more blood and ink all over your clothes and sheets and no more applying ointments and lotions several times a day!  Only the best in aftercare products for our clients here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo.

Jared's schedule

Monday March 17, 2014

In order to better manage his schedule right now, Jared is not currently taking on any new clients unless it is for a larger piece. He would like to thank all of his existing clients and looks forward to working with new clients again in the future. Larger designs such as sleeves, backpieces, chest pieces and any photorealistic piece are still being accepted for consultations. Call the shop to discuss and get scheduled. 

April Art night

Thursday March 13, 2014

Every first Thursday of the month we have art night at the shop, FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!

We paint and draw and welcome anyone to come join us with their own art supplies. This month's art night it is Thursday 4/3 from 6:30-9:30pm at the shop. Come join us!
Please bring your own art supplies.

Event page

New Zealand

Monday March 10, 2014

Jared has just announced that he will be at the  New Zealand Tattoo & Art Festival on 28, 29 & 30 November! Contact the shop to get scheduled. 

Pacific Ink & Art Expo

Thursday March 06, 2014

Jared and Christina will be joining the Pacific Ink & Art Expo in Hawaii again this year!

Contact us to get scheduled.

Art night

Monday March 03, 2014

Every first Thursday of the month we have art night at the shop. FREE and open to the PUBLIC!  We paint and draw and welcome anyone to come join us with their own art supplies. This month's art night it is Thursday 3/6 from 6:30-9:30pm at the shop. Come join us!

Event page




Jared's trips

Tuesday February 25, 2014

Jared has a couple guest spot's coming up soon at Off the Map Tattoo in two locations.

5/9-5/10 in Grants Pass, Oregon and 7/6-7/12 in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Contact us to get scheduled!


Instagram contest

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Our recent Instagram contest was alot of fun! Clients posted a picture of their tattoo they had completed at Lucky Bamboo in 2013 and the one with the most votes won a $75 gift certificate to the shop! We appreciate everyone's participitation and will have another fun contest soon. Here is a picture of our winner, Brody, with his roman numeral tattoo and a few of our other entries.

Valetines Day Tattoos

Friday February 14, 2014

We are doing Valentines Day theme tattoos all weekend Fri - Sun. Three sheets of designs to choose from, $50-100. Come get one!


check out our Facebook event page for more info


Wednesday February 05, 2014

Jared will be giving a seminar at the Evergreen Tattoo Invitational in Springfield, Oregon in a few weeks. Register in the online store.

Valentine's Day specials

Monday January 27, 2014


Valentine's Day is around the corner... now through 2/14 all LBT merchandise will be 14% off!

And because we want to share the love, if you purchase a gift certificate for $40 or more for someone else, you will receive a $14 one for yourself!

All available to purchase in store or online in the store.

We will also be doing some love and "anti-love" tattoos for special pricing on Valentine's Day so keep an eye out for that!

Instagram contest

Thursday January 16, 2014

Lucky Bamboo Instagram contest now through 2/14.

Ready, set, go!

Guest artists

Wednesday January 15, 2014


Monday January 06, 2014

We are excited to have guest artist, Pineapple, in house for the next few weeks. Take a look at his work on our Facebook page or in the shop, and call us to get scheduled.

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational

Friday January 03, 2014

Coming up in Febuary, Jared will be traveling to the Evergreen Tattoo

Invitational in Springfield, Oregon. Contact us if you would like to get

scheduled. He will be in the UK and in Grants Pass, Oregon in

January and still has openings for both.

Tattoo Freeze

Thursday December 26, 2013

Jared will be in the UK next month! Contact us to get scheduled.

Gift certificate sale

Monday December 23, 2013

GIFT CERTIFICATE SALE!! Hopefully you're done with your holiday shopping but if you're stumped on a gift, get someone a gift certificate for a new tattoo. TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY get a $75 g.c. for only $50 and a $150 g.c. for $100. In store or online. Happy Holidays from Lucky Bamboo.

**sale excludes tattoos by Jared **

Tattooing From Life-Death in Bloom

Sunday December 22, 2013

PRESALE-Instructional DVD for Tattoo Artists only! After many emails, messages etc. I decided to make an instructional DVD for Tattoo Artists going over my entire process and my approach to tattooing. This is the first DVD of a series, I decided to start with a rose as it is more simple since there is only one color yet different shades and tones of this color. This has a run time of about 5 hours and is 3 discs, I cover a lot in this multiple DVD set! Everything from reference, color isolation and selection, machines, needles and execution of the tattoo. This is regular speed footage of me doing this tattoo. . Way excited.!  Thank you very much to Fusion Ink and for your continued support and sponsorship! Buy the DVD here -



Tattooing from Life DVD

Friday December 20, 2013

Get Jared's Tattooing from Life DVD on presale now! This will be on Sale for all Presale orders until after Christmas then it will go up from $80.00 to $100.00. It goes over his entire process and approach to tattooing and is the first DVD of a series; starting with a rose. Everything from reference, color isolation and selection, machines, needles and execution of the tattoo. Real time footage of him doing the tattoo.

Holiday specials

Wednesday December 18, 2013

Check out our current holiday specials

Friday December 13, 2013

Call or email to schedule with Jared in Oregon next month

Friday the 13th

Monday December 09, 2013

This Friday we will be doing Friday the 13th tattoos for $50-100 depending on size/design. Watch our Facebook page for the designs to choose from.


Black Friday Deals

Tuesday November 26, 2013


Purchase a $100 gift certificate, get $50 free

All Lucky Bamboo clothing and logo merchandise will be 15% off

Jared and Christina's prints in the shop will be 20% off


All offers mentioned above will be Fri-Sun

Logo merch and g.c.'s sold online or in store

Prints in store only



Current positions

Wednesday November 20, 2013

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is currently looking to fill the following positions:

-Weekend receptionist


-Experienced artist with 5 years or more experience


Come join our talented team at our appointment based custom shop. 

Email resume/portfolio to


Beanies and prints on sale

Saturday November 16, 2013

We have new skull cap and slouch beanies for sale!! Available in store or online. We also have more hoodies and men's t-shirts in stock, which make excellent holiday gifts!



Prints on Sale

Monday November 11, 2013

Jared's Mortal Coil and Celaphod prints (19.75"x 16") are 20% off now through the holidays. Available in shop and online.

Endangered Species tattoos

Saturday October 26, 2013

On Sunday, November 10th 2013, tattoo studios nationwide including Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, will be offering $50 animal related flash tattoos. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations that help animal preservation efforts local to the active studio.

Halloween Tattoos

Thursday October 24, 2013

We will be doing $100 Halloween tattoos on Halloween! First come, first serve. There will be several designs to choose from and we will have 3 artists available.

LBT Halloween Party

Friday October 18, 2013

Lucky Bamboo is hosting a Halloween party tonight at the shop. There will be costume contests, raffles, and refreshments. Come down and celebrate with us!

New artists and Halloween party

Tuesday October 08, 2013

We have 2 new artists at the shop now. Come down and take a look at Ian and Darlin's portfolios and talk to them about your next tattoo. We are also having a Halloween Party at the shop on 10/18 from 7-9pm. We will have raffles, prizes, and costume contests! Come hang out with us and meet our new artists.


Friday September 27, 2013

We have a new loyalty program on Foursquare! 10% off services at your third TATTOO appointment (consultations and touch ups do not count).

Be sure to check in on Foursquare!

Jared's Prints on Sale

Thursday September 26, 2013

Jared's 12x16 Mortal Coil and Cephalopod prints are 30% off until the end of the month! Use promo code "Lucky" online. They are also available in the shop, come pick one up.

Portland Tattoo Expo

Wednesday September 18, 2013

Onto the next!! Portland Tattoo Expo next month for Jared Preslar & Christina Walker.

They both still have openings, contact the shop to get scheduled.

Friday the 13th

Thursday September 12, 2013

Friday the 13th themed tattoos at the shop tomorrow!


Prints for sale!

Thursday September 12, 2013

We have prints out and for sale now in the gallery!  Prints by Jared & Christina, and some framed originals as well.


Wednesday September 11, 2013

We are looking for a piercer to bring on. Email if you're experienced and interested.

Art gallery theme and prints

Monday September 09, 2013

We are going to have a different theme each month in our art gallery. This month's theme is SKULLS! Prints and some originals are for sale.

Art night

Wednesday September 04, 2013

Art night is tomorrow, Thurs 9/5, 6:30-10pm. This month's theme is Famous Monsters. Come join us and  bring your own supplies needed to work on your masterpiece. Space is limited so please RSVP on our Facebook event.


Friday August 30, 2013

Lucky Bamboo is looking for some experienced artists to add to our team!

Art night

Saturday August 24, 2013

Lucky Bamboo will be hosting an art night the first Thursday of every month at the shop. Artists will be working on a different theme each month and anyone is welcome to come and join. Must RSVP on our event on Facebook, as space is limited. Bring your own art supplies.


Friday July 26, 2013

Lots of traveling going on around here recently ... Jared just got back from a painting seminar with Jeff Gogue in Portland, Oregon at Off the Map.

Check out this awesome painting he did while he was there

This weekend Jared and Christina leave for the Pacific Ink Expo in Oahu, Hawaii

and next month Darrell and Jared will be at the Paradise Gathering in Keystone, Colorado. Contact us if you are interested in getting an appointment!!


Friday July 12, 2013

We are looking for art for our new gallery! If you have any you would like to submit to sell or showcase, contact us!

Upcoming conventions

Friday July 05, 2013

Take a look at our new Travel Dates section for upcoming conventions our artists will be at! Jared and Christina are doing the Pacific Ink Expo next month in Hawaii.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment there email us at


Wednesday June 26, 2013

Open House

Thursday June 20, 2013

Our new expansion and art gallery are complete! We will have art for sale from our artists and other artists outside of the shop. Our open house was a sucess, thank you to all who came out.  We look forward to more events in the near future.

the LBT teamRaffle winners

June Newsletter

Sunday June 09, 2013



Friday May 31, 2013

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo was recently featured in Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine! Check it out...


Friday May 31, 2013

Lucky Bamboo is currently looking for a weekend receptionist, Saturday and Sunday 10-6pm.  Must be outgoing, friendly, have tattoos, and cash handling experience. Email resume to 

Grand Opening Celebration

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Come join us for our Grand Opening Celebration of our new expansion and art gallery on Sat 6/15 from 7-9pm. We will have some light snacks and beverages as well as giveaways. Hang out and mingle with the LBT family.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!!!

New faces

Monday May 13, 2013

Lots of new changes going on at LBT lately, with the new hours and the expansion next door. We also have a couple of new faces at the shop.  Our new shop manager Rebecca comes to us with many years of office and managerial experience and most of her tattoos have been done by Jared.  We also have a new weekend receptionist, Angelika, who has a pinup tattoo done by Robert during his guest spot at the shop! They will be handling all of our scheduling so if you need an appointment give these ladies a call! 


Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is Expanding.

Saturday May 11, 2013
We are very excited to announce our expansion into the building next to us. We will be adding an art gallery along with a few additional private tattoo rooms so we can accomadate more resident and guest artists. We will be hosting art shows, art classes and will have painting for sale in the gallery!

New Studio Hours

Wednesday May 01, 2013

Its May 1st that means our hours have changed from 12:00-8:00 to 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.. We are still open 7 days per week. Hopefully our new schedule will be a positive change! Call us to schedule!! 801-497-9700

Jareds 12x16 Giclťe Print on Canvas

Wednesday April 03, 2013

Jared has two of his oil painting prints for sale. 12x16 Giclée Print on Canvas. Limited edition numbered and signed. There are only 50 prints available. CLICK HERE and then click on prints! Get em while they last!

Busy Busy Busy

Thursday March 07, 2013

Summer is just around the corner! Be sure to schedule your tattoo appointment now so it will be healed and finished in time to show it off this summer :) Our amazing group of artist are booking out fast!! Give us a call at 801-497-9700 to get started on your next project. Also, don't forget Robert Mcneill has arrived as a permanent artist at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo. Stop by his gallery to check out some of his beautiful work! 

Robert Mcneill

Thursday February 21, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Robert Mcneill will be joining Lucky Bamboo in 2 weeks! We are so excited to bring Roberts talent to our shop :) If you haven't checked out Robert's work your missing out. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Robert give us a call at 801-497-9700. 



Saturday February 16, 2013

We just added our new 2013 Studio T-shirts to our online store. Be sure to stop by our store and check them out! while your there take a look at all of our Ed Hardy Clothing on sale :)



Saturday February 09, 2013

Thank you to all of our clients who have already helped make 2013 one of our best years yet :) We are fortunate enough to have some amazing artist working at our shop including Robert Mcneill who will be joining Lucky Bamboo in March. Big things are happening this year thank you all for being a part of it!


Help Wanted

Wednesday February 06, 2013

We are currently looking for part time front counter help at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo. We are looking for someone to work on Sunday and Monday every week (16hrs). The front counter person would be responsible for answering all phone calls, scheduling appointments, ringing up transactions and cleaning the shop. Must have great customer service and be efficient with cash handling and scheduling. If interested please submit your contact information along with your resume to


Tuesday February 05, 2013

Our Shop Hoodies have arrived! Be sure to pick one up online or at our shop :)


January Google Review Winner

Saturday February 02, 2013

Congratulations to Heidi Haddow. Heidi is the winner of our january Review and Reward Drawing :) Thank you to everyone who reviewed our shop last month! Remember, there are still many ways to win Gift Certificates to our shop. We have our Bumper Sticker Kicker, App Attack and Review and Reward programs. Bumper Stickers along with all other information regarding our programs can be found here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo.

Merch Merch Merch

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Unfortunately, we have already sold the flask sets. However, we have more on the way! Also, our new studio hoodies and T-Shirts will be available online and in the shop next week. We are excited about all of our new merchandise, but don't forget we still have a large selection of Ed Hardy Clothing on sale at cost right now :)

Art Night!

Saturday January 26, 2013

We are hosting an Art Night Tonight! come out to the shop tonight at 8:30 Pm and paint with us. We have very limited supplies so please bring your own paint, brushes, canvas and any supplies you may need to create your next masterpiece. Click on the image below for more event information


Flask Sets, Clothing, Wristbands

Thursday January 24, 2013

We are excited to announce all of our new merchandise :) We just received a couple of new Lucky Bamboo Tattoo flask sets. The set includes a flask, four shot glasses and a funnel  all of which have our new logo on them. Also, we have our new Lucky Bamboo Tattoo silicone wristbands up for grabs at our shop and at our online store. Keep an eye out for new studio t-shirts and hoodies coming soon! Don't forget all of our selection of Ed hardy Clothing has been marked down to cost you can find all of the Ed hardy items along with all of the new items, artwork, aftercare kits and more in the store section.


Wrist Bands!!

Wednesday January 23, 2013

We have just received some awesome Lucky Bamboo Tattoo silicone wrist bands. You can pick one up online at our store or in shop. Check them out :)

Off The Map Guest Spot

Saturday January 19, 2013

Jared will be tattooing at Off The Map Northwest from February 5th - 9th. If your in the Grants Pass/Oregon area be sure to stop by and say hey. Oh and while your there be sure to get an amazing new tattoo from Jared :)

Art Night!

Saturday January 12, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lucky Bamboo Tattoo will be hosting an art night on Saturday January 26th, 2013 at 8:30 Pm. We encourage anyone who is an artist or interested in art to come out and paint with us. We will be providing a space to paint however, we will not be providing any art supplies. So please come hang out and create some awesome art with us :)

New Merch!!!

Wednesday January 09, 2013

We are excited to announce some new products that will be added to our store in the near future! Keep an eye out for New Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Hoodies, Shirts and Wrist Bands. Also, we recently added Stickers and Ed Hardy Clothing. Our selection of Ed Hardy Clothing is on Sale for 50% OFF!  Remember, you can put down a Deposit on your Appointment, purchase Aftercare and Gift Certificates at the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Store.


Thursday January 03, 2013

Congratulations to Lesa Gilgen. Lesa is the winner of our December Review and Reward Drawing :) Thank you to everyone who reviewed our shop last month! Remember, there are still many ways to win Gift Certificates to our shop. We have our Bumper Sticker Kicker, App Attack and Review and Reward programs. Bumper Stickers along with all other information regarding our programs can be found here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo.

Welcome Robert!

Friday December 28, 2012


We have Big news! Robert Mcneill Will be joining us as a permanent artist in March. Robert has been tattooing since 1978 and is a fantastic artist both on skin and canvas. We are honored to have Robert working with us and look forward to his arrival. Keep an eye out for Robert Mcneill's work here on the website and on our facebook page. Mark your calendars and be sure to stop in to get tattooed by Robert in March. 


Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday December 19, 2012

Everyone at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo would like to extend our warmest thoughts and best wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. We have had such a great year, and are looking forward to 2013. Remember If your looking for the perfect last minute Christmas Gift, why not give the gift of art? we offer Gift Certificates in any amount. You can purchase Gift Certificates, T-Shirts, Prints and more HereYou can also stop into the shop anytime to purchase a Gift Certificate.

Nicole Miller!

Saturday December 15, 2012

We are honored to have Guest Artist Nicole Miller tattooing at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo this weekend! Sadly, Nicole will only be here one last day! However, she still has a few time slots available tomorrow. So if your looking for a Beautiful New Tattoo please give us a call at 801-497-9700 to schedule an appointment. In other news, Lucky Bamboo is celebrating our 5 year anniversary tonight at Lumpys Downtown In Salt lake City. The party starts at 9:00 Pm and Everyone is invited! We will be giving away Gift Certificates, T-Shirts and more. So please come out and enjoy a few drinks with the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo crew.

Our 5 year Birthday

Tuesday December 11, 2012

5 Years Ago Jared Preslar opened Lucky Bamboo Tattoo and since then we have had the opportunity to provide so many awesome clients with beautiful tattoos. We are so grateful and appreciative of our Artists and all of our clients who have helped make Lucky Bamboo Tattoo one of the best shops in Utah! With that being said we are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this Saturday at Lumpys Downtown. The party will begin at 9:00 Pm and we will be enjoying drinks and giving away Gift Certificates, T-Shirts and more! So please come out and help us celebrate. Lumpys Downtown is located at 145 Pierpont Avenue Salt Lake City, UT 84101. For more information please visit our event page HERE



Saturday December 08, 2012


We would like to announce three new ways we are Rewarding Our Clients!  The first of the 3 new programs at Lucky Bamboo is our Bumper Sticker Kicker.It’s simple take a picture of your car with the new Lucky Bamboo Tattoo bumper sticker on it. Email the picture to us along with your contact information, and we will send you a $25 Gift Certificate! The Second program that we are proud to announce is our App Attack program. Download and Review our app, email a screen shot of your review along with your contact information and we will send you a $25 Gift Certificate! And the last program that we are proud to announce is our Review and Reward program. Write a google review about your experience at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo then email a copy of the review along with your contact information to us and you will automatically be entered to win a $50 Gift Certificate at the end of the month. Send all emails along with Contact Information to Also; all contact information should include Name, Address and Phone Number. 


Venue Change!

Tuesday December 04, 2012

Due to unfortunate scheduling events ( the venues manager having head up butt) we have been forced to change the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo 5 year anniversary celebration to Lumpys Downtown. However, the event is still on December 15th at 9:00 Pm. We hope to see everyone there :) For more information about the event Click Here!

Gues Artist Nicole Miller

Monday December 03, 2012

We are very pleased to announce our Guest Artist Nicole Miller! She will be tattooing at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo December 14th-16th. Call or stop in to make an appointment! 801-497-9700

Cyber Monday!

Sunday November 25, 2012

Many items will be highly discounted for our Cyber Monday Sale! Starts at Midnight! Check it out!

Black Friday Sale

Saturday November 24, 2012

Attention Black Friday Shoppers:
Our Black Friday sale is running all the way through Sunday! When you buy a Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Gift Certificate worth $100 or more, you will receive another $50 Gift Certificate absolutely free! Or you can purchase online!
(Limit one per customer)


Tuesday November 20, 2012

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Food Tattoos For Hunger Event! We had such great time donating to an amazing cause. That being said we would like to announce our next monthly event. Lucky Bamboo Tattoo invites everyone to help us Celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We will be celebrating at Inferno Cantina in Salt Lake City. The party will be on December 15th, 2012 at 9:00 Pm. We will be giving away t-shirts, gift certificates and much more! So please come out and help the Lucky Bamboo crew celebrate 5 amazing years in business. For more Information please visit our Lucky Bamboo Tattoo 5 Year Anniversary event page.

Live Broadcasting

Friday November 16, 2012

We are starting a new live broadcast this Saturday and once per week following. This is a great chance to see the tattoo process and ask any questions you may have! So check out our artist page to find out times and dates for our broadcasts. Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Live Broadcast Page

Food Tattoos For Hunger!

Wednesday November 14, 2012

Food Tattoos for Hunger is THIS SUNDAY! Starting at 12 Pm we will be offering $60 food themed tattoos until 8:00 Pm. All proceeds from this event will be donated to Feeding America. Remember this is a first come first serve event. You can find more information about this event by calling the shop at 801-497-9700 or you can check out our event page at FOOD TATTOOS FOR HUNGER FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE We are very honored to be participating in this event, please help us support a great cause while getting an awesome new tattoo!

Our new and Improved Review Program

Saturday November 10, 2012

We are starting our leave a review program/ monthly drawing again. We had bugs in the system before and we could never track down the winner. So if you'd like to participate then please click the link below to leave a review then email us at with a copy of the review and your contact information. We will then draw monthly for a $50.00 gift certificate!



New Prints Available

Saturday November 03, 2012

Jared has added some of his new prints to the Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Store! Stop by the store to check out Jared's prints along with all of the other goodies we have for sale. Also, holidays are just around the corner be sure to get your loved ones a Gift Certificate to Lucky Bamboo tattoo. 



Food Tattoos For Hunger

Wednesday October 31, 2012

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is proud to announce along with an international collection of shops, will be hosting the Food Tattoos For Hunger benefit. This benefit will focus on raising money with shops doing “Food Flash”tattoos and artists donating their earnings on November 18th. Together with the public support, Food Tattoos For Hunger is going to do its part to help the millions struggling with hunger. According to the USDA, over 16 million children live in food insecure households. Our goal is to donate $150,000 to the support systems that serve those in need such as Kids Cafe, the Backpack Program and local food banks.

A lot of exciting news coming this next week and month!

Thursday October 25, 2012

We are very excited anout many new changes and events that we have coming up! Stay tuned the next week and month for many great and exciting things coming!! :)

The Park City Utah Tattoo Convention 2013

Tuesday September 18, 2012

We have exciting news coming soon about next years convention! Stay tuned as we are working all of the details!! The Park City Utah Tattoo Convention 2013! Click the link and like our page!!

The Paradise Tattoo Gathering

Sunday September 09, 2012

We will all be at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering September 13-16 2012! Email us for an appointment! We are very excited and honored to attend this Convention!

Jared @ Off The Map Tattoo

Sunday August 26, 2012

Jared will be tattooing at Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton MA this October! Get at us for an appointment!!

The Shop App

Sunday August 26, 2012

You can now download our App for the iphone in the apple store!  CLICK HERE!!

The Park City Utah Tattoo Convention

Monday July 30, 2012
Its here everyone! This weekend is the Park City Tattoo Convention! If you haven't checked out the website do it becuase we have amazing artists from all over the country and great entertainment! Don't miss out!!

Wednesday July 11, 2012

We will be doing a pinup contest at The Park City UtahTattoo Convention so anyone whom is interested register here!! Who will be the Park City Pinup Girl?? CLICK HERE

Tickets on Sale!!

Tuesday June 26, 2012

Passes for the Park City Utah Tattoo Convention are officially on SALE!!! For a limited time only!! Hurry and get em before the sale ends! CLICK HERE

The Park City Utah Tattoo Convention

Sunday June 24, 2012
We are very excited for the Park City Utah Tattoo Convention coming up in August 2012 ! There will be much to see and do and amazing artists from all over the world! Tickets will go on sale at a discounted rate this week!

Hiring a Tattoo Artist!

Saturday May 19, 2012

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is looking for an artist to join our studio! Please email Jared! Also be sure to check out the Park City Utah Tattoo Convention in August!

Free Gift Certificates!

Sunday April 15, 2012

Hello! We are now starting a Google review drawing monthly! Go to our profile on google, write a review about you experience with us and at the end of each month we will do a drawing for a gift certificate!   CLICK HERE!   And dont forget to check out the Park City Utah Tattoo Convention!

A lot going on!!

Sunday April 08, 2012

We are very excited as summer comes closer! We have a very busy and exciting year! Jared will be heading out to the UK to tattoo once again at Adorn Body Art Gallery, The Park City Tattoo Convention is then next in August followed by the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in September and last but not least Jared will be tattooing at Off the Map in October!

Park City Tattoo Convention

Friday March 16, 2012

Lucky Bamboo presents the Park City Tattoo Convention August 3-5 2012 featuring Jeff Gogue, Nikko Hurtado, and Keith Ciaramello.  

Check this out! It's going to be amazing!

Welcome Bobby Johnson

Sunday March 11, 2012
We are excited to announce and welcome Bobby Johnson to the studio this coming Thursday, March 15th! Check out his work and get in his schedule before it fills up! 801-497-9700

Utah Tattoo Regulations

Thursday February 16, 2012

I think we are making headway with the Health Department while some officials are approaching this with open arms some are not so I hope we get some changes made soon. Its looking like we will which is exciting the board met today and will meet again in May and we will see. Check out the latest story!   CLICK HERE

New Stuff

Sunday February 05, 2012
We are adding new stuff to the website like merchandise and more gallery pictures. Also check out our forum section on here at the top right. Thanks for visiting our site and Come see why we are being called the first tattoo shop of its kind in Utah and one of the the best tattoo shops in Utah!

Busy Year!

Tuesday January 24, 2012

We have a lot going on this year that we are very excited about. We have an awesome Utah tattoo convention for 2012 in Park City which is going to be amazing! There are many great artists coming out whom you can get tattooed by. Check out for more details. We will also have merchandise in our online store by next week! If you haven't been to our studio before then come on in and check out the best tattoo shop in Layton Utah!

Our Studio!

Friday January 20, 2012

At Lucky Bamboo Tattoo we are very much focused on providing top quality artwork along with great customer service! We realize that there are many different types of people getting tattooed these days and we do our best to accommodate everyone at our studio, providing a relaxed ambient environment and sterile procedures! Come see why we are being called the first tattoo shop of its kind in Utah and one of the the best tattoo shops in Utah!

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is Live!

Friday January 20, 2012

TattooNOW is proud to have devolped and be hosting!  Please be aware, we are still undergoing some tests so bare with us.  In the mean time, feel free to browse the website and contact the artists to schedule your next tattoo!