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Couple First Tattoos

Hey my name is Shayla and I was hoping I could get some input of what we plan on coming to your shop soon to get. My boyfriend and I are wanting to get matching sea turtle tattoos on the calf of our leg, but in two different styles. He wanting his to be tribal and I want mine to be sort of a modified mandala sea turtle with some hawaiian leaves and such (below is a link to the style I want my turtle.)


I was wondering which artist is te best fit (I love Haylo's and Christina's work), and if the same artist would do both tattoos and be able to pull off both styles, and if we would be able to put our appointments at the same time.

Also wondering about how long it would probably take, and im considering having color in it but I don't know if it's doable with a ton of such small details and how much longer it would take.
Hoping you can have an artist take a look at the example and get back to us soon, we are really excited! Thanks :)


RE:Couple First Tattoos


Thank you for your interest in our studio! If I could get you guys to email over reference photos for each tattoo to info@luckybambootattoo.com I can get everything going for you so we can get you scheduled :)