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Tattoo plan


I am going to be traveling to visit family in your area around May of 2016 and was wanting to get some input from your studio/artist(s) as to my first tattoo. Below is a link to a (very) rough draft of what I'm wanting. The idea comes from my being a medical professional and also prior military.

Looking forward to correspondence and much thanks.



RE:Tattoo plan

Hello, and thank you for your interest in our studio! Were you wanting the colors to be similar to the photo you attached? Also, where did you want to get it at and what size are you thinking? Did you have a specific artist in mind? Any of our artists here would be awesome for a piece like this!

RE:Tattoo plan

I am unsure exactly what colors I want, I was hoping one of your artists might be able to add input on that. And I dont have a particular artist in mind, any that are willing. I am wanting it one of my forearms, probably the right forearm.

RE:Tattoo plan

Hey there!

I spoke with our artist Pineapple about your tattoo and depending on the size you end up wanting to go with it he said you would be looking at about 1 1/2 hours. The saturation of the piece is what will take up most of the time! If you would like to get it all worked out and going you can email him directly at pineapple@luckybambootattoo.com or give us a call at the studio! 801-497-9700