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New at Bamboo

Hello! Couple questions about the shop.

1. During a consultation are photos on your phone ok or do they need to be printed?

2. Tipping, if im getting a back piece or sleeve (for example). Do the artist expect a tip at every session or is it ok to tip at the end of your piece? I don’t like making an artist mad.

3. How long do the artists normally tattoo per session?


RE:New at Bamboo

Yeah those are great questions. I've been wondering too.

RE:New at Bamboo

Hello there, thank you for your interest! Photos on your phone are totally fine, if the artist needs them emailed or printed that can be done here at the studio.

As far as tipping your artist between sessions goes, the artists have no preference about how you like to break that up for yourself. It's however you like to do it, they appreciate it regardless.

Our appointments for larger pieces generally are no less than 2 hours at a time, no more than 6. It varies from piece to piece on the best way to break it up, what the plan is to tattoo in each sitting, etc.

You should definitely call and get that free consultation set up, we can get all of your questions about the process answered and get that next piece going ;)