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First Ever Tatoo

Greetings, I'm interested in getting my first Ink done and yes I'm 50 years old :) My Father who was a WWII Veteran just passed away last October and I Thought this would be a great way to Memorialize him. This is what I'm thinking about, it would be a medium size tattoo on my upper arm with his birth and death date and his name on the Aircraft. He was a Crew Chief on this Aircraft during the Berlin Airlift in 1948/49. Not sure how hard this would be.


RE:First Ever Tatoo

Hey there!

Thank you for your interest in our studio! This is definitely doable for you! Did you have a specific artist in mind? I would recommend giving us a call at the studio and setting up a consultation. They are free of charge, and gives you the chance to sit down with the artist and work out the details of the tattoo, as well as get you an accurate quote!

RE:First Ever Tatoo

Not sure on the Artist, who would you recommend for this artwork?

RE:First Ever Tatoo

I would recommend Haylo for something like this! If you would like to schedule a time to come in and chat with her about your ideas and get an accurate quote feel free to call me at the studio and I can get you set up with a consult! :)